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    [–] Shooter charged with manslaughter in Clearwater stand your ground case Lord_Dreadlow -1 points ago in CCW

    Yeah, dead dude initiated the physical altercation.

    This case should actually be an example of what could happen when one physically assaults another.

    [–] Argument over handicapped parking spot leads to deadly shooting, deputies say Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in CCW

    Yeah, I just heard about it.

    This should be an interesting trial if he doesn't make a plea deal.

    [–] Writing a book - Navy rating/crew question! Lord_Dreadlow 2 points ago in navy

    Check out part C of this manual:

    Go to 9200 SHIPBOARD OPERATIONS AND WEAPONS GROUP and you'll find all the shipboard officer billets.

    For example, 9222 is the CO billet, 9228 is the XO billet, CIC officer is 9216, etc.

    There are billets listed here you can modify for space operations. I have been attempting to write a detailed starship operations manual for the Star Trek universe and it can get pretty deep if you want realism.

    Things you wouldn't normally think about like damage control and maintenance is listed in there.

    [–] Fuck people who stay after closing Lord_Dreadlow -2 points ago in RantsFromRetail

    This is just life's way of motivating you to do well in college.

    [–] Car struck by falling concrete in deadly Forest Park Parkway crash Lord_Dreadlow 5 points ago in StLouis

    Timing is everything.

    If the crash happened just one second later, or if the victim were driving just one mph faster...

    [–] Israel shoots down Syrian fighter jet that 'infiltrated airspace' Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in worldnews

    "A short while ago, two Patriot missiles were launched at a Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet that infiltrated into Israeli airspace," the army said in a statement on Tuesday

    "I'll see your Sukhoi fighter jet and raise you two MIM-104D Patriot missiles." - Israel

    [–] Pennsylvania woman stunned to find alligator in her backyard Lord_Dreadlow 5 points ago in news

    “I come down here every day to feed my bees and I never imagined I’d see an alligator,” Hoffecker told FOX29.

    Curious, what does she feed to her bees?

    [–] Argument over handicapped parking spot leads to deadly shooting, deputies say Lord_Dreadlow 19 points ago in CCW

    IDK, the way that guy came out and pushed him straight away like that, didn't even take time to find out what was going on first.

    I see some disparity of force here too, I believe the shooter had reason to fear grievous bodily injury at the very least.

    [–] Missouri duck boat accident leaves 13 dead, including children Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in worldnews

    I rode a DUKW at the Lake of the Ozarks back in the 90's.

    It was a nice calm day, but I still thought the thing was a little sketchy.

    [–] Does ac work with auto stop/start? Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in askcarguys

    What about when idling in a parking lot waiting on someone to come out of the store, does the AC still work?

    [–] "I JUST FUCKING SHOT MYSELF!" Lord_Dreadlow 4 points ago in Idiotswithguns

    Drops gun on ground too.

    Anyone else hear that target laughing?