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    [–] This sunset looked split in half through my two windows Lucid68 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    This is actually heaven. It's still one of my dreams to witness a sky like this. Lucky you.

    [–] It gets better. Lucid68 1 points ago in memes

    Tarzan (1999)

    [–] Daily Discussion [2018-07-16] Lucid68 2 points ago in soccer

    Is the news about Hazard going to Real legit? If not, then who is Real going to sign?

    [–] Jorge Sampaoli and the Argentine Football Association mutually agree to end his cycle as manager of the national team. Lucid68 25 points ago in soccer

    This breaks my heart. He spent money from his own pocket so he could become Argentina's coach when Simeone and Pocchetino didn't step in. He took over when the team was in a mess and tried his best. Good luck, Sampaoli.