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    [–] More than just a Rick and Morty gif Lukabob 1 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    Show me an ad you made. I freelance for a couple companies right now that need work done from time to time. It can all be done from home.

    [–] More than just a Rick and Morty gif Lukabob 1 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    And by your post history it appears you're unemployed. Probably not too good at it eh?

    [–] More than just a Rick and Morty gif Lukabob 1 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    I guess I appreciate that you're trying to give constructive criticism here but all your points are wrong.

    Any less text at a time and the already very sparse dialog would move WAY too fast. Most people can read text just fine in blocks like this. For people that can't it needs to move slightly sometimes to convey that a new block of text has appeared. If it stays in the same spot with the same pattern the text may change and two sentences might be read half and half and really confuse people.

    There are absolutely no effects applied to the text. So I don't know what your talking about here. Maybe, the color? stroke fill? Look at the color scheme of the source; that shade of gray exists no where else. White text on a cartoon with a color scheme like this would have far too great a contrast and be too jarring.

    The speed the characters speak in the show is simply faster than a sizable portion of the population can read.

    One last (potentially douchey) point here is that I've successfully conveyed an idea I thought was funny in this format more times than I have fingers now and it doesn't look like you've ever made a single one. Try to stick to giving pointers about things you have at least some experience with.


    [–] More than just a Rick and Morty gif Lukabob 61 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    Keen eye. Took longer than I thought for someone to notice it!

    [–] More than just a Rick and Morty gif Lukabob 26 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    I generally follow the rule that I should be able to read all words out loud without straining so I capture a wider audience of reading speed.

    But this time I thought "ah they'll figure it out." And what do ya know they have!

    [–] More than just a Rick and Morty gif Lukabob 66 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    Honestly I didn't look, rick would just be annoyed at this situation

    [–] Slightly more than just a Rick and Morty gif Lukabob 40 points ago in rickandmorty

    I made it for them lol. I thought maybe it might be enjoyed a little here too.

    Source for anyone curious.

    [–] [A] A perfect loop you say? Lukabob 16 points ago in perfectloops

    Thanks /u/nick47H. Anyone that wants to see it in higher quality it's much better at its home /r/HighQualitygifs. Thread here

    [–] TIL men have better spacial cognition than women and can put together IKEA furniture with or without the manual faster than women using the manual. Women's performance suffered greatly without the manual, but men's performance showed no major difference with or without the manual. Lukabob 11 points ago in todayilearned

    I spent a good 2 years in the trades. Unfortunately, more often than not, I'd have to say women don't belong in most trades. The only real reason is because when we had a woman working with us her heavy lifting was delegated out to the men. Carrying conduit, moving materials and most of the bending and pulling involved in the job was placed on men because women just can't keep up physically the majority of the time.

    There are women that can do it obviously, but they're few and far in between.

    It sucks for the men because they have to work that much harder and it sucks for the woman because they can feel the tension. Why groom young girls to believe they can exist in that world?

    To be clear: I don't believe women have any mental disadvantages. But certainly there are undeniable physical differences.

    [–] Rooster's Wheel of Impressions BONUS: u/hero0fwar Lukabob 5 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    This is neat, I probably havnt been here long enough to have one done but it's fun to see how you isolate other giffers styles. Like how I don't really know how a celebrity talks until I see someone do a an impression. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that...

    [–] Won't somebody PLEASE think of the giffers. Lukabob 75 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    The left eye on this man's head is on same side of the picture as his left eye is in his reflection. Same goes for his right eye. It's the same way for the words. I hope this helps you as much as it did me.

    [–] MRW I spend way too long trying to do cool text effects that still aren't as good. Lukabob 3 points ago in HighQualityGifs

    Well that's good, lol. I think I over built the "structure" and my glow kinda looks like it's in a smokey dive bar. Oh well, it's fun to learn new tricks