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    [–] I'm going to hell. Lucid68 -2 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] I'm going to hell. Lucid68 -4 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] I'm going to hell. Lucid68 -8 points ago in dankmemes

    Shut up

    [–] I'm going to hell. Lucid68 -8 points ago in dankmemes

    Shut up

    [–] This sunset looked split in half through my two windows Lucid68 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    This is actually heaven. It's still one of my dreams to witness a sky like this. Lucky you.

    [–] It gets better. Lucid68 1 points ago in memes

    Tarzan (1999)

    [–] Daily Discussion [2018-07-16] Lucid68 2 points ago in soccer

    Is the news about Hazard going to Real legit? If not, then who is Real going to sign?

    [–] Sky thinks this was the greatest WC ever. What do you think? Lucid68 1 points ago in soccer

    For the the 2010 WC was the best. 2014 comes second and 2018 comes third.

    [–] Jorge Sampaoli and the Argentine Football Association mutually agree to end his cycle as manager of the national team. Lucid68 25 points ago in soccer

    This breaks my heart. He spent money from his own pocket so he could become Argentina's coach when Simeone and Pocchetino didn't step in. He took over when the team was in a mess and tried his best. Good luck, Sampaoli.

    [–] What screams"I have a crush on you"? Lucid68 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That person will never end the conversation and will do whatever it takes to keep it going.

    [–] Kasper Schmeichel wins Man of the Match vs Croatia Lucid68 5 points ago in soccer

    Like father, like son. You were superb, Kasper.

    [–] La Nacion: Why Bangladesh is crazy about Argentine national team [Full article in comments] Lucid68 13 points ago in soccer

    That's the power of football. It has the ability to unite two countries that are 17,000 km apart.

    [–] La Nacion: Why Bangladesh is crazy about Argentine national team [Full article in comments] Lucid68 9 points ago in soccer

    When Marcos Rojo put the right hand that gave the National Team the agonizing victory against Nigeria , minutes from the end of the game, it was almost 2 in the morning on Wednesday, but it did not matter: the whole country erupted in cries, cries and hugs because the World Cup dream was still intact .

    No. There are no errors in the date or time of the heroic goal.

    In Bangladesh, an Asian country barely smaller than Uruguay but five times more populated than Argentina, each party of the albiceleste is followed with a devotion that has nothing to envy to any Argentine neighborhood. Even if it is played at dawn.

    The videos that show that enthusiasm became viral. Hundreds of Bangladeshis in caravans - on motorcycles, on foot, on board trucks - with T-shirts from the National Team, Argentine flags and their faces painted in blue and white. Crowds of men and women watching the game in front of giant screens shouting "Me-ssi, Me-ssi!" as if it were Plaza San Martín. Fans with a hoarse voice after screaming throughout the game, trying to explain to local journalists why La Pulga is the best player in the world.

    How did such madness begin 17,000 km from the homeland of Lio?

    Thanks to another man that we Argentines know a lot, playing another game that we Argentines know by heart. It was 32 years ago, in another World Cup.

    On June 22, 1986 , in Mexico, Diego Armando Maradona made two impossible goals to England, inspired by his talent, Creole mischief, and a whole country that still felt very close to the malicious memory of the Falklands War. Maradona was then only 25 years old, but Bangladesh was still a minor: it was not until 1971 that he achieved his independence, after being under the rule of the British Empire first and then of Pakistan.

    For a young and very poor nation, hungry for new heroes, the magic of Diego, which, like Rojo's, also happened in the middle of the night - it was one in the morning in Bangladesh when the start of the match was played in the Estadio Azteca - was a revelation. A revenge, a possible revenge: a man arrived, like them, from the end of the world, had humiliated those who were lords and masters of Bangladesh for almost a century, in the sport that the British themselves had invented.

    Since then, passion has not stopped growing.

    "The Bangladeshis have always loved football , he explained to La Nacion sports journalist Quazi Zulquarnain from Dhaka, the capital of the Asian country. Not having a great national team to refer you , welcome to Argentina". And above all, they celebrate the vicissitudes of the native left-hander of Villa Fiorito: "Their personal struggles, their victory over the English and their defective personality attract us because they remind us of ourselves," Zulquarnain added.

    In 1994, when Maradona was expelled from the US World Cup for doping, hundreds of angry Bangladeshis took to the streets and burned posters with the photo of the then FIFA president, Joao Havelange , to ask - unsuccessfully - that the star Argentine was reinstated. And according to the book "The Last Maradona" by Andrés Burgo and Alejandro Wall, there was a lawyer who was encouraged to sue Havelange, demanding 25 dollars of compensation for the "mental disorders" that the incident had caused him.

    Nothing changed with Lionel Messi breaking it in the National Team.

    In September 2011, Argentina played a friendly match in Dhaka, coincidentally also against Nigeria. A crowd of fans greeted the team at the airport and although the Albiceleste won 3-1, the trip left some bitter taste because the tickets cost $ 100, a figure much higher than the average monthly Bangladeshi salary. Even so, the stadium was full. "It was a decisive moment for our football, because it was the first time that such an international team came to play in the country, with more than 20,000 people watching the match and hundreds besieging the hotel in Argentina," Zulquarnain recalled.

    The madness for the blue and white continued during the 2014 World Cup. In those days, Mustafizur Rahman, governor of the district of Jessore, complained about the number of foreign badges that were seen on the streets, most of Argentina and Brazil. "The flags of other countries do not look good flaming on our terraces," Rahman lamented.

    On Tuesday, that Bangladeshi Wednesday, Marcos Rojo added another chapter to this incredible story of Asian passion. It also gave the National Team the chance to move forward in their dream of returning from Russia with the Cup under their arms. If that were to happen, why not dream of a visit from the champion team to Bangladesh. At the end of account, also from the other side of the world there are thousands who cross their fingers every time Messi is about to touch her.