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    [–] Should this be a charge by Ovechkin? LordCaedus13 1 points ago in hockey

    that's as clean and considerate a hit as you'll ever see

    [–] Crowd chanting TJ Oshie. This game was for him. LordCaedus13 6 points ago in hockey

    that's fucking terrific fan support right there

    [–] CAR Gregg McKegg goes to locker room after high hit from Tom Wilson LordCaedus13 20 points ago in hockey

    Not OP's fault but that Sportsnet title is laughable. That's a routine hit by a big player on a shorter player.

    [–] Backstrom tucks in his own rebound to give the Caps a 1-0 lead. LordCaedus13 6 points ago in hockey

    Mrazek did everything humanly possible and more to try and stop.a goal there. Terrific finish by Backstrom.

    [–] Goaltender interference LordCaedus13 0 points ago in hockey

    Yeah his arm was clearly tied up. Terrible call.

    [–] Playoff Game Thread: Game 5 - Dallas Stars (2 - 2) at Nashville Predators (2 - 2) - 20 Apr 2019 - 02:00PM CDT LordCaedus13 2 points ago in hockey

    I know people have talked shit about the Preds deadline acquisitions but Boyle and Granlund have been some of the better players for the Preds this series. They make stuff happen when they're on the ice.

    [–] Jon Cooper: "Because instead of winning the games 3-0 or 3-1, we wanted to win it 6-1. That mentality cost us." LordCaedus13 3 points ago in hockey

    primarily because Vasilevskiy stood on his head, with their power play being the next biggest reason. but all Cooper saw was "we went 7 games in the ECF" and seemingly never bothered to adapt, even when the Caps and Isles continued to give him trouble this season.

    [–] Forsberg knees Cogliano late in the 2nd period LordCaedus13 28 points ago in hockey

    I've seen him do some pretty nasty stuff. Took Jimmy Vesey's head off with a late hit.

    [–] Forsberg knees Cogliano late in the 2nd period LordCaedus13 39 points ago in hockey

    one of the players who doesn't seem to get a lot of attention for the nasty stuff he does