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    [–] Ready for a match Literary-Hitler- 1 points ago in BarelyContained

    That’s like slapping god in the face

    [–] [TIME] Deep Web Hacking Literary-Hitler- 1 points ago in itsaunixsystem

    Oxford commae are a matter of preference.

    [–] 1,218 drones at Winter Olympics Literary-Hitler- 4 points ago in gifs

    No, the only reason the some ghai comment exists is because that’s his username

    [–] Bored in math and drew this from memory! See what map it is? ;P Literary-Hitler- 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I probably only turned in 20% of all my homework and always studied for exams at the last minute if at all and still turned out quite well

    [–] Moms gone wild. Literary-Hitler- 14 points ago in trashyboners

    The ones on the left and right are being propped up....