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    [–] Hi ! I'm building my first gaming pc and I would appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks. LiquorNWeed 2 points ago in buildapcforme

    Get a 1060 (Founder's Edition or the Zotac AMP! Edition). If there's more left, still (which isn't likely), idk where to put it on the PC. Probably if the 2600X is at a lower price than, before, I'd get that. It would be a nicer upgrade over the 1600 than the 2600.

    Also, old af post boi

    [–] Men who lost a significant amount of weight, what was the turning point for you? LiquorNWeed 3 points ago in AskMen

    That's a good thing on its own, especially if OP got over it with the same idea in mind, which, judging by his other replies, he did!

    [–] The Oneplus 6t Wont Have A Headphone Jack LiquorNWeed 5 points ago in Android

    Not surprising imo. Both their Mix and their Mi flagship lineups don't have the jacks and the Poco was made with a very different market in mind. It definitely is a good thing tho, if I had not bought my Redmi (it still is a great phone so far) just a few weeks prior to the Poco launch, I'd have 100% bought the Poco

    [–] Intel Right Now LiquorNWeed 40 points ago in AyyMD

    Now I'm imagining a "ZEN" branded chainsaw in the hands of a mad and angry Lisa Su knocking down a door and screaming "INTEL, COME OUT BITCH" lmao

    [–] Panoramic picture I took in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam [12668x3724] LiquorNWeed 2 points ago in wallpapers

    It's great! What camera setup did you use? I'm no pro but my phone has shite quality in panoramic pictures so it's surprising to see one so detailed

    [–] Narrow-Minded Award 2008 LiquorNWeed 14 points ago in gaming

    Need For Speed: Rivals did it apparently. It was locked at 30 because the game would run at fucking 2x speed at 60fps.

    [–] Sapio Saxx : Kota Edition LiquorNWeed 7 points ago in indianpeoplequora

    he was totally nude in front of him



    [–] Sapio Saxx : Kota Edition LiquorNWeed 6 points ago in indianpeoplequora

    >when you come here after a long absence and see this shit.

    This is what I live for

    [–] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: more of everything LiquorNWeed 4 points ago in gadgets

    Yeah exactly. The Redmi 4 had 4100 mAh and it's much smaller in size. Maybe thicker though. Also $180-200 at launch. Same for my RN5P. 4000 mAh, $250, just as big tho

    [–] This hurts, so so much... LiquorNWeed 7 points ago in pcmasterrace

    New laptop in some time actually. For now I got to do with this, rip

    [–] This hurts, so so much... LiquorNWeed 33 points ago in pcmasterrace

    no choice you know. I have to make do with 2 tabs at a time