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    [–] With a Major Oil Discovery, Guyana Is Poised to Become a Top Producer LilBadApple 2 points ago in energy

    Keep in mind that the Monterey formation in California was supposed to contain over 15 billion barrels of oil. That estimate, like almost all the others, was dramatically reduced (to the tune of 92%) once they started drilling.

    [–] Travel pillows – love em or leave em? LilBadApple 2 points ago in onebag

    What's a buff? I hear people referring to it here all the time.

    [–] Sarong vs. turkish towel vs. something else? LilBadApple 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in onebag

    Thanks! I love the size of the peshtemals but I keep finding myself wishing it was that size but with a lighter fabric -- since I'll be in very hot climates, I feel like it's going to be too thick. (Sarongs seem to almost keep me cool since they let the breeze through.) Are there different thicknesses?

    [–] Barack and Michelle LilBadApple 3 points ago in pics

    This article surprises and pleases me. Also, can I ask you, as a Trump supporter, why you say it will be strange as shit to see him in the White House? I mean presumably you voted for him, so you do think he fits the role he's been elected into, right? Just curious as I honestly don't know many Trump supporters and you seem pretty level headed.

    [–] Barack and Michelle LilBadApple 5 points ago in pics

    And now I'm crying all over again (and I've seen most of these dozens of times). My how our country will miss this man.

    [–] Opinions on impact of losing ACA to Trumpcare? LilBadApple 1 points ago in HealthInsurance

    Nah, I quit so we could take an extended honeymoon (and it was time anyway). I'll be living off of savings for 6 months and probably won't get another job till summer. That said, I probably don't need US health insurance when traveling abroad, then again, that seems like kind of a dumb move...and if I miss the qualifying event boat then it's not worth the savings. How long of a grace period after qualifying life event? I'll be out of coverage end of February.

    [–] [SELL] Irregular Choice "I Love You" shoes with bride and groom figurine heels, size 38 (Bay Area, will ship) LilBadApple 1 points ago in weddingswap

    It's currently just sitting in my closet with dirt and grass on the bottom. :/ A dear friend painted it for me (and the tiger on my husband's jacket) so you're right on that, we're gonna keep em.

    [–] Apparently wild boars come from the sea LilBadApple 1 points ago in WTF

    I don't know if this is the Exumas but there are swimming pigs there.

    [–] This is Bodie – any guesses? She has a natural bobtail, 45 lbs, lotsa' energy. Waiting on Embark results. LilBadApple 2 points ago in DoggyDNA

    Her brother has kind of a half-tail. The other pups in the litter all have short bob tails. Bodie actually has kind of a curly-cue/kinked bob tail. Here is a photo of 5 of the 6 pups in the litter as 2-year olds when we got them together for a reunion (can't see the tails, sadly).

    [–] Kindle Paperwhite vs. regular? LilBadApple 1 points ago in ereader

    Thanks for the great info!