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    [–] So Blessed. LuvMyBeagle 1 points ago in antiMLM

    Ok so first these huns claim essential oils don't have any chemicals in them and now they're taking a "chemistry of essential oils" class?! Something doesn't add up...

    [–] Please fund my waste of time trip LuvMyBeagle 32 points ago in antiMLM

    Funny, I’m just in one of those scam jobs where you work for someone else but I have gone to several conferences (in expensive cities too) where I get to learn how to be better at my job, get inspired, share what I’m doing, and get advice on my long term career...and yet my department paid for the whole thing

    [–] I know it’s irrational but it bothers my just slightly this is how Sulfuric Acid was written LuvMyBeagle 6 points ago in chemistry

    Is it sad that when I first read it my brain just rearranged them into the proper order so I had to think for a second what was wrong?

    [–] When the hun slips up LuvMyBeagle 6 points ago in antiMLM

    I’m not familiar with this one. They can’t say it by name?

    [–] This hilariously hypocritical post from a Herbalife distributor LuvMyBeagle 44 points ago in antiMLM

    Ironically the ones like jewelry are the ones where you don’t necessarily purchase multiple times. So like why would you “need” a jewelry lady?

    [–] Pulled this off a friends facebook LuvMyBeagle 55 points ago in antiMLM

    So what you’re saying is they’re admitting it?!

    [–] Another local craft show taking a stand against MLMs!! LuvMyBeagle 1 points ago in antiMLM

    I like that quote but it’s so annoying when MLM huns post it pretending they’re small business owners. Good luck with your jewelry . Sounds cool!

    [–] New decal design I thought antiMLM could appreciate! LuvMyBeagle 2 points ago in antiMLM

    I’m gonna just drop an emoji ✌️so you know I’d like a PM as well

    [–] Sharing a favourite restaurant on fb is the same as network marketing apparently LuvMyBeagle 2 points ago in antiMLM

    Funny, I have a lot of small/local business that I enjoy visiting. I tell people about them and even on occasion post if I'm there because I want the businesses to keep operating so I can keep enjoying them. So in a way, I am still benefiting from this even if it isn't financially.

    [–] They're recruiting on LinkedIn and won't take no for an answer LuvMyBeagle 2 points ago in antiMLM

    It absolutely drives me nuts when these people claim they "retired" from their job to do a MLM. That's not what retire means.

    [–] Intensley dedicated herbalife hun trying to hide behind a business LuvMyBeagle 6 points ago in antiMLM

    This is annoying too because I know a lot of awesome women that are dedicating their careers to (legit) health/wellness themed jobs. A lot of them are former athletes and have found a way to make a living promoting something they are so passionate about. One in particular is a registered dietitian and just started a side gig as a running coach (she runs a lot of marathons and has managed to do so mostly injury free so clearly she's doing something right). These huns undermine people that are offering legit services and working hard to share health and wellness.

    [–] I shouldn’t be surprised, she also sells Monat. LuvMyBeagle 3 points ago in antiMLM

    As a kid I subscribed to american girl magazine and one time they suggested something similar but with flip flops as an activity. Not sure why I remember the exact numbers but basically you were supposed to get 6 pair of flip flops just for sending one pair. Even as a kid that seemed too good to be true so when this thing started appearing on facebook I couldn't believe how many people were falling for it.

    [–] Found this US gov't advising military members/spouses on MLMs. Thoughts? LuvMyBeagle 6 points ago in antiMLM

    I really like that they included specefic questions they should ask if considering joining one. There is some room for improvement though. Maybe mentioning how persistent and evasive they can be.

    [–] Why the hate specifically on 9 to 5 jobs? LuvMyBeagle 6 points ago in antiMLM

    Did it ever occur to huns that some people in a 9-5 went to school for that job and may even like what they do? I hate that they assume all people work just to make money and that there is no rhyme or reason for their vocational choice.

    [–] Huns Posing as Friends LuvMyBeagle 4 points ago in antiMLM

    These huns make me upset too because it makes it hard to reach out genuinely after a long time because others may be suspicious you have an ulterior motive. I am personally very bad at staying in touch and have some old friends I may not mind reconnecting with but just can't seem to write out a message. These huns make it seem like the only point in reconnecting with someone is to sell something and that it is otherwise weird to reach out after it's been years.

    [–] I can help with your blood disorder! LuvMyBeagle 10 points ago in antiMLM

    Right, because the most logical way to solve things is go straight to a partial hysterectomy rather than try a less invasive method that is "guaranteed" to work. /s

    People like this drive me nuts because it not only trivializes the illness someone is dealing with but implies that doctors are idiots. If essential oils were as magical as people claim they are, it'd be the norm to use them for all the things they are claimed to do. So sorry you had to deal with this. I wish people could just be supportive instead of offering unsolicited medical advice.

    [–] Met a hun on the bus today, but her target wasn't me... LuvMyBeagle 30 points ago in antiMLM

    My thoughts while reading this:

    1. Ugh so annoying that she was disturbing someone that's trying to sleep on the bus
    2. Wow even worse that she invaded their personal space and prodding their shoulder
    3. Omg and she was trying to sell something?!
    4. Wait she's trying to sell something to the boyfriend but not addressing him specifically?
    5. OMG shes suggesting that he needs whitening cream?!?!

    My level of outrage increased by an order of magnitude with each subsequent point. So sorry you had to experience that. Huns know no boundaries.

    [–] Another local craft show taking a stand against MLMs!! LuvMyBeagle 1 points ago in antiMLM

    They actually didn’t reply. (Just checked again). If you notice the dates, the event page didn’t respond for about 2 weeks so that may have affected it.

    [–] Another local craft show taking a stand against MLMs!! LuvMyBeagle 13 points ago in antiMLM

    I appreciate you sharing your perspective. If it's left at that, as a hobby and possibly a way to meet people, then it's generally harmless. Problem is some of the sales tactics of people in MLMs are very aggressive and people are fed up. A lot of people on this sub have shared stories and frustrations of going to things advertised as "local businesses" or craft shows only to find they are filled with MLMs. My post wasn't targeting Paparazzi rather than expressing appreciation for a craft show that wasn't allowing MLMs to participate and dilute it from people that are genuinely making their own product.

    [–] Newbie question here. Is it even possible to get enough points somehow for a trip to St Louis next week?? If so school me quick!! Also any free or cheap things to do around there for an active family??? LuvMyBeagle 3 points ago in Shoestring

    In college my dad was traveling to STL for work and it coincided with my spring break so I tagged along and had a single day alone to do stuff. I went to both of these places and they were great! And as a college student with very little money I really appreciated they were free.

    [–] The Lia Sophia Jewelry Party... LuvMyBeagle 4 points ago in antiMLM

    I went to a Lia Sophia party in college. It was the summer so the town was next to empty and I was in a bad roommate situation and so starved for human interaction that I went. It was so awkward..for costume jewelry it’s kind of expensive especially when you’re a broke college student (as were all of the party guests) while the woman selling it was middle aged. None of us wanted to buy anything. I ended up getting a necklace for my mom and forgot about the “lifetime guarantee” until they went out of business. I think I got one of those class action lawsuit emails about it actually.