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    [–] Found a screenshot of my desktop from 2004 LiquorNWeed 0 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Piracy is a controversial subject in general

    [–] What went wrong with Flipkart and Snapdeal? LiquorNWeed 6 points ago in india

    All Indian stuff like Flipkart and Hotstar have the crappiest customer experience and user interface to compete with multinational giants, and lose big time there. I really don't know what is stopping them from improving on stuff as small as UI improvements in their apps and sites

    [–] Daily sports period must, says CBSE LiquorNWeed 3 points ago in india

    Hopefully these periods won't be annexed by the more "important" subjects like science and math

    All depends on the teacher. There's an overwhelmingly high chance that they'll be. Some may be decent enough to give it a month or two, and then begin their onslaught

    [–] Found a screenshot of my desktop from 2004 LiquorNWeed 3 points ago in pcmasterrace

    well there might be versions for that on sites like [redacted]

    [–] Found a screenshot of my desktop from 2004 LiquorNWeed 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Permanently free on Origin if you wanna pick it up

    [–] Found a screenshot of my desktop from 2004 LiquorNWeed 36 points ago in pcmasterrace

    It's free (permanently) on Origin btw. If you wanna pick it up again.

    [–] ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 hands-on: A well-rounded budget smartphone LiquorNWeed 1 points ago in Android

    About time. Here the Moto G series, the G5, G5S, G5S+ and the apparent G6 (and its variants) have extremely stiff competition, which objectively have better specs and performance. They're definitely not the best buy here lol. So I guess the US market can do with some better stuff too

    [–] New Batman in town LiquorNWeed 7 points ago in indianpeoplequora

    Sanity break man.

    [–] do NOT mess with this r/t_D mod! LiquorNWeed 6 points ago in iamverybadass

    The karma system isn't just 1 upvote = 1 karma point. For any post/comment, the higher amount of upvotes you get, the less contribution they have towards your karma. Soooo 2 posts with 5k karma each will get you more karma than 1 10k karma post. Doesn't need anything controversial for that.

    I had a viral r/madlads post last week. I posted it at 21k post karma. It hit front page and 16k upvotes iirc, but I still am at like 29k post karma.

    I'm not complaining though. I really like my glorious karma gains

    [–] What is your most fappable sexual fantasy that you don't plan to do in real life? LiquorNWeed 11 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in AskMen


    E: though I don't plan on doing it soon because I don't feel that I'll enjoy it right now. Just that I feel I will need the emotional attachment with it to really like doing it. Though how'd I know shit anyway? Haven't been around doing such stuff at all

    [–] What video game actually gave you a sense of pride and accomplishment? LiquorNWeed 4 points ago in AskReddit

    i slept with the PS2 on overnight so I wouldn't lose my progress but it shut itself off sometime while I was sleeping.

    That's some dedication lol. Also rip.

    Lol imagine completing games like that in one single continuous session

    Also, Happy Cake Day