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    [–] [Dragon Ball] Why do bits of rock float up off the ground in the presence of sufficiently strong ki? Lorix_In_Oz 2 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    I'd say further to this that the first time an individual powers up to a new power level the effect is more pronounced and dramatic as a result of this "leakage" into their environment causing these runaway effects. As they get more and more experience in powering up to these levels they get more efficient at holding the energy inside and not losing it to excess spillover. But they still can allow it to come out if they are trying to make a more dramatic effect for spectacle's sake.

    [–] Serious Question: How would we, as well as the greater crypto community react if we saw a transaction involving an early Satoshi owned wallet? Lorix_In_Oz -6 points ago in Bitcoin

    Hmm. Given the sheer number of coins potentially under one person's control I can understand the market concerns. That being the case, is there an argument to be made that during a future fork that Satoshi's coins should be somehow "reclaimed" and either destroyed or perhaps folded back into the mining process to be gradually redistributed over a long period of time. (and avoid crashing the market) I'm thinking in terms of ensuring market confidence, and surely one person having control of a significant chunk of BTC goes against the central ethos that Satoshi himself created Bitcoin as a counter to.

    [–] [Star Trek] Do officers in Star Fleet (especially on board NX ships) have limited food replicator credits? Lorix_In_Oz 11 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    If we are talking about early NX class ships, such as the Enterprise or Columbia there was a dedicated on-board chef on staff and there was a greater reliance on prepared food over replicated/resequenced foodstuffs. If you are referring to later NX ships, such as the Defiant keep in mind that it was an "overpowered" ship so I don't believe power consumption would have been a significant issue under normal operational conditions.