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    [–] [Beetlejuice] Is there a time limit for saying his name? Lorix_In_Oz 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Upvoted for visibility. Given the atmosphere of the afterlife shown in the "documentary" this would make for the most plausible explanation.

    [–] [Star Trek] When the Federation sets up a shipyard, they tend to replicate starship components and put them together like lego. Would it be possible to make a replicator so massive that you could use it to replicate an entire starship at once? Lorix_In_Oz 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Possible: Yes - Efficient: No

    Replicator tech is after all based on transporter tech so from an engineering standpoint building one capable of spitting out a starship sized object certainly seems possible but as other people have already pointed out there are likely limits to what materials could be produced meaning that "instant starships" aren't going to be a thing.

    That said... I could completely imagine some kind of industrial replicator might exist that is capable of creating the majority of a shuttlecraft or runabout spaceframe in one go. From there it would go for a manual fitout to complete the job.

    [–] u/Lorix_in_Oz VS u/dont_PM_cute_faces for stealing the core idea of my post in r/WritingPrompts Lorix_In_Oz 3 points ago in KarmaCourt

    OP here of the post in question.

    I think /u/Dont_PM_Cute_Faces simply has a case of karmic envy since I never even saw their prompt post before I posted mine. My post was a re-hash of a previous Writing Prompt I posted over a year ago.


    I strongly suggest to /u/Dont_PM_Cute_Faces that they focus on actually constructing prompts that people are actually interested in writing for than assuming other people who don’t care about their prompts would waste their time trying to rip it off.

    [–] Kin Only For 18+! Lorix_In_Oz 11 points ago in KinFoundation

    This is what an abundance of caution looks like. This and the safety efforts they recently announced may sound like a waste of time and money to some but I wouldn't take that view by any measure.

    This should have been clear from the outset with the stringent KYC they applied during the ICO phase. This is an established company making sure they have dotted their i's and crossed their t's insofar as accountability and liability are concerned. You don't build a house without first laying a solid foundation and this is exactly what this is all about - making sure that we don't get stung later on because they didn't take the due diligence to do things the right way.

    Ask yourself: Why would a company that is trying to build a profitable token model act to deliberately exclude a major portion of their user base at this time? The way some people post here you would think they sincerely believe that Kik is deliberately trying to screw us over when the truth is they are doing everything they can to PROTECT out investment and trust in them.

    /r/zombiemoan makes a perfectly valid point as well about potential SEC concerns along with the size of the sticker market. And that's just one part of the ecosystem they are attempting to create for us here.

    KIN is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

    KIN is a fringe project based on experimental technology being run by a motivated, but still very human development team.

    If you invested in KIN then treat your investment as such.