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    [–] For some reason getting high and eating oranges is amazing. Any reason or is it me? M4TT4TT4CK6161 1 points ago in trees

    Same. Once I start it's too late to turn back. I like to suck on them until the sour is gone, and then They don't stick to your teeth when you chew

    [–] What's causing this noise in my vehicle's audio system? M4TT4TT4CK6161 2 points ago in AskEngineers

    Also, I'm interested in learning about how it works. Do you know of any videos I could watch on the topic?

    [–] How to hang a hammock in my bedroom? M4TT4TT4CK6161 1 points ago in Hammocks

    Just use a stand. That way you don't risk damaging your walls

    [–] My first post M4TT4TT4CK6161 1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Technically the sun and Earth orbit a common point

    [–] Yass Queen M4TT4TT4CK6161 8 points ago in PrequelMemes

    This is my trebuchet.

    Now I am the master