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    [–] This one time I saw an albino pigeon LittlePetiteGirl 11 points ago in RealLifeShinies

    Im a pigeon enthusiast, and this is the correct answer.

    [–] Akira Bike IRL LittlePetiteGirl 11 points ago in Cyberpunk

    Have you seen the film this is from? The bike is incredibly badass as just a bike in it. Doesnt need to be anything more.

    [–] ACLU: Black man detained while moving into his own home LittlePetiteGirl 3 points ago in news

    All parrots are capable of talking, cockatiels and budgies are just harder to teach.

    [–] Short teacher? LittlePetiteGirl 9 points ago in short

    I could imagine it being a problem with unruly middle schoolers and younger if you don't have a commanding presence. Kids at that age are dumb, immature and still testing what they can get away with doing.

    [–] Short teacher? LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in short

    Not necesarily, but it can be hard to be taken seriously when you're the size of the kids you're teaching.

    [–] America dumb, Tea-land smart LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    I only know the answer because I'm at a design school. Not sure how I would have bumped into the information otherwise.

    [–] What’s your major? LittlePetiteGirl 4 points ago in college

    I'm in animation, but they make us do all of our own audio engineering so I relate.

    [–] What’s your major? LittlePetiteGirl -1 points ago in college

    Why didnt you go to a design school?

    [–] What is the most recent self-taught skill you've acquired? LittlePetiteGirl 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Digital painting! I finally feel like I've fully mastered it, so I'm hyped.

    [–] Men of reddit, what's the best compliment you've ever received from a girl? LittlePetiteGirl 29 points ago in AskReddit

    it means your hair looked particularly thick that day. Youre right in that it is a compliment.

    [–] Street artists are insane LittlePetiteGirl 17 points ago in gifs

    Shepherd Fairey went to the art school Im at. His grafitti used to be around campus but too many people would chip it off as souvenirs and now none is left ):

    [–] waddlebirb LittlePetiteGirl 24 points ago in Birbs

    because it looks cute. Ive stuck stuff on my bird like that occasionally, taken a photo/vid and gone on my way lol

    [–] Manufacturing egg crates LittlePetiteGirl 447 points ago in specializedtools

    I just finished a college course in paper making, and the whole thing involves water getting everywhere. The last hour of every class was mopping the floor of the studio because there was a centimeter of water flooding the room.

    [–] My wacom tablet after about 3 weeks (it came with a pen nib that was too soft for my work) LittlePetiteGirl 2 points ago in Wellworn

    they sell pen nibs that are different levels of hardness. The pen nib in the picture wasn't the usual hard plastic the pens come with, but instead was this weird soft plastic that wore away really easily. I bought replacement pen nibs and they're not wearing down at all.

    [–] Shop local. LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in pics

    One idea is putting the local shops in walking distance of college dormitories. At my college, the only grocery store walking distance from the dorms is Whole Foods and everyone shops there for convenience despite the hiked prices.

    [–] Race drone camera work LittlePetiteGirl 1 points ago in PraiseTheCameraMan

    Weird specialty jobs like that are usually from skills you cultivate in your own time and you do freelance work. Once the freelance work becomes consistent and profitable enough for it to become your main source of income, then you're a "pro".

    [–] Just your average "accidental" art theft LittlePetiteGirl 2 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    You dont need the original copy of the jpeg or file at all. I was doing a research paper and found an obscure photo in a book I wanted to find more information on. I took a photo of the picture with my cellphone, put it on Imgur, then reverse image searched it that way and found a cleaner version someone put on their website.

    [–] What items would you like communal on a residence hall floor? LittlePetiteGirl 12 points ago in college

    I wish there was a big pack of plastic forks/spoons. I forget to grab utensils from the cafeteria and have to eat ramen like a heathen when I get hungry at 3 am and cant find anything.

    [–] I’m speechless at how stupid this is LittlePetiteGirl 21 points ago in DiWHY

    kinky is a description for thst texture of hair, because it's tightly curled and has so many kinks in it.

    [–] Man helps pigeon patiently waiting at water fountain LittlePetiteGirl 6 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    I've had luck just fine grabbing sick pigeons without any ill effects (I give the ones in the park basic vet care or call a vet for pickup in bad cases) but also I have a pretty solid immune system and wash the fuck out of my hands as soon as I'm done, or I keep hand sanatizer on me.

    [–] What do you think is the single greatest photograph in history? LittlePetiteGirl 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Don't feel too bad for my pigeon. He's socialized to people and I play with him for hours ever day. He'll probably live into his 20s so we're making up for lost time. :)