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    [–] [General] Is there a villain who legitimately could never be redeemed? Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    the idea of (human-constructed) morality simply can’t exist anywhere within their realm of being or understanding.

    A very important point.

    [–] Leonardo da Vinci is his role model Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    In "therapy", they tell everyone they're brilliant and that society can benefit from them.

    [–] Rio police shoot dead Spanish tourist - Police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro say they have shot dead a 67-year-old Spanish tourist. Lord_Dreadlow 22 points ago in worldnews

    the car she was travelling in broke through a police blockade

    Well that was stupid. Why would the driver do that?

    Edit: It would seem some believe that didn't actually happen. But there are other witnesses.

    [–] These brand new duplex dryer vent covers. Lord_Dreadlow 2 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    If your M.I. because they are uneven, just hope those little flaps stay on in the spring during nest building time.

    [–] 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Derelict - Jay Leno's Garage Lord_Dreadlow 2 points ago in cars

    Ohh nice choice on the Lincoln.

    I think I'd like a Lincoln Zephyr 2 door coupe.

    [–] Couple finds 65 pounds of marijuana in Amazon order Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in news

    The couple ordered the crates from a vendor called Warehouse Deals. The container was shipped by UPS from a facility in Massachusetts, weighing 93.5 pounds.

    Dude in shipping didn't think anything of it weighing so much?

    Meanwhile, another dude in the warehouse is desperately looking for the totes he stashed his weed in.

    [–] Drunk karaoke wife being evacuated from bar by embarrassed biker hubby Lord_Dreadlow 2 points ago in Harley

    I like how her other hand conveniently covers the license plate.

    Must be sober enough to think of doing that.

    Or staged photo.

    [–] Sherin Mathews: US police find body in missing child case Lord_Dreadlow 5 points ago in news

    Wesley Mathews, 37, told police he had checked on Sherin about 15 minutes after allegedly sending her out of their home - only to find her gone.

    He told the police he had returned to the house and "did a load of laundry" as he was not too worried.

    That doesn't makes sense when you consider his following statement about coyotes.

    About five hours later, after sunrise, he called the authorities to report her missing.

    Five hours!?!

    He also said he had seen coyotes in the alley near where he told her to stand.

    A convenient explanation, to be sure. And if it were true, then he deliberately placed her in harms way at the very least.

    I suspect he killed her and hid her body in the drain.

    Hopefully, an autopsy will reveal the truth.

    [–] Wcgw if i play in the rain with my unbrella x-post from weathergifs Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    She was fine until she stepped out into the open ground in that standing water carrying that umbrella.

    [–] Vending machine problems Lord_Dreadlow 2 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Instructions are clear:

    Kick start to release.

    [–] Mother and Son taking a look at some televisions at their local mall. 1980's. Lord_Dreadlow 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Better were the stores like Video Concepts that had the video camera out front and output to all the TV's facing the mall so people could see themselves on the TV's.