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    [–] Help my trans partner pick a new name! LilBadApple 3 points ago in namenerds

    Does it matter to your partner how masculine the name sounds when it's said or read? I love name Auley, but it's quite gender-ambiguous. (Trans men I know have selected names that were more or less obviously male, and actually tend to be more on the common side, but if course it's such a totally personal choice and your partner has their own wishes about how they'd like to be seen!). Best of luck in the chosen name process and congrats.

    [–] Baby boy name! How to spell "Caelum" LilBadApple 1 points ago in namenerds

    Kalum looks good visually to me and also would seem to be pronounced in the way you want some vote would be with that. As an alternative if you're looking, I have a friend who named their baby Caelan (pronounced Kay-Lan) and no one seems to have trouble pronouncing it when they see it written.

    [–] Faye Hazel - do you all love it or hate it? LilBadApple 3 points ago in namenerds

    My friend's daughter is named Hazel Faye and I lost love it. Agree with the others that it flows a little more nicely.

    [–] [Help] Dog was badly bitten today – suggestions on mitigating lasting trauma? LilBadApple 1 points ago in dogs

    These are all great suggestions and input, thanks to everyone who responded. Really appreciate the wealth of experience and wisdom you all share.

    [–] Nonprofit resume help for consultant work LilBadApple 2 points ago in nonprofit

    Thank you! Should I just shoot you over my CV?

    [–] [Discussion] Is it ok to hit your dog for discipline? LilBadApple 10 points ago in dogs

    What does "hitting your dog warmly" mean? I've never met a trainer that advocated for physically hitting your dog as a training tool.

    [–] [vent] dog park issues LilBadApple 4 points ago in dogs

    Of course you're right, but fairness rules don't apply universally in real life unfortunately, and certainly don't apply at the dog park as they should. Sometimes dogs who are overly submissive become targets for bullying — since this is not an isolated incident with your pup, I would bet this the case. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your pup, but hyper-stimulating situations like dog parks might not be the best choice for you guys. My dog is the same way and in fact has a cone on her head as we speak so she doesn't tear out stitches from a bite wound. I should have had her back today by not letting her off leash on our hike with dogs we didn't know but I got lax and now she's paying for it. You can be upset about this owner negligence at the dog park (rightfully) or just go ahead and modify your behavior to keep your pup safe. I know what I'd do.

    [–] Going rate for nonprofit consultant work in the Bay Area? LilBadApple 2 points ago in nonprofit

    Thanks — huh, I assumed payroll taxes and benefits would add up to more than 25% over base pay rate but maybe I did my math incorrectly (good thing I'm not trying to drum up accountant work!).

    [–] [HELP] Traveling in India and puppy is severely (likely mortally) injured LilBadApple 1 points ago in dogs

    Like most rural veterinarians in India, that was a cattle and water buffalo feed and antibiotic administrator. They do not see dogs. Yes, I contacted them. Also in India they do not believe in euthanasia so they would not have been able to help even if they were willing to see the dog (not that there was any practical way to get the dog to them anyway). "Near" is relative when the roads are unpaved and the only traffic is an occasional motorbike. Likewise "wasn't a hard problem to fix" is a relative concept when traveling in developing countries.

    [–] iPhone dropped in saltwater — any hope of salvaging data? LilBadApple 2 points ago in mobilerepair

    I seemed like a terrible thing to do as I was doing it but I figured it wasn't going to get any worse and the corrosiveness of the salt water wasn't bringing it back to life anytime soon. I'm sure it's fucked. Thanks for the rec, I'll contact her!