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    [–] Nazis are scared LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    know which way you'll run

    Of course

    [–] Left to rot by everyone. Until... LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in deadbydaylight

    Getting insta downed at gates. I would have lost all hope there and then

    [–] Would you be mad or feel weird if you had sexual relations with someone and then you found out they were transgender and were the opposite to what you had previously thought (boy was actually a girl, girl was actually a boy) ? Why would you feel this way ? LoneWolfRoofRider 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes, I'd feel the most basic trust is gone out the window. It's an immediate lie that's very dangerous. Why not just admit the truth, unless they are ashamed of themselves or being deliberately deceitful.

    I'm bi so I don't care what your junk is as long as it's clean (and my point on this) and not distorted and destroyed.

    You also have to consider the repercussions. What if a guys group of friends found out he slept with a trans folk and they abandoned him, or worse?

    Counter question: would it be okay for someone to say they were wearing a condom when they most certainly weren't?

    [–] Top notch customer service LoneWolfRoofRider 11 points ago in BikiniBottomTwitter

    I work traffic management in Ireland. I love giving frustrated motorists the line; "You can talk to my supervisor, but he's a kilometer up the road, and you can't go there right now.

    [–] Radical feminist gives surprisingly spot-on criticism of leftist men LoneWolfRoofRider 1 points ago in SRSsucks

    Leftist men, meet Bus.

    The question she's itching to ask is "can we, as women, remove men whenever and wherever we see fit?

    [–] Doxxing anyone? LoneWolfRoofRider 3 points ago in SRSsucks

    Dating app ratios are vastly tipped towards men too. Anything a guy "reviews" a female user, it's instant toxic masculinity.

    It's a circle.

    [–] Paranoid.png LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in deadbydaylight

    I use small game just to destroy totems. I suck in chases so it helps with Boldness

    [–] Just did 3 Leaving Cert exams today LoneWolfRoofRider 3 points ago in ireland

    Doing Traffic Management at the moment. Feel the same way. Forecast looks good, my father told me

    [–] Hook kick LoneWolfRoofRider 19 points ago in deadbydaylight

    I recommended this and got shit for it

    [–] Best friends. LoneWolfRoofRider 2 points ago in funny