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    [–] Fresh joined into this lobby. Anyone else feel the pain here? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 2 points ago in Blackops4

    Oh yeah I quit after about 2 minutes, I hate doing it but there was no coming back from that.

    [–] I'm new to worldbuilding and I'm putting together an original series of superhero stories, any tips? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in worldbuilding

    World building, I'm a somewhat experienced writer but the Worldbuilding is newer to me, I've mostly written one-off stories before

    [–] Chefs, what red flags should people look out for when they go out to eat? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Local restaurant doesn't even give two shits about the food looking good on the menu, the cook made the food and they immediately took a pic. I love it, makes them feel more honest. Plus the food is delicious

    [–] Hi reddit, I'm Kevin Feige. AMAA Lieutenant_Buzzkill 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Have you ever seen a fan theory close enough to the movie that you wondered if it leaked?

    Follow up; What's your favorite MCU fan theory?

    [–] [IIL] This House has People in it, Mulchtown, Unedited Footage of a Bear, White Bear- Black Mirror Lieutenant_Buzzkill 2 points ago in ifyoulikeblank

    Santa Clarita Diet is definitely more of a comedy, but it might have some of the elements you're looking for, as it has some seriously fucked up stuff in the suburbs.

    [–] What's your most morbid "I called it" moment? Lieutenant_Buzzkill 34 points ago in morbidquestions

    My dad was charged with a DUI and I knew he would drink again before he wemt to jail for his suspended sentence.

    The very next day he went and got blackout drunk and beat up my grandma and I.

    Not exactly the type of thing you wanna be right about haha.