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    [–] ELI5: Why is it so much more common to see people in Asian countries wearing masks during a virus outbreak as opposed to America? LilBadApple 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I've asked this question so many times of so many people in Asian countries. I usually get some version of "it's just what we do" but it often has to do with pollution. There seems to be a connection with germs and illness outbreaks, but I've also heard the argument that the underlying reason could be philosophical: All three countries have been broadly influenced by Taoism and the health precepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which breath and breathing are seen as a central element in good health. The intake of noxious air is seen as a primary vector for introducing illness in any form. So, protecting one's health by wearing a mask is just common sense. Here's an interesting article about the history of surgical masks in Asia.

    And as u/dutatt said, it's become fashionable now.

    [–] Honest opinion time! LilBadApple 2 points ago in namenerds

    I have a friend with a son named Ocean, I think it's a super name. They're in Los Angeles area in California, FWIW, but to my knowledge they don't get any funny looks. I think the Starbucks test as u/zinfandelightful is a great idea. Not sure if you've picked out a middle name, but if not, if you choose Ocean, I would consider going with a simple, classic middle name over something more unique.

    [–] Seriously, who knew that this could happen at such a low speed? LilBadApple 1 points ago in WTF

    The video’s playback was slowed.

    If you watch carefully, everything in the video seems to be a bit slowed down, including the bicyclist, the people walking up the steps and the wind on the fabric.

    [–] Can I retain sausage fat to incorporate into the meal? LilBadApple 2 points ago in Cooking

    Ha thanks. I’m just thinking if I’m going to be adding more fat in anyway (olive oil or butter) if this just wouldn’t be better

    [–] Nothing is quenching my thirst LilBadApple 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in AskDocs

    As others have said, sounds like diabetes. Need to see a doc. No need to buy test kits, you’re going to need to see a doctor and lab tests anyway. Save yourself the time and money of trying to deal with this at home and see a professional.

    If it does turn out to be diabetes, get it under control acutely with meds as her physician advises but diet, exercise and lifestyle can reverse diabetes type 2 beautifully and should be your primary line of defense.

    [–] Can I retain sausage fat to incorporate into the meal? LilBadApple 3 points ago in Cooking

    Well, that’s a good point — I was just thinking that since the recipe calls for fat of some kind (usually olive oil or butter) if I’d be better off using the sausage fat to hold the flavors together but perhaps the other fats integrate more thoroughly in a dish.

    [–] Cooking healthy meals for someone who hates vegetables LilBadApple 2 points ago in Cooking

    Will she eat beans? A nice soup with a bean base and added meat (chicken or sausage) might go over well if made with a flavorful stock (homemade is best) as the beans will take on the flavor of the meaty stock. Easy to add some extra veggies in there. Or a Meat stew with carrots, onions, and potatoes — they just take on the flavor of the meat.

    Also I’ve found that roasting veggies gets a caramelization that non-veggie folks seem to love. You could do roasted mushrooms and throw in some others like Brussels sprouts. I have an awesome easy lentil soup recipe made with homemade chicken stock that basically everyone loves — I add sausage sometimes (and often kale but you could skip that). Homemade pizza might be a good option with finely chopped chard on top (and if she likes mushrooms and tomatoes, may as well toss those on). Tomato soup with crusty bread. Burger with extra veggie condiments — caramelized onions, romaine lettuce, thick cut tomato. Homemade mac and cheese with sweet potato link. If you’re making a recipe with ground beef, reduce the amount of beef and add in some finely chopped mushroom (and of course onion). Zucchini brownies or carrot cake for dessert!

    [–] Can I retain sausage fat to incorporate into the meal? LilBadApple 1 points ago in Cooking

    Oh I meant using it right there in that dish — like if I’m making a lentil soup with sausage, adding the fat back into the lentil soup.

    [–] On your first solo trip, did you ever contemplate throwing the towel in? LilBadApple 2 points ago in solotravel

    No response will measure up to u/wheatfields excellent comment, but wanted to piggyback on the finding meaning piece — I did a few long solo trips in my 20s, and I found a strategy to get settled into a new place and find some purpose and community: volunteer. I would use sites like Idealist to find and connect with organizations whose mission I was drawn to and volunteer with them for a week. The ones with formal volunteer programs are great, because there are often other young people there to meet and bond with, but pretty much any org will take you up on an offer for free work. If you have skills from working at home that will be useful to them, all the better. If you’re bilingual English/Spanish that is always helpful. Not sure if that resonates with you, but just wanted to share.

    [–] .5% Native American – how many generations back is that? LilBadApple 1 points ago in 23andme

    Thanks got it! Reduced Native American by .2%, and a few other things.

    [–] Realistic ways to visit Antarctica? LilBadApple 1 points ago in travel

    I've been offline traveling back from southern Patagonia for the last 3 days...

    [–] Realistic ways to visit Antarctica? LilBadApple 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in travel

    I hear you, but in my experience, no one tends to be more of a turd than high end tourists paying top dollar for a package tour. Littering, disrespecting the environment and people working for them, and generally being dicks. I've done a lot of traveling in a wide range economic classes of travelers, and there's no one I'd entrust a fragile ecosystem to less than entitled tourists overpaying for an experience. As far as sheer numbers, I agree with you that the cost will price out 95% of people wanting to visit a place, which is a good thing, but people will muck a place up no matter the price they've paid to get there. Ensuring that doesn't happen falls squarely in the lap of the people, companies, governments and regulatory agencies managing tourism there.

    [–] Directed group sale question for 2018 LilBadApple 2 points ago in BurningMan

    We got an invitation email a couple days ago — you’re either invited or you’re not. You should have received an email already if you were going to. You can try contacting placement?

    [–] I'm a Travel Operator in Mongolia, ask me anything related to visiting Mongolia LilBadApple 1 points ago in mongolia

    Hi @bossbuss. My hubby and I did a self guided trip in Mongolia via horses for 5 weeks. We went through Terelj NP and Orkhon Valley — with Orkhon Valley by far being our favorite. We didn’t make it through the Gobi. I wouldn’t attempt much of the Gobi solo. LMK if you want to chat!

    [–] Beautiful mountain towns/villages? LilBadApple 1 points ago in korea

    I only know of the National Park, is there a little town there too?