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    [–] I'm not American, not even from US, yet I stand strong and support Bernie for President. Loccit 1 points ago in SandersForPresident

    I believe PiS got most of their support from lower income, working families. PiS is a fucking crazy party, ironically hating Soviet Union the most and yet being completely Soviet mentality. But I wanted to ask that PiS support is robust and widespread it is unfortunately far from just the boomers.

    [–] I'm not American, not even from US, yet I stand strong and support Bernie for President. Loccit 3 points ago in SandersForPresident

    I stand strong and fully support Bernie, I'm pretty certain that atleast 90% of Polish people ... agrees with me

    Are you sure mate? Did you see who you guys elected to government?

    [–] Breaking: Sajid Javid has apparently resigned. Loccit 1 points ago in ukpolitics

    hahahahahahahaha, even Sajid Javid who first rode BoJo dick realized BoJo is a retard who will destroy this country

    [–] How do you respond to... Loccit -1 points ago in Pete_Buttigieg

    What is even the question there? How can we tell you how to respond if we don't know what they are saying?

    [–] As a supporter in Alabama, I wanna know; does Pete stand a chance here? Loccit 1 points ago in Pete_Buttigieg

    If you want a realistic answer, no one except Trump stands a chance to win Alabama in the general.

    [–] I have some concerns about M4A. Anyone willing to chat about it? Loccit 1 points ago in SandersForPresident

    Posting again, fixed grammar, please take a look.

    Bernie's plan is the plan which is about driving costs down the most. The simple reality is that US is paying about twice as much per capita GDP in healthcare as any other major developed country. While providing the same quality of healthcare as the other countries. The reasons are multiple, but the two main ones are i) the current market driven healthcare model is not efficient. There is collusion between healthcare providers and the price become artificailly inflated. ii) there are substantial costs due to having decentralized healthcare system. Just think about all the paper work that needs to be processed for each patient. Appearantly nowadays there are more people who work in hospitals who deal with insurance claims or similar stuff than medicine related things. In a centralized system all of those very significant paper pushing costs would go away.

    With respect to your case. Congratulations for beating cancer!!!

    On a different note US has a severe problem of perscribing too many tests. This creates extra costs. There are two things there. i) Extra costs due to wasteful tests means healthcare becomes more expensive and some people are not able to afford it. So although in this case your life was saved, it could be argued that a few other people somewhere in the US died from treatable conditions because they couldn't afford to go to a doctor. And it is not 1 to 1. People mostly die from simple, treatable stuff, like a flu or infection. So the costs of treating that are actually way lower than treating a cancer patient. From a utilitarian perspective you want to save the most lives, so the cheapest diseases should be addressed first. Okay, but this is not the whole story.

    ii) This is very important in your case! Tests are not perscribed to people randomly. It is not like they go and give everyone cancer tests and, 20% end up having it. They perscribe these tests based on symptoms with quite substantial accuracy. The problem in the current system is that the more tests the doctors perscribe the more money they make. So they have an incentive to perscribe tests even when it is extremely unlikely, wasteful. If this incentive were to be removed from US system, however it is not to say that you wouldn't have been perscribed the breast cancer test. Because breast cancer is not random and medical professionals with some acuracy can determine who requires a breast cancer screening test. So the doctors would have likely have perscribed you the test in Sweden as well. The difference is in Sweden they do not perscribe this test when there is very little basis to assume breast cancer. If you look at breast cancer mortality in US and in Sweden, based on your reasoning given that US excessively perscribes breast cancer tests, only 20% prove to show that a person has breast cancer, while in Sweden they perscrbe the breast cancer test more conservatively, 80% of tests show there is breast cancer. If there was rationing in Sweden and in US the perscriptions were not wasteful, not for the purpose of increasing profits, then there should be substantial higher mortality from breast cancer in Sweden than in US. However that is not the case. In US mortality from breast cancer per 100k people is 84.9 persons, while in Sweden it is 89.8 persons. That's not a substantial difference in mortality. However it means that Sweden is able to screen their patients much more accurately. In fact Sweden is 393% more accurate in screening their patients for breast cancer than is US based on those numbers. That cannot be due to some amazing techonological advantage or genius doctors. That's because US doensn't screen their patients for breast cancer, they screen them to make money.

    EDIT: source

    [–] I’m in LA and considering driving up to Vegas for a day of canvassing - anybody want to join? Loccit 6 points ago in SandersForPresident

    I think there are definitely people who are also thinking from LA going to Nevada. Let somehow know that you are driving. Maybe make an event on Bernie campaign map: , I think most people check there.

    [–] I miss The Guardian's old election map animations, so I made my own Celebratory Sanders. Loccit 15 points ago in SandersForPresident

    Write an email to the Guardian asking them to bring the old animations. If people let them know maybe they will do it! :)

    [–] How Sanders Held Off Buttigieg And Klobuchar In New Hampshire Loccit 5 points ago in SandersForPresident

    Based on exit polls only 3% of self identified republicans voted in dem primary. Not enough data to establish their distribution. Bernie however won amongst independents, 28% to Buttigiegs 25%, and self identified democrats 26% to Buttigiegs 23%.

    [–] What are Delegates? Loccit 1 points ago in SandersForPresident

    The democratic national convention, where the the democratic party nominee is decided, is determined by pledged delegates. There are 3,979 pledged delegates. They are awarded to presidential candidates based on how each candidate performed in each states presidential democratic primary. Each state's number of pledged delegates is determined by its population size relative to total US population. To be eligible to receive pledged delegates a candidate in the state's democratic primary needs to clear at least 15% of the vote.

    Iowa results have not been officially declared as there is an ongoing recanvass, so the pledged delegate distribution from there is not clear yet. Bernie very well may win it. But if we consider the pre-recanvass numbers, then Buttigieg won there 2 more delegates and currently with NH results has 23 pledged delegates to Sanders 21. This either way really doesn't matter, as I said there are 3,979 pledged delegates, to secure the nomination one needs to gain 1940 pledged delegates. Early states matter only because they are the first to go and give an indication on people's preferences. The number of delegates they award is miniscule. So 2 delegate difference is inconsequential. What matters is how these candidates will be able to do in other states.

    [–] Help if you're not American Loccit 2 points ago in SandersForPresident

    You can phonebank globally for free using online dialer, here is a guide.

    Please preview the script before you start calling, this is the script for Nevada.
    And how to correctly record a response

    To sign up and start calling please go to:

    If you have any more questions w.r.t. phonebanking please ask me or direct them to Bernie campaign's official phonebanking slack.

    Thanks for putting your share of work to help get Bernie elected! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. To sign up for phonebanking I think you still need to put in your phone number, international is accepted, initially when registering, but it will not be charged if you choose to phonebank through your computer as stated in the guide. Additionally, normally people are expected to sign up for a short webinar which runs every day and introduces people to phonebanking, but this is likely not an option for you given that these webinars are run at 19:30 EST and unless you are from a similar timezone it will be difficult to attend the webinar. But don't worry, those are not necessary, it is just a basic intro.

    [–] What's going on with Jameela Jamil coming out as queer and becoming the host of a show? Loccit 0 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    As an addition. I have actually read Jameela's older tweets again and I think they very clearly showcase the problem. She was criticised by people for not being part of LGBTQ community but then becoming a judge on an LGBTQ show. Her response to that was that she was queer. Where as by queer, she meant, if we look at ther older tweets as you have referenced." I’m on the spectrum but I do lean more towards boys. I think most of us are on the spectrum, but we have been conditioned to believe we have to pick a side.".

    Again in this context LGBTQ show in questions stands for ballroom show which comes from impoverished black and Latino LGBT communities in New York City. The community in question is made up not of people who are "on a spectrum but lean more towards the opposite gender". The ballroom community was created by people who could be murdered while going home for their sexuality, and many of them were. And Jameela thinks that by beeing " on a spectrum but leaning more towards boys." somehow rebukes the criticism levied at her that she is not part of LGBTQ community in context of this show. This exactly showcases how bundling everything under LGBTQ/+ terms obfuscates the actual groups of people.

    And as an additional note, this conversation made me realize that the things Jameela said and done are really fucked up.