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    [–] Thinking... Lordofravioli 1 points ago in inthesoulstone

    why are we not talking about how Buckys arm also vanished

    [–] What is the US political system called? (I am from New Zealand and the system here is called MMP (Mixed Member Proportional) Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskReddit

    There isn’t a name for it really. We have 3 branches: executive, judiciary, and legislative. Executive is president. Judiciary is the Supreme Court, and legislative is congress which is made up of the senate and House of Representatives. They have checks and balances to make sure that they have equal power. 😉

    [–] No Id's needed just thought I would share my insect collection I made for class. Lordofravioli 2 points ago in whatsthisbug

    Well they were all on pins so you just pick the pin up and move it, though you have to be very delicate moving them, especially with Lepidoptera. Occasionally I’d pick up a pin with Hemiptera or something small on a point and it’d go flying off the pin lol. Then you just have to glue it back on.

    [–] No Id's needed just thought I would share my insect collection I made for class. Lordofravioli 3 points ago in whatsthisbug

    Random butt in here. When I took entomology we organized them by insect order and evolutionary order (like odonata first because they’re oldest) collections are subject to dermestid beetles coming and eating it up so typically there’s a poison strip put in. Also I worked at the smithsonian moving around old Lepidoptera specimens and was moving moths that were caught in the 1800’s so they will last a long long time

    [–] Anyone else's heart races when you hear the front door opens/closes knowing that their Nparent came home? Lordofravioli 2 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    I find myself wishing that I could be deaf sometimes so I wouldn’t have to hear my dad talking shit about me in the kitchen, or slamming doors. When he and his gf go out of town I find that I’m so happy and run around the house singing. As soon as they come back it’s back to my room to hide lol

    [–] Door's locked dude Lordofravioli 4 points ago in JusticeServed

    At first I thought it was a restaurant and that guy just made a noodle necklace

    [–] Do wasps get a bad rap or am I the wasp whisperer? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in insects

    They don’t actively seek out and sting people they’re just going about their day doing wasp shit. Most insects will leave you alone and not harm you (like spiders which also get a bad rep) I’ve only ever been stung by one because I didn’t see it and stepped on it with my bare feet as a child

    [–] [OC] Cat trying to get in art museum in Japan with text Lordofravioli 4 points ago in AnimalTextGifs

    My cat does this but right in my walking path so I always almost step on him

    [–] Not having any life skills isn’t cute, it’s obnoxious. Lordofravioli 1 points ago in rant

    I thought I was completely useless but I at least do all of those but cook. Though I could cook but my dad yells at me for using pots or pans wrong, or chopping an onion wrong, and stands as close to me as humanly possible telling me what to do the whole time then tells me I suck at cooking

    [–] Would people be upset or angry if you only hung a Canadian flag and not an American one? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Here in the dc area yeah you’d be in deep shit and I’m pretty sure there have been arrests around here for suspected isis terrorists so they take it seriously

    [–] Those of you who moved to another city for a job - was it worth it? Lordofravioli 5 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    At least it never snows there and Texas is pretty beautiful and full of fun stuff to do

    [–] Found caterpillar / larva in my kitchen. What is it? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in insects

    Maybe an earwig larvae? That’s my guess. What does the business end look like?

    [–] Nmom sent me a black funeral card for my wedding Lordofravioli 3 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    Send that demon back where it came from and throw it into a pit of fire and then roast marshmallows over it and eat some s’mores

    [–] What is the worst casting decision in the history of film or tv? Lordofravioli 352 points ago in AskReddit

    I was watching his interview with Stephen Colbert today and he said he studied wolves for 2 weeks for his role as wolverine because he didn’t realize that wolverines are actual animals lmao

    [–] AITA for telling someone that his art sucks and he won't amount to much in life in front of his friends and family. Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Maybe call and tell him that you’re sorry for saying that in front of everyone but that he’s been a huge dick to you and you can’t be friends with him anymore, and that he has a serious attitude problem.

    [–] Gave big spiderbro a boop Lordofravioli 5 points ago in spiderbro

    Yeah I almost stepped on him but he scrunched up against my shoe and it was adorable, so I gave him a little boop to get off the sidewalk

    [–] Gave big spiderbro a boop Lordofravioli 16 points ago in spiderbro

    The dogs I was walking almost stepped on him and he hid under my shoe arch so he was super spooked