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    [–] Humans are incapable of multitasking, but the illusion of multitasking boosts performance, research finds. Regardless of whether people actually engage in a single task or multiple tasks, making them perceive this activity as multitasking makes them exert more mental effort to stay engaged. Lorix_In_Oz 1 points ago in science

    Upvoting for visibility. There are extremely well documented medical examples where an individual has undergone a radical separation of both hemispheres of their brain in an effort to control seizures. In those cases it can be observed that each half of the brain is indeed independently capable of processing separate conscious tasks, with the broken communication between each side leading to unusual effects that highlight this fact fairly conclusively.

    [–] .What are some of NASA's lesser-known, yet incredible achievements? Lorix_In_Oz 27 points ago in AskScienceDiscussion

    I'm not able to fact-check where I am right now, but to my knowledge NASA has made incredible leaps and bounds in several areas of material science that have effectively flown under the radar. Also, I think many people overlook the sheer scale of the supporting infrastructure, integrated systems and logistics that they have achieved decades ahead of anyone else and without the benefit of modern computers to do it.

    For an example of their incredible innovation ahead of their time look no further than Core Rope Memory - This is Apollo-Era RAM/ROM memory, literally WOVEN BY HAND to program the operational sequences used by the flight and landing computer systems.

    [–] [Marvel/Harry Potter] There are things Marvel magic (Mystic Arts) can do that HP magic can't, but what are some things HP magic can do that Marvel magic can't? Lorix_In_Oz 6 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    I'd argue that Strange's mastery of Astral Projection might give him at least a chance to counter the effects of an AK. Also, if we are considering the MCU incarnation of Strange he does have the benefit of possessing the Time Stone which may allow him to pull a similar trick to that which he pulled on Dormamu,

    [–] [Genies] I'm a benevolent Genie, however I'm bound by the role I must play and include some kind of horrible ironic twist to wishes I grant unless the individual can find a clever way to avoid that fate. Is there any way I can help a worthy, but uneducated master to make relatively safe wishes? Lorix_In_Oz 5 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    While redeeming your 100% legal and safe gold ingots for cash you are observed by a law enforcement officer doing so who immediately seizes the cash and remaining gold under suspicion of wrongdoing under existing Civil Asset Forfeiture laws. It is important to note that under such laws that the charges and suspicion do not fall upon yourself, but on the gold and cash directly which has the burden of proof to show exactly where it was obtained from and what it's intended use was for.

    [–] [Terminator] What if in 1984 someone else kills Sarah Conner like a serial killer or maybe she just dies in a car crash is the Terminator's objective still complete even though he didn't terminate her? Lorix_In_Oz 32 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Keep in mind the original Terminator had limited records to work from and only a name, which it why it was actively targeting all the Sarah Connors in the phone book. As it had no information on which one of them was the actual target it would simply continue it's mission to eliminate all instances of Sarah Connor, possibly extending it's scope to include nearby regions to ensure the best possible outcome. Once that primary mission had been completed I suspect it would do as other people here have suggested and move on to secondary objectives.

    [–] Voyagers articulated nacelles: Are they required to move to enter Warp or can it do it when they're down too? Lorix_In_Oz 12 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned here yet is the fact that the Intrepid class had a large amount of new technology on board barely out of the experimental phase. Make no mistake - Voyager was not an fully experimental ship like an NX class vessel but it was showcasing technologies and capabilities that were new at the time and had it not been thrown into the Delta Quadrant would likely have gone through several incremental refits in it's time. Janeway's posting as Captain was likely due to her scientific background making her the ideal choice as someone with the right mindset to command such a cutting-edge ship. Anyhow, to the question at hand - whether the nacelles are required to move - I believe that at the time the experimental inclusion of variable geometry nacelles represented the best available technology at the time however it seems likely - especially with later classes such as the Sovereign - lacking this feature would seem to imply that Starfleet had a design breakthrough during Voyager's absence which allowed them to avoid having to rely on the VG configuration for later ships.