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    [–] Any quality vets out there we should pick up on? LookLikeUpToMe 3 points ago in NOLAPelicans

    Definitely wouldn’t mind him off the bench at the right price. Great locker room guy and it gives us solid big man depth. I just don’t see it happening though. Think he’ll sign with a team that’s most likely to be in the playoffs.

    [–] Why Did people hate Spartan Locke, and why are they happy he's not in 5? LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in xboxone

    Wait, is it confirmed he’s not in Halo Infinite? I personally did not mind him and would like to see him return as a secondary, non-playable character unless in co-op like Arbiter in Halo 3. Locke is not the reason why that campaign was meh. It was the misleading marketing, what they did with Cortana, and there should’ve been a better balance of Locke and Chief missions. They tried to do a Halo 2 with Arbiter and Chief splitting missions, but didn’t do as good of a job. Chief got 3 levels and while they were some of the longer ones, he should’ve gotten more. Plus for some of the Locke levels, it was pre-mission setup. That campaign could’ve been handled way better.

    [–] If Lakers are able to snag Kawhi Leonard, will it be the first time in NBA history three of the top 5 players are on the same team? LookLikeUpToMe 2 points ago in nba

    I mean it seems like many people are knocking AD out of top 5 cause of lack of accomplishments so if we ignored that, he’s top 5 from a talent/skill perspective IMO. Plus he’s only a year removed from the 17-18 season where he was easily a top 3 player that season.

    [–] If Lakers are able to snag Kawhi Leonard, will it be the first time in NBA history three of the top 5 players are on the same team? LookLikeUpToMe 12 points ago in nba

    The gaps between the top 5-7 players is so minimal. If we just based it off of talent/skill, the top 5 is like Lebron, KD, Kawhi, Giannis, and AD. But cause people like to factor in accomplishments, AD gets knocked down a peg or two. At the end of the day, the Lakers have the best PF/C and Lebron James.

    [–] Lakers have 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA LookLikeUpToMe 2 points ago in nba

    Personally I don’t think there’s really any significant gaps between the top 5-7 players in the NBA so I think everyone saying AD isn’t top 5 are only kidding themselves cause it honestly doesn’t matter. The Lakers have two of the best players in the NBA, where they fall in the “top 7” players is meaningless.

    [–] Lakers have 2 of the top 5 players in the NBA LookLikeUpToMe 27 points ago * (lasted edited 11 hours ago) in nba

    I mean, does it matter? The dude is a year removed from finishing top 3 in MVP and DPOY voting and making 1st team all NBA and 1st team all defense.

    [–] Yes Zion has potential to be a amazing player but he also has a HUGE chance of being a bust LookLikeUpToMe 5 points ago in nba

    His chance of being a bust is like 10% or way lower. Zion has history on his side. Everything he’s done has only been done by the best. You don’t get a PER of 40 as a freshman in college and collegiate player of the year as a freshman by just dunking on people.

    [–] New mobile update sucks! LookLikeUpToMe 3 points ago in spotify

    Eh, I’d rather a “Like Songs” playlist be songs I individually like instead of just adding a whole album I saved. I don’t want the entire Westworld soundtrack on my liked songs playlist for example. So I’m personally ok with how this functions. Now I just have to go unlike a bunch of songs.

    [–] Anthony Davis trade not deterring Zion's excitement to join Pelicans LookLikeUpToMe 2 points ago in NOLAPelicans

    Is Hunter mentioned as being someone we’ll most likely take with the fourth pick if we don’t trade it? Cause that’s who I’d like to get.

    [–] New mobile update sucks! LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in spotify

    I canceled and switched to Apple Music for the time being. May switch to Tidal once that ends though. I used Tidal a bit during a 3 month trial and digged it. It’s UI I recall being similar to Spotify’s old one.

    [–] [Discussion Thread] Monday Discussion: Draft ideas, Trade ideas, any other ideas. LookLikeUpToMe 18 points ago in NOLAPelicans

    Niko Mirotic reunion? Yay or nay? Just trying to figure out what we can do with that money we got now.

    [–] Thom announces 2019 ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ North American tour LookLikeUpToMe 7 points ago in radiohead

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I didn’t expect him to come here on a solo tour. Radiohead’s stop in NOLA on the AMSP tour was their first in over a decade.

    [–] Will the pelicans will keep the 4th overall pick from the Lakers? Thoughts? LookLikeUpToMe 2 points ago in nba

    I’d love to get Hunter, but I think we’d have to keep the pick to do that. If we say traded it to Atlanta for their two 1sts this year, I don’t know if he’ll drop to 8, but if he does fall, I think you definitely take him.

    [–] Lonzo Ball's dad on First Take after Molly Qerim asks to "switch gears": "You can switch gears with me anytime." LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in nba

    I’m watching the interview and it’s gold. He got his Holiday brother’s mixed up lol. My favorite was when he said Lonzo’s new jersey says “NO LA” on it.

    [–] [Spears] “word is that Williamson was excited and very much at home during his recent two-day trip to New Orleans to visit the Pelicans.” ; “Word is that Ball, Ingram and Hart are all excited for a fresh start in New Orleans playing with Williamson, too.” LookLikeUpToMe 16 points ago in NOLAPelicans

    Well we’ve already gotten some concrete stuff that pretty much confirms Spears report. Josh Hart has already been out and about in Pelicans gear and changed up his social media profile. Ingram posted that smiley face after the trade. Lavar Ball just talked the talk on First Take saying they’re excited to come to NOLA and it was his goal all along. I know Lavar is annoying and a troll, but I’ll take it.

    [–] Let's "say" Kawhi joins the Lakers, wouldn't that hurt LBJ's Legacy? LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in nba

    He was pretty much a top 3 player for the 17-18 season. Sure he isn’t one as of right now after this season, but he’s literally a top 3 caliber player. So like we’re all probably fucked if this happens.