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    [–] France wins second World Cup title with 4-2 victory over Croatia Locke_and_Load 1 points ago in worldnews

    No it doesn’t. A handball occurs when the hand is not in a natural state and is used to alter the trajectory of the ball. Watch the replay, he moves his leg up, but only after LITERALLY moving his hand and slapping the ball. The player realized it could be a goal if he let it through, so he swung his arm down to hit the ball after realizing he couldn’t kick high enough and then put his leg up to cover it.

    It worked too, unfortunately for them this World Cup has video replay for plays like that.

    [–] I would have liked to see BFA add a 110 talent row where we got to choose from 3 different legion legendary effects Locke_and_Load 1 points ago in wow

    I’d rather take the iteration of the talent trees that we had in, I THINK, Cata where you picked one tree and unlocked a secondary once you put at least enough points to unlock the end tree talent.

    [–] Woman, 29, is feared missing after live-streaming herself throwing ink on a photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping Locke_and_Load 2 points ago in worldnews

    I don’t know about Columbia, or why an American university is being brought up as a terrible country to live in, but ColOmbia isn’t too great.

    [–] [Preach] Azerite Armor - Good or Bad? Locke_and_Load 2 points ago in wow

    I said that pruning every once in a while is good to maintain a reasonable level of complexity and abilities. From what I can tell, the most well regarded periods in this games life span have been during periods of growth and addition.

    As for Legion, they primed away abilities and Draenor perks and then added an artifact system, so yes, they pruned PERMANENT abilities and traits for temporary gains.

    [–] [Preach] Azerite Armor - Good or Bad? Locke_and_Load 2 points ago in wow

    It was so unsustainable, that we got new talents each expansion all the way to WoD! Sure, pruning is fine, and is needed every once in a while, but we’re now in what? Three expansions in a row of pruning leading to bare bones classes that need special stuff each expansion to not feel dull.

    [–] [Preach] Azerite Armor - Good or Bad? Locke_and_Load 6 points ago in wow

    I've been playing the game for ten years now, and no, it has NEVER been like this. Every previous expansion, you would get new talents that powered you up while leveling, and new spells with one class defining one being given at max level.

    Back in the day, people demanded their class be fun to play at max level with each new tier simply adding to the power fantasy. I can't ever remember thinking, "Golly, my class is unbearable, but it will be fun in eight months!" Blizz never designed classes that way before and I don't know why we're suddenly okay with this now.

    FFS, there are literally no new abilities from 100-120...

    [–] [Preach] Azerite Armor - Good or Bad? Locke_and_Load 36 points ago in wow

    So...level through 10 levels to hit end game AND THEN wait another few months before the game gets fun? That sounds like terrible game design.

    [–] First Image of Jack Dylan Grazer & Zachary Levi as Freddy Freeman & Shazam in 'Shazam!' Locke_and_Load 3 points ago in movies

    It's an alternate reality version caused by Flash travelling through time. The family isn't the actual Shazam, but their grim fate is the reason Shazam doesn't tell anyone he's actually a powerless child if you speak one word.

    [–] First Image of Jack Dylan Grazer & Zachary Levi as Freddy Freeman & Shazam in 'Shazam!' Locke_and_Load 79 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in movies

    Depends on the storyline, but typically no. It causes friction with the team if/when they find out, so he keeps it secret.

    Look up the scene in Flashpoint Paradox where Wonder Woman finds out he’s a bunch of kids and the ramifications of that...

    [–] Nato summit: Donald Trump says Germany is 'captive of Russians' Locke_and_Load 1 points ago in worldnews

    That’s not entirely true. I don’t watch Fox News or consider myself conservative at all, but I would say Trump “won” parts of some debates because he accomplished what he set out to do. On a general policy level or actual statesmanship, he lost out, but there were times where he managed to draw Hillary down to his level and show a chink in her armor. For most conservatives, that’s all he needed to do to win.

    The standard for a Hillary victory was really high. For Trump, it was just, “don’t say the n-word”.

    [–] Four Reasons Why the LPL Was Able to Surpass the LCK (Includes a lot of the LPL coaches' input) Locke_and_Load 0 points ago in leagueoflegends

    Doctors can pull those numbers easy, as can farmers or construction workers with no union. Then there's any other elite level athlete in the world.

    Lot's of people out there spend a lot of time doing their jobs.

    [–] How hard is Tales of Berseria? Locke_and_Load 1 points ago in tales

    Short answer yes with an “if”. Long answer no with a “but”.

    [–] Tales of Berseria is my first Tales game and I am hooked. Where should I go from here as a PS4 player? (I have PS Now if that matters) Locke_and_Load 2 points ago in tales

    On top of that, Zaveid is back as a party character, and you get to tie up some loose ends from Berseria. It’s not the best game and the combat is...different, but if you want to see the full story from Berseria give it a look.

    [–] I’m tired of the overall negativity. I’m hyped for BFA! Locke_and_Load 2 points ago in wow

    After a few months on the alpha/beta, I can tell you that prior to the last AP nerf, they were actually really close to getting the sweet spot. After this latest nerf it will be a LOT worse than the start of legion was, especially since unlike the fixed number of major traits on artifacts, Azerite will get new and better traits each patch which will need more levels every time. I’ve seen no evidence of anything akin to AK on beta, so I’m not going to be assuming anything on that front.

    I don’t care what they’ve SAID, I’m basing my statements on what they’ve SHOWN. There’s a huge discrepancy between people with high ilvl necks and good traits and someone without, much more than BiS legendary vs. Prydaz.

    [–] I’m tired of the overall negativity. I’m hyped for BFA! Locke_and_Load 1 points ago in wow

    Yes you will. Higher ilvl pieces require higher Azerite levels on the neck, ergo the constant need to grind. Leveling gear caps out at 7 I think but raid gear is at 30, and you won’t be close to that without constant, and I mean CONSTANT, grinding. Unless you’re happy having a piece of gear with no secondary stats or bonuses on you all the time.

    [–] The Red Dragonflight's anger at the Deathlord's actions in Legion. Locke_and_Load 6 points ago in wow

    they're not going to give identical models of a faction specific race to the other side

    Void Elves are just Blood Elves and Nightborne are just Night they already have.

    [–] 36/36 challenges done. Here are some tips for relinquished geared characters. Locke_and_Load 1 points ago in wow

    I see the shimmer, the problem was some pills he’d be like two clones away, and the next he’d literally the furthest point possible on the map. When that lines up with no Fel Blade procs it’s not fun.

    I’ve cleared the challenge, it was just one of the least fun since it came down to RNG and camera issues.

    [–] 36/36 challenges done. Here are some tips for relinquished geared characters. Locke_and_Load 5 points ago in wow

    I agree with you that the Havoc challenge is frustrating. P1 and P2 are fun, but that intermission feels like praying to the RNG gods to get you good crits and good fury ALONG with praying to any gods left that he didn't teleport all the way across the map from you.

    All in all, fuck that intermission.

    [–] Account banned - abuse of economy? Locke_and_Load 0 points ago in wow

    Lol I joined them on my toons just to stop the spam invites after I came back to Legion after a year off. Nothing notable about the actual guild activity, but I can see how the spam can get annoying.

    That said...I can’t name a single person from my guild, so I guess there’s that.

    [–] The Meteos Trade Locke_and_Load 5 points ago in leagueoflegends

    Or he's playing up public sympathy from uninformed people to try and get a better deal? "I want to leave to a better team but no better team wants me AND I DON'T WANT TO PLAY IN ACADEMY, darn it".

    [–] The Meteos Trade Locke_and_Load 2 points ago in leagueoflegends

    Why do you assume Meteos didn't talk to people? He may have gone to teams already and no one wanted to pick him up and the only deal that came out of everything was Flyquest.