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    [–] [Discussion] Are there any health issues associated with mixed breeds that have big heads and little bodies? LilBadApple 1 points ago in dogs

    Many short-legged breeds like corgis and Bassetts actually genetically are dwarves — they have the gene(s) for drwarfism intentionally bred into them. Occasionally these short-limbed traits are passed along to mixed-breed offspring (if you look at a litter of half-corgis for example, some will be dwarves and some will not). These pups have the same health concerns of any dwarf breed (musculoskeletal, such as bad backs later in age), but with the added benefit of more genetic robustness. So he's more likely to have a sore back when he's old but other than that should be a healthy guy. My mom has a half corgi mutt with short legs as well! Totally adorable.

    [–] When you are excited to see the eclipse today... LilBadApple 1 points ago in bayarea

    If you used the eclipse glasses you counsel see it through the fog!

    [–] Any sample playlists for newbies to practice crossfading and matching BPMs? LilBadApple 1 points ago in Beatmatch

    This feels like very solid advice, thank you. I'll keep at it with my playlists. But how do I learn the basics of what works with these styles?? 36 year old feeling very grandma-gets-her-first-iPhone here.

    [–] Any sample playlists for newbies to practice crossfading and matching BPMs? LilBadApple 1 points ago in Beatmatch

    I don't like techno! Just trying to find something easy to work with. I've got tons of playlists of music I like but would love to get the basics down with easy-to-mix songs.

    [–] Any DJ apps or software work with offline Spotify music? LilBadApple 1 points ago in Beatmatch

    Argh u/jimbooo666 I got to the last step and learned that Deezloader has been taken down! Fuck. Is that what you meant by an older version? Where can I find that?

    [–] Any Guesses About Playa Conditions LilBadApple 10 points ago in BurningMan

    This will be my 14th year and never have I been in conditions where skinny tires would have worked once event week starts.

    [–] Is there an easy way to escape if I can't handle it? LilBadApple 13 points ago in BurningMan

    You can always one is holding you against your will. The gates are open all week. Your own personal departure situation depends on if you're waiting on people to leave, needing a ride, waiting for a flight, etc. but you can always walk out the front gate and hitch a ride to Reno, or take the Burner Express to Reno or San Francisco.

    [–] [Help] Technically homeless. But have a buddy, need advice. LilBadApple 3 points ago in dogs

    Also contact these guys! I think they might have resources for pets of the homeless:

    [–] [Help] Technically homeless. But have a buddy, need advice. LilBadApple 1 points ago in dogs

    1) Do you have a vehicle you use to drive to work? Perhaps you could park in a garage and leave your dog there with windows halfway down? 2) is your job the type they bringing a dog to work is at all possible? 3) are there any friends you could reach out to for help?

    [–] Dj Coaching LilBadApple 4 points ago in Beatmatch

    I would love this — sign me up!!

    [–] First BOY!!! LilBadApple 2 points ago in namenerds

    Me too!

    [–] What do you think of my favorite names? LilBadApple 7 points ago in namenerds

    For Orrin all I can think of is Orrin Hatch which has totally ruined the name in my opinion.

    [–] These bumps have been migrating around my eye for the last few months. Any ideas? LilBadApple 1 points ago in AskDocs

    Thanks -- yeah I don't have a doc right now is part of the problem -- in the middle of a 4-month lapse in my insurance after leaving my job, before open enrollment.