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    [–] Creatonotos Gangis Lordofravioli 1 points ago in insects

    Hehehehe “inflatable moth butt” that gave me a giggle

    [–] That man just double jumped... Lordofravioli 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    On a ship on the ocean when it’s rocking, jump at a certain point in the rock and you go flying. I lived on a ship for a while and we would do this all the time. It’s honestly a blast how far you can fly hahaha. but also dangerous. Some people would do it down the stairs..

    [–] What is your high school crush doing now? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Haven’t thought about him in years, but he apparently went to university which is honestly surprising, I used to let him literally copy my assignments. He was cute and nice. But the crush faded when I realized he’s a homophobe 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] What don't you like the most about Europe and Europeans? Lordofravioli 14 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    I studied abroad with quite a lot of Europeans and they were all pretty nice. The only thing that really really bothered me was how much they hated on Americans. I would constantly hear “Americans are stupid” “Americans dress terribly” then they’d follow up with “but not you, you’re cool” I don’t stereotype or group all of Europe/ their country together yet they felt the need to constantly stereotype and berate my country. At some point in my study abroad I just started to hang out with Americans to avoid the Europeans ignorance. It still hurts honestly and I hate that they think that way about my country. I love the USA.

    [–] What part of being an adult were you absolutely not prepared for? Lordofravioli 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Dude what, are you literally me??? Same situation except I’ve been 24 for a while

    [–] What is the weirdest thing a complete stranger has done to you? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Back in 2015 I was exploring Cape Town with my friend from China. We were doing that “hop on hop off” bus tour. We were at the castle of good hope, waiting for the bus and looking at a map. This random guy, clearly wacked out of his mind, came up to us and started pointing at places on our map and mumbling how awesome the places are. Then went “Hell yeah! I love Cape Town!” Then licked a pole and walked off..

    [–] If visiting America what is something that person should NEVER do? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    How do you mean? Like addressing someone as “hello ma’am” as opposed to “hello lady”?

    [–] If visiting America what is something that person should NEVER do? Lordofravioli 2 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    I’m not really sure. I’m somewhat southern but went to school up north. Some people at my college were just straight up rude. It was a culture shock

    [–] If visiting America what is something that person should NEVER do? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    I heard somebody once say that up north they’ll call you names to your face and be an asshole but at least in the south they’ll be nice to your face and only an asshole behind your back

    [–] 6 years later, reunited by Reddit Lordofravioli 2 points ago in wholesomememes

    I love Minecraft and play every day. I’ve only recently started to play online for the first time. I’ve made so many friends and a handful it would break my heart to lose as friends. I hope I can keep them in my life and not lose touch.

    [–] If visiting America what is something that person should NEVER do? Lordofravioli 2657 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in AskAnAmerican

    I spent a bit of time abroad with people foreign to the US

    Pointing is VERY rude! My one friend (from Thailand) would always point to people when speaking about them. It was just very uncomfortable and I didn’t realize it was part of the social structure here until she was doing it everywhere lol. Don’t point at complete strangers and talk about them, you may end up starting a fight

    The American South, while known probably to some for being racist, is VERY VERY big into politeness and manners.

    Generally do things like hold the door open for others, a cashier may ask you “hi how are you” just answer “good, how are you?” Or “I’m okay, how are you” but whatever you answer remember to return the ask. Always say please and thank you. If you make eye contact with a stranger give a smile and a nod. Unless they say hi, then say hi back. I also tend to end conversations with people by saying “have a good one” if meeting somebody (more of a professional thing) when shaking hands, let the person who initiated the handshake introduce themselves first.

    Also Americans tend to be very friendly and will strike up conversations with people, don’t be afraid to chat, just don’t bring up politics

    Edit: wow thanks for silver, I wrote this as soon as I woke up yesterday so I’m surprised I even made sense. Honestly didn’t think anyone would read it. I also want to clarify I don’t think all Thai people go around pointing fingers and I do realize my friend is a bit ... uhh... on the stranger side. Though I wasn’t sure before if it was just a Thai mannerism or not. Also, I realize people are polite outside of the south I just meant to say people in the south take manners pretty seriously

    [–] People who have tried to meet someone from the Internet IRL, what happened? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Not anything too drastic I suppose, but I joined some website to find people who were going to go to the same college as me. I actually accidentally clicked the add friend button for this girl, but ended up talking to her for 5 hours straight on messenger. We decided to be roommates. We met in person and lived together all 4 years til we graduated and we are best friends to this day

    [–] Thanks for the advice. Lordofravioli 2 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    Hahaha oh nooo, it’s not my fault I swear!

    [–] Thanks for the advice. Lordofravioli 2 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    I think it’s a big problem for teens/kids to drink though since they’re smaller. Monster drinks have sent my brother and my sister to the hospital with severe heart palpitations.

    Also, love your username

    [–] There are earlier fireworks you know Lordofravioli 5 points ago in dankmemes

    Once went to a show and somebody brought their kittens.. wut

    [–] What’s the scariest thing that happened to you when in someone else’s house? Lordofravioli 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I think I was maybe 13 when this happened. Was at my neighbors house in their basement playing with some of the neighborhood girls. we were cleaning up but also goofing off a good bit. My friend (9? At the time) whose house it was and I were being obnoxious and tapping the ceiling with pool table sticks. She jumped off of a rocking chair with the stick then started screaming bloody murder. I just stood there til her mom came running down the stairs and screamed bloody murder. My friend had impaled her eye with the pool stick. I was scared shitless and ran away to tell my mom while my friends mom was screaming at me. somehow the stick had only ripped her eyelid in half and she recovered fully and has no eyesight problems. But damn it was scary. I’ve never seen so much blood