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    [–] Found this lil gem on the new trailer for thw Joker movie. wE LiVE IN a sOcIetY Lightaroni 2 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    Yeah that's some real dedication, hopefully he gets some sort of mental examination because roles like this really do affect people.

    [–] Found this lil gem on the new trailer for thw Joker movie. wE LiVE IN a sOcIetY Lightaroni 3 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    I'm still pretty excited for the new Joker because Joaquin Phoenix really brings Joker to life and adds that creepy aspect of insanity.

    [–] What is something unique an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend did that you really miss? Lightaroni 1 points ago in AskMen

    She would always be so caring and thoughtful. She'd bring me food, just like snacks and even like sandwiches and wraps and the like. She was always very thoughtful like that and she'd write me these letters that would always leave me with a stupid grin on my face. She was always supportive of what I wanted to do and always encouraged me to be myself. I haven't met anyone like her at all and I regret being a dumbass and forcing her to break up with me.

    [–] What do you nickname your pieces? Lightaroni 2 points ago in trees

    My main piece is a percolator called the Illest because it's got a bunch of Rapper stickers on it.

    [–] When you're level 80 Lightaroni 25 points ago in ElderScrolls

    He got that legendary smithing

    [–] [META] Update 22: Plains of Eidolon Bug/Issue Megathread Lightaroni 1 points ago in Warframe

    I'm having problems regarding my keyboard, mouse and headset. Whenever I open Warframe after a couple of minutes all peripherals disconnect from my computer and refuse to reconnect until Warframe is closed. In every other game/application my peripherals don't do that. Any ideas on what it could be?

    [–] [Giveaway] PUBG Giveaway! Lightaroni 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I'm down for a copy of PUBG so I can play with friends.