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    [–] Liverpool 'set to sell' Naby Keita after just one season at Anfield. Liverpool ready to cut their loses on the midfielder after less than twelve months at Anfield with Klopp willing to let him go. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have already held talks with the player’s representatives. M7plusoneequalsm8 1 points ago in LiverpoolFC

    Clearly you’re not as smart as you think when you keep going in circles and once again fail to understand the point I’m making even though I explained very clearly twice. No, people are just hypocrites on here, it’s nothing to do with “what the subs about”. The sub is just 75% Americans trying to act scouse without understanding anything about Liverpool, cringy as fuck.

    People upvote Mirror articles consistently and constantly so you’re giving people on here too much credit, they just are mad because it’s negative and are a bunch of hypocritical nonces.

    Haha a little child calling me nearsighted, ahh lad if only you knew the irony considering my educational background and field of work in real life. But oh well, I won’t be wasting my time replying any further after this.