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    [–] [MCU] Pre serum Steve Rodgers was obviously below average physicality (significantly). Would using the super serum on an already naturally athletic human have made a stronger Cap? Lorix_In_Oz 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    It's kind of like taking all the stats of your character in a game and moving the sliders of each category to Max+1. It's not going to change the class of the character, they still remain who and what they are but a dose of the semen will simply make them "greater" than what they could have even been on their own.

    [–] What in-universe explanations can we come up with to explain the size discrepancies with the Defiant? Lorix_In_Oz 1 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    The Defiant is pretty much on the cost/benefit borderline of needing Turbolifts in any case. The only real reason to have them would be to rapidly ferry passengers around fixed obstacles, such as power plants and weapon placements which in a ship as densely packed as it would make sense. The concept of a "Deck" in this context may not refer so much to a physical horizontal slice of the ship but rather a single physically accessible region. So it's entirely plausible that due to the spatial limitation that two "Decks" may physically exist on the same "Level" but due to both only being accessible via Turbolift (which move in 3D) they are considered independent "Decks" for both identification and accessibility reasons.

    tl;dr - It's a consequence of having a compact, high density design.

    [–] [Star Wars] What if Anakin had called for help as he lie burning and mutilated in Mustafar? Would Obi-Wan have saved him? Lorix_In_Oz 3 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    He might have. But for Anakin it would have taken a major shift in his alignment away from the Dark Side in that moment as well, something that Obi-Wan could recognise as a remaining shred of his old friend because at that point in time he had all but given up hope in him.

    [–] [Thor] All factors being equal, who is physically stronger: Thor or the Hulk? Lorix_In_Oz 7 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    I would argue that Thor as a warrior has a similar ability to be stronger and dig deeper into his personal reserves when enraged, but this might be comparable to a normal human experiencing an adrenaline surge rather than a specific power or ability that Thor possesses.

    [–] [General] Which sci-fi/fantasy faction has the most efficient military? Lorix_In_Oz 2 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Daleks. At their prime they literally annihilated one of the most powerful and advanced civilisations and have only really experienced true failure at the hands of a single individual who is arguably more of a force of nature than anything else. But that aside, they are an extremely efficient military force that doesn't just rely on sheer numbers to curbstomp their opponents. We have seen that even a single (late model) Dalek is a compact, shielded and intelligent mobile tank platform capable of rendering a significant amount of death and destruction. There is a reason they became something to fear across the universe and I would argue that on a purely militaristic level they are one of the most efficient in combining both efficiency and scale.

    [–] Is WCT usefull? Lorix_In_Oz 1 points ago in Wavesplatform

    Not exactly. WCT holders are more likely to invested in the future development of the platform so it makes sense to target those users in particular, otherwise airdrops may well just end up being dropped into a passive wallet. Think of it as a form of targeted advertising.

    [–] [Star trek TNG]In the documentaries most of the ship's adventures occur when they fly across something odd. The has shifts so they can do sleep and eat. Nearly every time something interesting is found, the "main" crew. Why do aliens and anomalies almost never show up when Picard is sleeping? Lorix_In_Oz 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    When a Starfleet vessel is on a mission it is standard procedure to schedule the presence of the primary officers during the periods of greater disk, for example following a route that takes them close to the Neutral Zone at some point they will ensure the roster reflects the time this will happen. Also keep in mind that the Enterprise is the Federation flagship so is more likely to run into unexpected situations due to it's continuing mission profile. Another thing to keep in mind is the presence of Data, given his nature as an android it's more than likely he would pull multiple back-to-back shifts during periods of escalated alert.

    Keep in mind we do see primary staff regularly being interrupted and summoned to the Bridge during their down/sleep time so it's not like it doesn't happen, it's just that operating procedures and circumstance will usually skew the bias towards events happening during their on-duty hours.

    That's not to say things don't ever happen during the Night Crew rotation, nor does it mean they can't handle it on their own without waking everyone else up

    [–] [MCU] Avengers: Infinity War Megathread - INFINITY WAR QUESTIONS BELONG HERE **ONLY** Lorix_In_Oz 9 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    We have seen that Thanos is able to handle the Infinity Stones directly so was the Infinity Gauntlet absolutely essential to his plans or more just for his convenience.