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    [–] How to play a 13/8 groove. Loozar 6 points ago in drums

    Ain’t nobody gon shake they ass to a groove in 13!

    [–] How are you guys not all dead? Loozar 1 points ago in washingtondc

    This past Sunday I got hit in my car standing still waiting to turn left at a median by someone going probably 65 down an empty six lane highway. It’s as if she was texting, asleep, or just never saw me. No attempt to swerve or hit the brakes. This was on the way to College Park. This post is resonating pretty strongly today. Fortunately no one was hurt.

    [–] Drugs i’m guessing. found on the sidewalk. Loozar 5 points ago in whatisthisthing

    No, no. I know Iocane. I bet my life on it.

    [–] Drugs i’m guessing. found on the sidewalk. Loozar 3 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Marking this solved since it seems likely to be meth but could be whatever. Thank you all for the advice on how to handle it.


    [–] How to get rid of my car Loozar 2 points ago in projectcar

    I donated my 924S to NPR. Just got the tax form. They got $2200 for it.

    [–] What type of wood is this? Loozar 2 points ago in HardWoodFloors

    Thinking it's maple.

    [–] I wrote an original song with some interesting rhythms (and a lot of ghost notes) and was recently able to record it. What do you think? Loozar 12 points ago in drums

    Normally not into really technical stuff except for sport, but this track does a good job of blurring the line between technical and soulful. Nice work, man. Keep that up.