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    [–] I wrote an original song with some interesting rhythms (and a lot of ghost notes) and was recently able to record it. What do you think? Loozar 11 points ago in drums

    Normally not into really technical stuff except for sport, but this track does a good job of blurring the line between technical and soulful. Nice work, man. Keep that up.

    [–] Have any good exercises to correct unintentional flams? Loozar 6 points ago in drums

    I agree with this. One added thing you could consider is subdividing each measure into smaller increments, even sounding out the subdivisions vocally while you practice. Tighter grid --> less room for error.

    [–] Incoming grad student looking for housing options Loozar 2 points ago in berkeley

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the coops. Berkeley has one of the world's biggest and most active student coops, the BSC. There are currently two graduate coops, Convent and Hillegass-Parker. You pay for room and board, and do ~5 hours per week of work for the house, and you eat delicious home-cooked meals, have a stocked kitchen with great food, and have a room for cheaper than pretty much whatever else at that level of quality. Plus you can make great friends for life. I lived in Convent for three years. Happy to chat more about it if you have questions.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - [2048 x 1365] Loozar 1 points ago in VillagePorn

    I was there last July. Agreed, it's beautiful. So is etarat a little ways away. Bulgaria is beautiful.

    [–] Anyone taking Singulair m Loozar 5 points ago in Asthma

    Yeah I take it. I don't have night terrors, but I do notice more vivid dreams. Not worse, just more vivid.

    [–] Is $35,000 a year enough to live on in San Francisco? Loozar 2 points ago in AskSF

    I have great healthcare through my employer. My monthly contribution of ~50 comes out of the aforementioned ~2400/mo. Nice try though -- clap clap.

    And to your other comment, yes, obviously a major disaster would put me over budget, as it would with anyone.

    [–] Is $35,000 a year enough to live on in San Francisco? Loozar 0 points ago in AskSF

    I'm in a studio in Berkeley, in a nice part. On the north side. Definitely not an SRO.

    [–] Is $35,000 a year enough to live on in San Francisco? Loozar -2 points ago in AskSF

    If you'd really like me to break it down, I'm happy to. But in a nutshell, yes that's what I'm saying. 1200 per month on groceries, shoes, and whatever else I feel like. The other 1200 is for rent, Internet, and phone. That's 2400 per month, or 28,800 per year.

    Again, I have this completely itemized, so if you need to see that, let me know. It's possible to live in expensively out here.

    [–] Is $35,000 a year enough to live on in San Francisco? Loozar 0 points ago in AskSF

    I think it's possible. Although I'm an engineer making over 100k, I actually live on ~29k. Live in Berkeley in a shared studio with my lady, but I pay all expenses aside from half the rent. Not sure how taxes work out for 35k, but my guess is you're close, assuming you can find a cheap place to live.

    And fwiw, I live comfortably on my budget. No shopping sprees, little eating out or going to bars. But if I want to spend, I do. Aside from rent and bills, I keep myself at about 40/day. Not sure if this helps.

    [–] Internships for first-year EECS students? Loozar 1 points ago in berkeley

    I did two summers at Langley. Not sure about salary but I doubt it. Definitely worth asking though. What's your concern? Are they covering housing? Do you know where you'll be living? Are you gonna have a car out there?

    [–] Best recorded drums? Loozar 3 points ago in drums

    I always like Tom Petty Wildflowers. Raw drum tracks. Wide open. Lots of room sounds. No crash cymbals on 'you don't know how it feels'. Just up front 4/4 with great tone, recorded perfectly.

    [–] Internships for first-year EECS students? Loozar 1 points ago in berkeley

    Wow, that's incredible! Congrats, and you're welcome. What NASA center and what will you be working on? Nice work. This will no doubt serve you well.

    [–] Should I go to Berkeley? Are you happy? Loozar 74 points ago in berkeley

    There are two sides to this.

    On one hand, it's a fact that YOU are the determinant of your future. I know plenty of extremely successful and happy people who went to schools far less prestigious than Berkeley. I also know a lot of unhappy and unsuccessful people who went to prestigious schools like Berkeley. You'll find this as well.

    On the other hand, my philosophy has always been that graduating from a tough, highly respected school like Berkeley can only help you. Here's how. First off, it should go without saying that pedigree is real. Imagine that interview in the future for whatever thing you're trying to attain. People all around the world know and highly respect Berkeley. While a Berkeley degree may not get you a higher pay rate than a peer with the same opportunity, it will certainly give you a much higher probability of having that opportunity in the first place.

    It's true that Berkeley is tough. It's one of few highly prestigious schools that actively engages in grade deflation, so you'll work your pants off for a B+. But this is a known thing, and surviving and succeeding in such a tough environment will serve you well in life. Yes, you'll work harder than you ever have before. Yes, you'll be stressed. And if you can hack it, no one will be able to take the growth and success away from you. If it wasn't this tough, everyone would do it, and Berkeley wouldn't carry the weight it does.

    Case in point: when I was graduating from the engineering school, I had a 3.25 GPA. I had worked my tail off. My friends knew it. My professors knew it. I pushed myself as hard as I could. Did an internship every summer and even took one semester off to do another. And when the time came for me to decide whether or not to apply to grad school, I thought "My GPA is simply not high enough to compete. If I had only gone to Davis, my GPA would be killer and I would have had a social life all this time". But one of my professors quickly pointed out that Berkeley carries weight. He encouraged me to apply to grad school, and I was accepted into five of the top ten engineering programs in the US. The world knows and respects Berkeley. They know how hard it is.

    Bottom line is this: No one says "I wish I had taken the easier path". No one says "I wish I hadn't learned all that". When you're challenged and stretched to your breaking point, you discover who you are and you discover strength you never knew you had. And you will grow more than you thought you ever could. And when you're through, no one will be able to take it away from you.

    Anyway, that's why I went.

    [–] Internships for first-year EECS students? Loozar 3 points ago in berkeley

    I did internships every summer until I got my EECS degree. First couple were with NASA. Plus, those NASA internships on my resume helped me out a ton later on.

    Check out the nasa internships site. You have a few months to submit your applications. If I recall correctly, you can apply to roughly fifteen internships at all the different NASA centers doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I highly recommend it. I can't remember the URL but it's OSSI SOLAR something or other.

    [–] CCC student trying to transfer to Cal for EECS. Loozar 5 points ago in berkeley

    Yup. Sounds like you shouldn't stress. But you will. I did too. Just put your best foot forward and use these experience to color your application. Admissions folks are human. They like a good story. Perfection is not very interesting, and a lot of folks with perfect GPAs and no life get rejected in favor of people who demonstrate tenacity. This is because admissions doesn't want a homogenous group of perfect students who have not experienced failure or demonstrated resilience. Your grades are fine.

    My GPA when I got in was probably somewhere around a 3.2 cumulative. I also got my ass kicked once I arrived. The 3.95 I had going in was reset to a 0.0 on arrival, and I graduated EECS with a 3.2, four summers of internships, admission into five of the top ten graduate programs in CS in the country (including Cal), and a great offer to work at an awesome company where I chose to go instead of grad school.

    It's all about context.

    [–] CCC student trying to transfer to Cal for EECS. Loozar 5 points ago in berkeley

    I wouldn't sweat it. I did exactly this. Went to three schools before transferring to Cal EECS. First one got a 2.7. Took some English. Second one got a 2.6. Also took some English. Third one got a 3.95. Took the 1A equivalent there because I did the 1B equivalent at the previous school.

    Got in. Graduated. Life is good.

    Talk to a counselor if you think you should. I cannot imagine an engineering school denying a great candidate on a lack of English class continuity.

    [–] Kick drum sounds really nasty and dead. Need advice. [Gretsch Catalina Club Mod 20x22"] Loozar 2 points ago in drums

    Might be. If your head sounds like a beach ball, it could be toast. It's also possible that you cranked your head up too tight. If you can afford a new head, maybe try jamming a straight up single ply weather king on there. Thumb tighten til the wrinkles are out, then tune it up until it sings.