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    [–] Spending Spring Break in NYC with thespian troupe, any tips? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in AskNYC

    Thanks for the response!

    We're staying in a hotel that's about a 10 minute walk from Times Square

    [–] Let's appreciate this underrated freeze frame Lieutenant_Buzzkill 22 points ago in SamONellaAcademy

    My favorite freeze frame is the one of his police application in Dead Body Hijinks 2

    [–] RIP Gam Gam Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in FunnyandSad

    I've seen it three times since I posted it, but I didn't see it before I put it here. I saw it on Twitter and then posted it here.

    [–] Stealth nerfs: treyarch nerfed catalysts and buffed perk jingles Lieutenant_Buzzkill 4 points ago in CODZombies

    i was playing IX yesterday and got 4 of the poisom catalysts and 2 lightning ones in just round one in the mid 30s.

    [–] What mistake should have killed you? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My first time drinking at 17, I drank 24 oz of vodka in an hour. I've heard of people getting alcohol poisoning with less, so I view myself as lucky.

    Part of it is also probably that I'm a big guy, so it takes more booze to get me drunk, but I read up on that stuff later and I can't believe i didn't die.

    [–] Really dark albums Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in ifyoulikeblank

    The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance is all about a person dying from cancer and going through the afterlife.

    [–] A ghost will haunt you forever. You can choose who he/she was before dying. Who's your ghost? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Definitely Terry Crews. The man is a motivational machine and I, being pretty depressed, could use someone like him around.

    [–] True Lieutenant_Buzzkill 21 points ago in deadmeatjames

    I like carnage counts too, and I'm pretty sure James has said he uses them as a source sometimes. They're good for just the stats, but James is where the personality comes in

    [–] As a teenage boy in middle or high school, what confused you the most about teenage girls? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 16 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm not sure if I can say this without sounding like a r/niceguys but girls who continuously go back to guys who treat them worse than shit when there's plenty of good guys out there. It blows my mind.

    [–] What in your opinion is the worst crime? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 164 points ago in morbidquestions

    I can't remember the child's name or the names of the perpetrators. But there was the case of two teenagers who lured a very young child (under 5 years old I think) to some train tracks. They beat him, dropped cinder blocks on him, and left his body for the train to bisect. The kids, if I remember right, are free now and have changed names and everything.

    [–] What in your opinion is the worst crime? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 5 points ago in morbidquestions

    Man I watched Rob Gavagan's video where he talks about Junko Furuta, those kids are some twisted bastards