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    [–] How to get rid of my car Loozar 2 points ago in projectcar

    I donated my 924S to NPR. Just got the tax form. They got $2200 for it.

    [–] What type of wood is this? Loozar 2 points ago in HardWoodFloors

    Thinking it's maple.

    [–] I wrote an original song with some interesting rhythms (and a lot of ghost notes) and was recently able to record it. What do you think? Loozar 12 points ago in drums

    Normally not into really technical stuff except for sport, but this track does a good job of blurring the line between technical and soulful. Nice work, man. Keep that up.

    [–] Have any good exercises to correct unintentional flams? Loozar 8 points ago in drums

    I agree with this. One added thing you could consider is subdividing each measure into smaller increments, even sounding out the subdivisions vocally while you practice. Tighter grid --> less room for error.

    [–] Incoming grad student looking for housing options Loozar 2 points ago in berkeley

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the coops. Berkeley has one of the world's biggest and most active student coops, the BSC. There are currently two graduate coops, Convent and Hillegass-Parker. You pay for room and board, and do ~5 hours per week of work for the house, and you eat delicious home-cooked meals, have a stocked kitchen with great food, and have a room for cheaper than pretty much whatever else at that level of quality. Plus you can make great friends for life. I lived in Convent for three years. Happy to chat more about it if you have questions.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - [2048 x 1365] Loozar 1 points ago in VillagePorn

    I was there last July. Agreed, it's beautiful. So is etarat a little ways away. Bulgaria is beautiful.

    [–] Anyone taking Singulair m Loozar 6 points ago in Asthma

    Yeah I take it. I don't have night terrors, but I do notice more vivid dreams. Not worse, just more vivid.

    [–] Is $35,000 a year enough to live on in San Francisco? Loozar 2 points ago in AskSF

    I have great healthcare through my employer. My monthly contribution of ~50 comes out of the aforementioned ~2400/mo. Nice try though -- clap clap.

    And to your other comment, yes, obviously a major disaster would put me over budget, as it would with anyone.

    [–] Is $35,000 a year enough to live on in San Francisco? Loozar 0 points ago in AskSF

    I'm in a studio in Berkeley, in a nice part. On the north side. Definitely not an SRO.