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    [–] [Harry Potter] Would it have worked in OotP to turn Sirius into a sort of evil John the Baptist for Voldy as a false flag operation? Lorix_In_Oz 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Not only that but I'm sure the ministry would use it as a welcome opportunity to divert attention away from the whole Voldemort thing. If anything they would try and blame the whole thing on him instantly wrecking any credibility of people believing in the Dark Lord's return.

    [–] [Mission Impossible] "Your mission, should you choose to accept it...". What if nobody accepts it. Then who do they send? Who's crazy enough to accept something IMF thought was too hard? Lorix_In_Oz 39 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    There is no actual "choice" - make no mistake, it is a mission assignment briefing. Despite this the wording is intentional: it provides an additional layer of deniability should it be needed by being able to say that participation was voluntary by all parties. Saying it, and actually meaning it are two different things but Phelps/Hunt can read between the lines.

    [–] Why haven't the Borg assimilated cloaking technology? Lorix_In_Oz 6 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    Brand building. I mean that seriously - it is in the interest of the Borg to maintain their reputation of being confident and undefeatable which perfectly aligns with their strategy of announcing their presence and intent to their potential victims in the expectation of surrender. In all likelihood they have adopted this direct policy as the one that is most efficient based on their years of experience so there is no need to cloak when your manifesto is based on actively announcing your presence to everyone in earshot.

    [–] [Pacific Rim] How did Gipsy’s Pilots survive the drop from the sky. I know that they ejected the fuel and slowed down a bit but they were still falling fast enough to generate a heat that was melting the metal. Lorix_In_Oz 8 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Not to mention the green shock absorbing liquid that gets pumped into their suits during the start-up phase. While this is meant to act in conjunction with the other protective systems during the unpredictable impacts experienced during Kaiju combat it was also extremely effective in suppressing the shock of a high-altitude fall given they had time to prepare for it.

    [–] [Invader Zim] Why doesn't Zim just kill Dib? Lorix_In_Oz 7 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Zim does not seek to kill Dib outright, he wants to utterly defeat and humiliate him in the process of possible. That’s not to say he isn’t open to attempting a clean kill if Dib shows up in the middle of one of Zim’s crazy plans for conquest but if said plan is for the death of Dib... well it must, by necessity, be a plan that utterly destroys his arch-nemesis slowly and satisfyingly that is worthy of a true member of the Invader race.

    [–] The Dark Knight - it should have been two films Lorix_In_Oz 7 points ago in fixingmovies

    That being said I'd agree that the whole Batman/Joker dynamic is worthy of playing out across more than just one film. And who knows, had Ledger survived this might have been exactly what Nolan had in mind....

    [–] If the sun were to suddenly dissapear, what life would still be able to survive? Lorix_In_Oz 1 points ago in AskScienceDiscussion

    As a species at our current level of development we would be pretty much screwed. The only faint glimmer of hope we have would reside in our ability to utilise alternative means of energy production but if we assume for a moment that the sun suddenly vanished the Earth would be instantly flung at an angle to it's orbital path at that moment into interstellar space. So the question of life, specifically human life and it's surviveability would come down to whether or not we could use the resources available to us on Earth, at least until we developed to the point we could leave Earth for greener pastures. That said, you never know - the Sun might have disappeared at just the right moment to fling us into a favourable orbit around a nearby star if we can last long enough.

    [–] Was the NX-01 the first earth vessel with a Matter-Antimatter reactor? Lorix_In_Oz 35 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    This is the most correct answer. That being said, having a M/AM reactor from the beginning does not preclude later reactors being several order of magnitude more powerful. It's like comparing an early steamboat to a modern nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Both ultimately utilise a water to steam conversion to generate power it's just that one is significantly more sophisticated and powerful than the other.

    [–] [Marvel-616/MCU] Just how much money has Tony Stark spent in total just on making and upgrading his suits? Lorix_In_Oz 14 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    True, but Tony is uniquely placed as the literal owner of his own technology company to leverage his own company assets and materials for R&D purposes. He is after all a one-man think tank who doesn't spend *all* his spare time building suits and the company board are going to view indulging his "hobby" as an essential investment in the future of the company.

    [–] [Rick and Morty] Where does Rick's brain matter go when he's a pickle? Lorix_In_Oz 5 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Since we see a dramatic shift in mass and size when he returns to human form along with the transformation being triggered by a simple injection I'd suggest we are looking at his universe's equivalent of Pym Particles in action in combination with some other exotic transformative process. Honestly, Rick is an absolute master of combining different technologies together in ways nobody has thought of before to achieve his goals so there comes a point where you just have to give up on trying to explain how he does things and simply accept it.