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    [–] Working in Paradise, CA after the fires and found this guy, RIP M4TT4TT4CK6161 1 points ago in trees

    I remember when a certain someone smashed my bowl I'd had since high school...

    [–] Who can relate? M4TT4TT4CK6161 18 points ago in EngineeringStudents

    I would totally help her with math

    [–] For trail riding/slight track use, is a cr125 or yz125 better? M4TT4TT4CK6161 1 points ago in Dirtbikes

    Essentially, making the flywheel heavier means it will have more angular momentum, and therefore it will be harder to stall. At the same time, it won't rev up as fast, as there is more mass to accelerate.

    [–] Engineering is what's wrong with me M4TT4TT4CK6161 1 points ago in EngineeringStudents

    I try to avoid caffeine, because although it may give me an energy boost, it fucks my concentration

    [–] The only time I'm not speeding M4TT4TT4CK6161 -2 points ago in trees

    "fuck cops for enforcing the law"

    [–] What simple thing did you learn at an embarrassingly late age? M4TT4TT4CK6161 0 points ago in AskReddit

    That Yosemite is not pronounced in such a way that it would rhyme with rose night