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    [–] Looking for a less Conservative place to discuss politics? Try r/Tuesday! LumpyWumpus 3 points ago in Conservative

    "when is it considered targeted harassment?" says the guy that pings you multiple times a day, every day. And follows you around to various subreddits just to insult you. Fucking LOL

    Hey u/Bigblackhotdog. Cry more. Also, you still haven't posted any proof of chab telling you to kill yourself. Why not just admit you lied about it?

    [–] Looking for a less Conservative place to discuss politics? Try r/Tuesday! LumpyWumpus 2 points ago in Conservative

    u/bigblackhotdog also claimed that you told him to kill himself. Yet refused to provide any proof.

    I mean, This guy posts about us all the time. You know that he would have posted the message the second he got it. And yet, he hasn't posted anything. It's almost like he is a gigantic liar who tells tall tales for sympathy points and karma from the top tards. It's super pathetic

    [–] What is your favorite weapon? LumpyWumpus 1 points ago in apexlegends

    Running the two of those together it's my favorite setup

    [–] Unpopular opinion: Can we stop with the posts about the prices? LumpyWumpus 3 points ago in apexlegends

    No dup, guaranteed legendary, and odds are posted. As far as loot boxes go, these are some of the best. I'm not a fan of the price. I mean, that's a whole McChicken worth of money. But i suppose some games are way worse (I'm looking at you smite. I love that game but the chests are ass)

    [–] Dont whine about MTX LumpyWumpus 7 points ago in apexlegends

    The way I see it, the microtransactions don't negatively impact me because they are cosmetic only. They are a little pricy for me, so I probably won't buy many. But I will probably buy the battle pass depending on what it is and how much it is. The only reason I can really understand to complain about them is if you think they won't make money and the game will die due to lack of revenue. However, companies like this have the sales data and they adjust their prices accordingly. Their primary goal is to make money, and they will pick the pricing model that best suits that goal. If that means making skins $20 a piece, then that's what they are going to do. It might suck for normal people who aren't whales, but it is what it is. At least its all just cosmetic and doesn't actually impact gameplay.

    [–] When You Kill the Final Member of the Last Team, It Should Put Them into the 'Knocked' State so You Can Use Your Finisher to End the Game LumpyWumpus 6 points ago in apexlegends

    Man, I've been champion 4 times. I've gotten in second at least 20 times. I dunno what it is. I fight my way to second place and can't finish it out. Be it nerves or what, I dunno. But I just cant clutch the finish.

    [–] r/ApexLegends February Mod Applications LumpyWumpus 86 points ago in apexlegends

    I feel like the current mods need some commendation. This sub absolutely exploded over this past week and you guys handled it really well. Kudos to you guys

    [–] Respawn, I would not hesitate to impulse purchase $3-5 for cosmetic items. $11-18 though? GG. Will not even consider it. LumpyWumpus 1 points ago in apexlegends

    You say this, but you don't actually have the knowledge or data. They do. If there was a way to make more money, they would be doing it. They are a business and making money is their top priority after all.

    [–] Stable Genius BelleArial is at it again, this time over that backstabbing liar Quietus42! Leaks? LEAKS! LumpyWumpus 6 points ago in Drama

    She also posts pictures of herself on Reddit. Like, if you don't wanna get doxxed, maybe don't dox yourself. It's pretty simple. But she has a problem understanding simple concepts.

    [–] /u/unknownmod from /r/FuckTheAltRight LumpyWumpus 2 points ago in ReportTheBadModerator

    You oppose hate, yet use racial and homophobic slurs.


    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) LumpyWumpus 10 points ago in announcements

    Do you plan on doing anything about power users like GallowBoob, who post advertising without disclosing that they are being paid and who abuse their power by banning users from multiple subs when they are called out? Users like this are actively hurting your site.

    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) LumpyWumpus 20 points ago in announcements

    Except TD doesn't do that. r/TopMindsOfReddit and r/chapotraphouse on the other hand...

    Hell. r/chapotraphouse calls for violence every day and nothing gets done about them. If TD did even a fraction of what Chapo does they would have been banned years ago

    [–] I Am Jumpmaster - Apex Legends | Let's Play LumpyWumpus 2 points ago in roosterteeth

    Hopefully they make more videos with this game. Maybe after they have learned it a bit.

    [–] The BEST GameCube Games? Wind Waker vs Paper Mario TTYD - Madness (The L... LumpyWumpus 3 points ago in normalboots

    While I have to admit that wind waker has better graphics, atmosphere, and music, I think twilight princess has a better story and gameplay mechanics. As well as better dungeons. The fighting was way better with all the different special moves and the locations felt more varied. But that's just me.

    Also midna. Tetra is an awesome character, but no one tops Midna in my book

    [–] The BEST GameCube Games? Wind Waker vs Paper Mario TTYD - Madness (The L... LumpyWumpus 2 points ago in normalboots

    I'm glad Paper Mario won. It certainly deserves it. Wind Waker is a great game, but it isn't even the best Zelda game on the GameCube (Twilight Princess is #1).

    [–] The BEST GameCube Games? Wind Waker vs Paper Mario TTYD - Madness (The L... LumpyWumpus 3 points ago in normalboots

    The Thousand Year Door, on the other hand, solid throughout. No part of that game feels like filler

    I love TTYD to death (actually started replaying it because of madness) but I'm gonna disagree here. Chapter 4 (for pigs the bell tolls) absolutely feels like it has a ton of filler in it. It's constant back and forth through the same area. Granted it's the only time in the game where it feels lack luster, but it's still there.

    [–] The One Where No One's Ready is my absolute favourite episode. LumpyWumpus 5 points ago in howyoudoin

    the 1st being his little sexploits while they were on a break

    They were on a break!

    [–] Daily Discussion | February 13, 2019 LumpyWumpus 2 points ago in apexlegends

    Is there any info on grenade damages? I hear arc stars do extra damage to shields, but I haven't seen any numbers like a multiplier or something. Also, how much damage does it do if you stick someone? And how much damage does a grenade do up close? These are numbers I need to know

    [–] No Collusion. LumpyWumpus 64 points ago in Conservative

    But have you considered that orange man bad?