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    [–] Anyone know long it would take to acquire the 600 power level gun for Festival of the Lost? LookLikeUpToMe 3 points ago in destiny2

    And I know there’s the 40 from the weekly bounty. Well that’s good to know and thanks. Should be able to get this done playing consistently over the next week before RDR2.

    [–] Pelicans announce they have an official fried chicken - Krispy Krunchy Chicken LookLikeUpToMe 2 points ago in NOLAPelicans

    They probably tried to get Canes or Popeyes, but I can see them costing a lot more. This is probably a good move for Krispy as their brand continues to grow. I know it’s typically served at gas stations, but some delis serve their chicken and I read that the places they supply can even do whatever they want with the chicken in regards to seasoning and I guess how they cook it.

    I know Guillory’s in Metairie serves Krispy and while I’ve never had their fried chicken, I’ve had the tenders from there. Those tenders are dope.

    [–] Saints Offense moving forward LookLikeUpToMe 8 points ago in fantasyfootball

    They literally threw the ball a ton that game cause Brees was trying to become the passing king and succeeded.

    [–] OFFICIAL THURSDAY NIGHT GAME THREAD LookLikeUpToMe 0 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Is offering Jordan Howard for Fournette worth a shot?

    [–] How many players you drafted do you still own/start? LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    Kirk Cousins, Jarvis, TY, Melvin, Peterson, and Jordan Howard. I’m starting Peterson over Howard now.

    [–] This sub was asked less than two months ago who would be this year's Todd Gurley. Top three replies: Jordan Howard, Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook. LookLikeUpToMe 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    I finally benched Howard across all three of my leagues this week. I’m literally going to ride and die Melvin Gordon and Adrian Peterson for the rest of the season in one league if Howard doesn’t get it going.

    [–] Prediction: Luke Walton will win coach of the year this year LookLikeUpToMe 2 points ago in nba

    If the Pelicans finish as a top 4 team and especially if they capture the second or third seed, one of those dudes deserves to win a seasonal award.

    [–] Prediction: Luke Walton will win coach of the year this year LookLikeUpToMe 0 points ago in nba

    Sweet so the Pelicans just gotta finish a seed better for Gentry to win COTY and AD to win MVP.

    [–] Which team will have the fastest pace this year? LookLikeUpToMe 4 points ago in nba

    The Pelicans whole system is based around playing fast. They’ll be top 5 for sure.

    [–] Why can’t the Pelicans play like this every game? LookLikeUpToMe 2 points ago in nba

    This is pretty much how it was towards the end of last season. Now you got Randle in the mix. Gonna be fun.

    [–] Anthony Davis, Nikola Mirotic, and Julius Randle combined for 85 points, 34 rebounds, and 14 assists in the Pelicans win over the Rockets tonight. LookLikeUpToMe 145 points ago in nba

    I’m just glad our team finally formed an identity. While the Boogie experiment didn’t last, I think it gave Gentry a new idea. He took his trademark fast paced offense, but this time let’s have it centered around versatile bigs. This team is gonna be a lot of fun. Hope they can stay healthy.