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    [–] Dimitar Berbatov on Bruno Fernandes: "I have always said that a single player cannot change a team. I was wrong." Looking4Maria 126 points ago in soccer

    He is a bit inconsistent and can be wasteful with his passing but at least he runs his lungs off and tries his best every time, that energy affects the rest of the team

    [–] yeah Looking4Maria -6 points ago in sadboys

    100 gecs are so good

    [–] I hate the current PvP meta but they have such a better loot system. Looking4Maria 7 points ago in wow

    Yeah I do one mythic plus 10 a week and farmed 1600 for 213 gear. I'm still the worst boomkin with 8% parses on HC sire denathrius kills

    [–] Nah this shit got me crying💀 Looking4Maria 21 points ago in playboicarti

    Thats toxic masculinity tho, just assume they're snowflake misogynists

    [–] The masculinity is high with this guy Looking4Maria 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    A product of a toxic masculine culture, something feminism combats

    [–] If you can spend $50 on a ten strip, you can spend $20 for a test kit. Looking4Maria 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in LSD

    I spend 210 USD on ten 100ug sugar cubes no money left over :(

    [–] Guy tries to steal gold chain and dies inside when the store door is locked. Looking4Maria 1 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    Its not America or Brazil, they wouldn't take someone poor's life away over material goods, thats insanely cruel

    [–] Former Flat Earthers. What made you come round? Looking4Maria 2 points ago in AskReddit

    This is probably true for groups like incels, Qanon, Terrorists, Trump supporters, and the KKK. They feel like outsiders because their views are so shit but found each other which reaffirms their lunacy.

    [–] This happened just 3 years ago Looking4Maria 1 points ago in pics

    I think the butt of the joke here is Duterte who is far worse than Trump and Trump is looking at him like "ill wait until you figure this one out moron."

    [–] This happened just 3 years ago Looking4Maria 2 points ago in pics

    Duterte is a bigger dumb asshole than trump and its reflected in him fucking up which hands to cross

    [–] Cavani’s nutmeg was absolute filth Looking4Maria 1 points ago in reddevils

    Wasnt very different to Fred second yellow in the Champions League, got the ball but caught the man on the follow through

    [–] The unfiltered MAGA Mindset Looking4Maria 2 points ago in PublicFreakout

    at least its accurate, better than boomers who deny the existence of white privilege

    [–] Omen and Sage glitching Haven Looking4Maria 7 points ago in VALORANT

    why didnt you take bomb to C

    [–] I’m doing it. I’m selling my $2000 gaming pc and switching over to console. Looking4Maria 1 points ago in PS5

    fuckin' casual, how are you gonna play world of warcraft or valorant at a competitive level LULW

    [–] OH MY GOOOOOOOD Looking4Maria 2 points ago in MakeMeSuffer

    ever heard of AMPHIBIANS

    [–] Old chat messages Looking4Maria 1 points ago in LeagueOfMemes