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    [–] (5e) Entire party falls asleep for 5000 years Lordofgeckos 2 points ago in DnD

    That could open up a new quest for the party, finding a way to travel back to their original time. The reward could be some powerful weapons/items/materials (for making weapons/items) that was created due to the cause of the apocalypse (Magic nuke?).

    [–] Let's Design a Quest Together! Lordofgeckos 2 points ago in DnD

    The villagers call for adventurers to investigate the clusters, but by the time a group gets there, all they find is the body of the druid. The villagers ask the adventurers if they can get to them bottom of this mystery, and they are sent off to look for clues.

    [–] Sans View In Genocide Run Lordofgeckos 9 points ago in Undertale

    From where you're looking, yes, but from their perspective it would be a right-side heart, and the humans would be upside down.

    [–] Some Animal Crossing doodles I've drawn. Hope you enjoy them! Lordofgeckos 2 points ago in AnimalCrossing

    Kabuki. :( He was my favourite villager, been there since the start. Then I had a few days where I just didn't play animal crossing and I returned, in my mail was a letter from kabuki telling me he had moved and asking me to wish him good luck. I was depressed for a while but got over it. But now whenever I see a picture or when someone mentions him I can't help but remember the feeling I had when I read that letter. Anyway, your art style is really simple but nice, gives it a happy memories feel.

    [–] Zelda is returning! Lordofgeckos 19 points ago in smashbros

    Sorry to be a correcting douche but they're actually called phantoms.

    [–] As much as I like Ash, After watching Pokemon Origins I 100% agree with this Lordofgeckos 13 points ago in pokemon

    "won" 44 Badges. I think earned or recieved is the better word to use, considering a fair few of those he didn't really win.

    [–] Idea for Snoo...thingy. Lordofgeckos 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 years ago) in Cardboardlounge

    My shitty contribution

    (I'm not exactly an artist)

    [–] Was anybody else afraid this would happen if you didn't pay up on Animal Crossing? Lordofgeckos 18 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in gaming

    Well you see, it DID happen. Mr Nook was feeling generous, so he gave the villager one last chance, but there's a catch. He needed some people killed taken care of, and he's a very busy raccoon, so he politely asked the villager to do it. Or else. This is why the villager suddenly turned up in Super smash bros'. Watch your back mario...