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    [–] Just dudes being dudes LookLikeUpToMe 24 points ago in arcticmonkeys

    “Sorry for actually having taste.”

    More like sorry for actually being a twat.

    [–] Jokic or AD? LookLikeUpToMe 11 points ago in nba

    Except win games

    [–] Were/Are you more hyped for Zion or Doncic? LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in nba

    Zion cause there is indeed a chance we could get him

    [–] [Bontemps] Anthony Davis is asked about the Boston Celtics not being on his list. “They are on my list.” LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in nba

    I am happy. Also good on AD for doing this too. Makes me believe he truly has felt bad about how all this transpired and is trying to heal some wounds.

    [–] Kuzma: "I'd rather be talked about bad in L.A. than play in Orlando and not get talked about." LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in nba

    I’m so glad we didn’t trade with LAL. I kept telling people these dudes wouldn’t want to be here. “Oh but they’d be restricted, they’d have no choice in the long run.” Don’t care. I don’t want dudes on my team who don’t want to be here.

    [–] How surprising is the Demps firing? LookLikeUpToMe 0 points ago in nba

    There was really no moves the Pelicans could’ve made though regardless of GM. Rondo was out the door and signed with LA really quick. The organization moved on from Boogie. They signed Payton and Randle which were relatively good, affordable moves and the Pelicans went into the season practically being the same team that had a great second half of last season minus Rondo. People seem to forget the Pelicans started the season off strong and then it all got derailed due to injuries. Things may look a lot different right now had the Pelicans been healthy in the early half of the season.

    [–] TTK changes? LookLikeUpToMe 13 points ago in apexlegends

    Nah, TTK is fine.

    [–] [Mackel] For those wondering I’m told (as of right now) @PelicansNBA organizational structure is something they believe in, will remain in tact. LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in NOLAPelicans

    God I hope not. I firmly believe the organization ultimately got us in this mess. Unless they are indeed learning how to run a basketball team after all their mistakes, I’d like a good shakeup all around.

    [–] How surprising is the Demps firing? LookLikeUpToMe 3 points ago in nba

    Tbh, it might not have even mattered, the moment AD signed on with Rich Paul the writing was on the wall.

    [–] Is AD the new most hated player in the league? LookLikeUpToMe 11 points ago in nba

    I don’t think he’s hated, but I think the respect people had for him has dropped immensely.

    [–] [Wojnarowski] New Orleans has parted ways with GM Dell Demps, league sources tell ESPN. LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in nba

    I honestly feel bad for him. Being a GM for a small market NBA team in New Orleans is a tough gig. He had is bad moves and his good moves, but ultimately the team’s success got screwed cause of things out of his control like player health.