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    [–] What is something only assholes buy? MADDOGCA 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm an online reseller. I'm always hauling inventory in my car. If I put even a small 10 lb. box on my passenger seat, the car will not stop beeping. I use a dummy plug for that reason.

    In regards to the beer bottle opener? I can't answer that one. That's just a huge WTF right there.

    [–] Copy Cats MADDOGCA 1 points ago in funny

    Don't have kids yet, but I do have my godson around a lot and he's perfect practice on biting my lip while driving.

    [–] Owner doesnt need her dog anymore but a new puppy is fine MADDOGCA 1 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    I like how this person is talking about that dog like a used car. Like seriously, what the hell is going on in that person's mind!?

    [–] DIRECTV NOW is Offering $60 in Credits If You Stay - Cord Cutters News MADDOGCA 4 points ago in cordcutters

    Nope. Only way I'm ever going back is if they gave me my original rate ($40 mo. including HBO.) Otherwise, I'm happy to have dumped them.

    [–] Kiss cam! MADDOGCA 12 points ago in aww

    Well I mean the kid is like what? 7 or 8? 7 or 8 year Olds would react the same way even if it was a straight couple kissing.

    [–] Switched from Fi -> 45$ AT&T Unlimited, Getting awful speeds MADDOGCA 1 points ago in NoContract

    Fi uses T-Mobile and Sprint. If Fi worked great, I wouldn't doubt that Mint would do the same.

    [–] Switched from Fi -> 45$ AT&T Unlimited, Getting awful speeds MADDOGCA 1 points ago in NoContract

    I've had Mint in the past. If you get great T-Mobile coverage in your area, you'll love Mint. And yeah, 2mbps is a joke! I wouldn't stick around if it's giving you horrible speeds.

    [–] Switched from Fi -> 45$ AT&T Unlimited, Getting awful speeds MADDOGCA 1 points ago in NoContract

    It could be a bad area. My "slowest" speeds are usually at around 12mbps and it's still pretty fast (I have the same plan you do.) This is experience in Las Vegas (metro of 2 mil.)

    [–] Bye Bye DTVNow, Hello YouTube TV MADDOGCA 1 points ago in DirecTVNow

    That's where Philo comes in. They have both Food Network and HGTV.

    [–] please stop dad MADDOGCA 9 points ago in AccidentalRacism

    Lol! Not disappointed.

    [–] For the First Time, More Americans Pay For Internet Video Than Cable or Satellite TV MADDOGCA 29 points ago in cordcutters

    Yeah personally, I don't mind ads if I'm not paying for the service (antenna, Pluto TV, Tubi, etc.) Paying for advertised TV is ridiculous and it's amazing how many of us have dealt with it for so long.

    [–] please stop dad MADDOGCA 32 points ago in AccidentalRacism

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    [–] They got me with the kill signal on Saturday MADDOGCA 1 points ago in siriusxm

    I have an old radio that has a lifetime subscription. Sirius does a refresh signal every few days on that radio. My guess is that it's because they want to make sure that radios that shouldn't be activated end up deactivated.

    [–] Viacom To Roll Out Ad-Supported Service Pluto TV Worldwide MADDOGCA 1 points ago in cordcutters

    You absolutely can block ads on Pluto. When I used the browser version on Firefox, commercial breaks went black when ABP was enabled. Not sure if they bypassed it yet, but this was the case when I used to watch Pluto last year.

    [–] This is why I'll always love Netflix more; they don't need to keep their brand in your face all episode long MADDOGCA 1 points ago in cordcutters

    Hulu is included with Spotify for a limited time. For that reason alone, I'm whatever about it. Otherwise, I'd be wtf about it.

    [–] Should I buy land in San Luis? MADDOGCA 6 points ago in SLO

    Inexpensive lots? San Luis Obispo?

    Lmao! Either you're joking or you're from SF or LA.

    [–] Spotify U.S. Subscribers Will Get Hulu’s Ad-Supported Package for No Extra Charge MADDOGCA 2 points ago in cordcutters

    Of course they don't care. They're customer support. They only get paid peanuts for customer support. It doesn't matter to them whether or not you get the service. They just want their paycheck.