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    [–] Mint Chip Halo Top — calorie count discrepancies? LilBadApple 2 points ago in 1200isplenty

    I think the ones made without dairy milk say “dairy free” and “made with coconut milk” on the front though (or at least the ones I’ve seen)

    [–] Older cat not doing well after dental cleaning – need some advice LilBadApple 1 points ago in cats

    She was in at the vet for several hours today. They said the mouth was not obviously infected but they gave her antibiotics as well as IV fluids, pain killer, and two force feedings as she’d lost half a pound in two days. I have her home with me now and she seems a bit better after the fluids and forced feeding, but she’s still not eating or drinking on her own. I put some beef flavored baby food on her nose to get her to lick it off, which she did, and then she started freaking out batting her face with her paws. Very strange behavior.

    [–] Can I still make bone broth with beef bones that have visible ice crystals in the bag? LilBadApple 1 points ago in Cooking

    It's not really all of a sudden, it's been going on for the last 3-5 years, but I think to be honest it came from the paleo trend. It was labeled as a "nutrient rich superfood" so of course it had to be rebranded and needed a new name. Kind of silly, I agree.

    [–] What should I do with my apple cider vinegar mother? LilBadApple 1 points ago in fermentation

    I can’t dilute or distribute it, it’s a big chunk! It looks like a mini SCOBY.

    [–] What should I do with my apple cider vinegar mother? LilBadApple 1 points ago in fermentation

    Thanks! This ACV mother will work for any kind of vinegar?

    [–] 12 DPO – FRER says negative LilBadApple 0 points ago in TryingForABaby

    I don't know for certain when ovulation occurred, I'm counting backwards from predicted first day of my next cycle.

    [–] Female goldilocks names LilBadApple 1 points ago in namenerds

    But everyone in any generation above than them (which will affect how they come across to anyone older) absolutely remembers ISIS and will have a weird look on their face when they hear your child’s name. Unfortunately I think it won’t be usable for a long time yet.

    [–] Looking for thoughts on our name choice. LilBadApple 1 points ago in namenerds

    I like this name and the spelling giant difficult. I’m usually not a fan of alternate spellings or unnecessary Ys but this seems fine to me.

    [–] IAmA Rare fruit hunter who travels the world documenting little known and bizarre species of fruit. AMA! LilBadApple 1 points ago in IAmA

    Are there any fruits you’ve tried that don’t taste super great on their own, but that are ultra delicious cooked, in a recipe, or smoothie so are on the top of your list? One of my favorites in that category is a mamey sapote. Sort of pumpkiny, sweet potatoey, cinnamony, not great on their own, but a mamey liquado? Change your life. Mamey ice cream also good.

    [–] How to get into development LilBadApple 1 points ago in nonprofit

    Thanks, this feels like great advice