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    [–] On a cold, rainy October day, what's your "go to" comfort food? LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I used to make milkshakes and order way too much pizza for me and my homies. I've moved town since then, so Pot Noodle or soup.

    [–] What's the key to a great burger? LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Getting rid of excess fat. Crispy buns. Good sauce.

    [–] What career would you be terrible at and why? LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Child minder. I know for a fact I'll leave them around somewhere.

    [–] "Racist" flyers at Boston college LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    I believe it's called "Anime Pride-sama"

    [–] Men, they are never the victims of sexual assault or abuse LoneWolfRoofRider 3 points ago in SRSsucks

    Okay, time to open up.

    I'm a guy, and I've been sexually assaulted

    ... oh yeah, then I moved on with my life

    [–] Self-proclaimed reformed TRPer and feminist explains to feminists his experience. As expected, gets accused of mansplaining and is shamed into oblivion. LoneWolfRoofRider 5 points ago in SRSsucks

    There's nothing like "reformed" terper "feminist" men coming in here acting like we need some sort of authority on shit we already know about and never asked for. What I believe is mansplaining is you explaining things to me about terpers that you think I don't know, because I am a woman and not a terper. But, newsflash, terpers are not a complex secret society with unknowable ways.

    Guys, just to be clear, I know exactly what it feels like to have a vagina, and I don't need no woman telling me otherwise.

    [–] Brave male feminist "takes a stand" against TheRedPill by quietly saying okay when a woman rejects him. Praises himself and calls himself a "Moral Man". Yes, in capitalized letters. LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago in SRSsucks

    "Instead of grabbing her by the throat and jamming my thumb up her butt, I limped home and had a depress-o-wank. I'm a good boi."

    Haha wtf?? I've struck out a few times at clubs and bars, you know what I did? I kept that shit to myself.

    [–] Apparently men are the emotional ones. LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago in SRSsucks

    I'm not gonna say women are the more overtly emotional sex, though evidence has shown me otherwise.

    How dare they attack men like that though. This tweet is so emotionally charged, it's wet itself.

    Honestly, everyone in there in agreement with this needs to flip the genders and call out how sex is the main target and, though I don't say it often because I despise the term, the cucked dudes in there need to stand up against it. That would probably lead to forced silence. A completely non-emotional action.

    [–] Apparently the death penalty is misogyny, according to /u/demmian LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in SRSsucks

    Of course they suppressed their opinion and disallowed them to speak on an open forum. It's r/feminism, where extreme feminists go to rant. And it's not even r/freespiritfeminists.

    On another note, r/feminisms seems less ban happy

    Edited to correct link

    [–] Projection is always so strong in these kids LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago in SRSsucks

    "I'm extremely salty that terrorists are sometimes not white Christian,


    so I'm going to assert that every Muslim terrorist is representative of the vast majority of Muslims

    No the Quran, that all muslims say is the true word, is representative of all muslims. You wouldn't find a nazi who's against eugenics, jewish influence, or anything else that would define a nazi, because then they wouldn't be a fucking nazi.

    then go into a fit of rage if someone compares me to the Charlottesville car murderer even though I'm fully supportive of his actions."

    I don't even know which user they qre referring to, but I'm finding it very hard to believe they were in "full support" of blatant vehicular murder. And even that, I haven't followed the case at all, so the facts aren't even clear to me. Someone with barely a shred of info can tell he ultimately did wrong.

    [–] What is a containment forum? LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in SRSsucks

    I got banned from there for answering a users question as honestly as I could. I didn't steep to insults or bring up any unproven facts. It's a hivemind for those who despise the hivemind. It's r/negareddit.

    [–] Not even trying to hide it anymore: Ghazi is in favor of harassment and threats aimed at people with the wrong opinions LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in SRSsucks

    I cant wait for white people to be a minority, because then, and only then, will minorities be treated fairly

    That's kind of the stupidest thing to hope for. "I wish oranges were red, because then, they would look like lemons, but red".

    [–] White privilege is when you commit mass murder apparently. LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in SRSsucks

    white men are never singled out

    No, we're just grouped together in this shit. Sorry, but are they really trying to link white men with this psycho?

    [–] Im calling for a protest of black crime LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago in The_Donald

    I was, with the other message too xD alright, thumbs up? Lets do this lol

    [–] They both look 💯 LoneWolfRoofRider 3 points ago in wholesomebpt

    Bro. FUCKING. MOISTURIZING! So same as you.

    [–] Saudi Arabia does more for women then the US LoneWolfRoofRider 32 points ago in TumblrInAction

    They would be tossed from the plane

    We can go deeper..

    [–] Firey/fall colors! Not great application tho :( LoneWolfRoofRider -2 points ago in malepolish

    Never knew this sub existed. Not really for me but..


    [–] My naym is dog LoneWolfRoofRider 75 points ago in ilikthebred

    Eyes tightening. Chest caving. Pip-squeeking. Stahhp