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    [–] [Pigeon Club] How many pigeons do we even need? LittlePetiteGirl 2 points ago in HobbyDrama

    Just fixed it! I put a nice pic up and double checked on reddit mobile so it works as intended. Sorry you had to see that!

    [–] [Pigeon Club] How many pigeons do we even need? LittlePetiteGirl 2 points ago in HobbyDrama

    I'll see if I can edit it right now. If it's any comfort, the bird in the picture isn't actually dead. He made a full recovery and was released into the wild where he found a mate. The only long term damage was that he can't grow feathers on top of his head now. Still, a really gruesome image that shouldnt assault mobile users goimg about their day.

    [–] Autistic people of Reddit, what's an interesting fact about a special interest of yours? LittlePetiteGirl 17 points ago in AskReddit

    I just started my film major and I didn't know this! I'm fascinated, and will definitely check out the films on wikipedia.

    [–] Church of the Holiest Savior in Warsaw. Ink, pastel. 21x29 cm. LittlePetiteGirl 17 points ago in Art

    The look this has is usually referred to as "academic drawing". in case you want to see more.

    [–] Can you guess someone's age just from knowing their name? Use the Name Age Calculator to find out [Updated to 2018!] [OC] LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    My name peaked around the late fifties, but the fun part is that it doesn't even exist in the female name database. At least it's too foreign for people to realize it's an old man's name.

    [–] Shortest in your family? LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in short

    When I started dating my boyfriend he was 18 and 5'3", and its been three years and he grew 2 inches so he's 5'5" at 21. He was convinced he'd stopped growing and so was I, so it'd caught us both off guard.

    [–] [Pigeon Club] How many pigeons do we even need? LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in HobbyDrama

    I definitely agree, since I grew up in Texas and knew a lot of farm folks. I was less mad about his views and more mad he was mismanaging the birds so badly because he went against my advice. The school already doesnt like the pigeon club because of the stereotype theyre rats with wings so any bad PR would shut the place down immedietly.

    [–] “I can’t come tomorrow, I have to walk my friends.” LittlePetiteGirl 27 points ago in tall

    I'm 5'0" and my bf is 5'4". I call us "the hobbits", but pomerians is an accurate descriptor, too, lmao.

    [–] What are some awful things from the 70s, 80s, and 90s everyone seems to not talk about? LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I think people see junkers rolling around town and assume theyre getting the same level of maitenance as a recent car and think those things are just indestructable. They dont realize those junkers are often kept by car guys and mechanics that have to nurse the vehicle back to health constantly. At least thats what Ive seen.

    [–] FOUND A DOMESTICATED PIGEON! NEED HELP! LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in pigeon

    the pigeon rescue group on Facebook I've mentioned your situation to wants you to join. They'd be able to help with your situation better than anyone, and would be the first people to take in the bird if you can't find the owner. It's "Palomacy Help Group for Pigeon & Dove Rescue & Adoption"

    [–] FOUND A DOMESTICATED PIGEON! NEED HELP! LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in pigeon

    This doesn't sound at all like a pigeon that belonged to a homeless person. Pigeons this tame are usually born from parents that are owned by someone, and kept in a coop their whole lives and constantly handled. I've met homeless people that keep pigeons as pets, and they usually just befriend the local flock. They don't have birds that are unable to survive in the wild by themselves.

    [–] What is the “bible” of your field of study, profession, interest or hobby? What are some of the most valuable, essential, foundational texts in your area of interest, whatever that is? LittlePetiteGirl 15 points ago in AskReddit

    Don't beat yourself up about it. These guides are honestly more about career than interest. I've drawn for years, but didn't know about the Animator's Survival Handbook until this past month or two, now that I'm in college and looking into a degree in animation.

    [–] FOUND A DOMESTICATED PIGEON! NEED HELP! LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in pigeon

    where is your location? People that rescue pigeons and keep them as family pets tend to remove the rings. I know some people that have had their bird get out and would love to be reunited. A picture of the bird would be helpful, too.

    If the bird is friendly enough to be sleeping on your lap while you watch TV, I have no doubt in my mind it's someone's beloved pet that they miss very much.

    [–] Frog the Rooster runs to pick up his friend from the bus LittlePetiteGirl 8 points ago in aww

    Pigeons were the original domestic companions in ancient times. I've noticed they act more like dogs than other birds. There are videos online where an escaped pet pigeon is found by someone else, and the new person is confused why a pigeon is being so friendly/clingy. I have a pet pigeon and he definitely prefers humans over other pigeons.

    [–] I would like to let them out but they would never come back to me LittlePetiteGirl 19 points ago in budgies

    I didnt realize people would be so interested so I didnt want to spend half an hour digging up sources just to have no one read the comment. I'll make my own post to this subreddit later since there's so much interest being shown.

    [–] I would like to let them out but they would never come back to me LittlePetiteGirl 16 points ago in budgies

    Just a heads up, that cage isn't predator proof and that setup is basically making them live bait for any hawks in the area. I can send you some guides on building a little coop for the budgies that would keep them safe and be a fun weekend project.