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    [–] Jessica Albanka Literary-Hitler- 49 points ago in bodyperfection

    Eastern Europe's version of Jessica Alba

    [–] Ken M on Sidewalks. Literary-Hitler- 3 points ago in KenM

    I love the fake heading hahahaha

    [–] Kate Upton (SI) Literary-Hitler- 3 points ago in NSFWBulletTime

    Her hip to waste ratio is like a full 1.0

    [–] Roy Moore vs. "Half your age plus seven" [OC] Literary-Hitler- 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Legislation will stick around for decades, maybe centuries. I'm not saying I would vote for the guy but it is something to keep in mind

    [–] Beautiful beach boobs Literary-Hitler- 2 points ago in lifeisabeach

    Now that is one nice pair of tits...

    [–] lego wasteland Literary-Hitler- 2 points ago in pics

    brace yourself

    [–] lego wasteland Literary-Hitler- 0 points ago in pics

    Pfff... noob. I now have your IP. Prepare to be hacked.

    [–] [Pro/Chef] Strawberry Wreath Cake Literary-Hitler- 5 points ago in food

    If you're in NY, please let me know where to go to try your desserts!

    [–] [Pro/Chef] Strawberry Wreath Cake Literary-Hitler- 33 points ago in food

    What's holding you back from achieving your dreams? Go for it tonight.

    [–] US Senate passes sweeping tax overhaul bill Literary-Hitler- -4 points ago in news

    No, it's what you can do that nobody else can. Guess how many people can use Word

    [–] After No-Nut-November: Literary-Hitler- 2 points ago in NSFW_GIF

    I upvoted you and downvoted the other guy, trying to bring balance to the universe.

    [–] Kayla Approves Literary-Hitler- 1 points ago in NSFW_GIF

    you're a God among mere mortals

    [–] Kayla Approves Literary-Hitler- 4 points ago in NSFW_GIF

    full name?