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    [–] 3 AC AP Pro’s, not using controller, missing anything? Lord_Humongous768 1 points ago in Ubiquiti

    I ran my network without controller for about 4 years. Recently grew my network with USG, and switch, and started using controller on PC. I love the DPI and network stats feature.

    [–] New construction pre-wiring for outdoor PoE cameras Lord_Humongous768 9 points ago in Ubiquiti

    Just have them run cat6 structured cabling to each corner in the Attic, front porch ceiling area and any other area you want. Tell them to leave it unfinished with extra 10' Later when you know exactly what you want, you can finish the cabling and locate it precisely.

    [–] Is 5G actually dangerous? Lord_Humongous768 19 points ago in tmobile

    Trash. Just like anti vaxers

    [–] I find this odd for such a big difference in speed Lord_Humongous768 1 points ago in tmobile

    It's most likely congestion in ops case. However, you can't excuse backhaul from the equation. Lots of places fiber not an option.

    [–] I find this odd for such a big difference in speed Lord_Humongous768 7 points ago in tmobile

    The tower you were connected to first probably had shitty backhaul, or congested

    [–] Enable RCS on S9 Lord_Humongous768 -4 points ago in tmobile

    any Android T-Mobile phone with stock messenger had RCS built into it for like 4 years. it's going to behave no different now then it did all that time.

    [–] LED Strip wake up light Lord_Humongous768 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Nexlux WiFi strip lights, is magic home, integration with Google very well. My living room is set up this way. Love it!

    [–] Really pleased with T-Mobile Expert Team Lord_Humongous768 6 points ago in tmobile

    Indeed!!! TEX is great. I've received same consistent excellent service from the pod in Idaho.

    [–] Exactly one year of tinkering with Home Assistant Lord_Humongous768 6 points ago in homeautomation

    Elwood: There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!

    [–] Digits is unusable. Lord_Humongous768 4 points ago in tmobile

    DIGITS is more than just T&T Lines. Those are unreliable in my experience. However, DIGITS Paired with Data, is pretty awesome, and I hope they keep that forever.

    [–] New Re-Release of Kevin Costner's 'Waterworld' Will Be 40 Minutes Longer than the Original Release Lord_Humongous768 3 points ago in movies

    Yes it is. It reflects social issues at the time it was filmed including extreme gang violence of Los Angeles. And Danny Glover is awesome in it!

    [–] Phone number was reused Lord_Humongous768 5 points ago in tmobile

    You can't stop stupidity. What someone did was mis-advertise their number as your friends number by mistake. Not a technical problem.

    [–] Los Angeles - No data at 405/10 interchange? Lord_Humongous768 3 points ago in tmobile

    Congestion. DL speeds collapse during rush hour. T-Mobile has slowly been refarming nodes that are close to interstate as they see fit. Wish they would refarm all, and decommission the 3-g network for good

    [–] Coverage map updated 2/6/2019 Lord_Humongous768 2 points ago in tmobile

    Agree. I travel the area with S9device. They should remove fringe coverage to be more accurate in So Cal. I did note they launched LTE 600 on parts of the 395 and the 15 is covered from Barstow almost all the way to Vegas