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    [–] Conservatives MBLBOSS 0 points ago in Libertarian

    That's a lie and you know it.

    [–] There’s a girl I like that doesn’t like me back... MBLBOSS 1 points ago in relationships

    Move on. That was disrespectful of her for sending you that picture. Do you really want to date someone who would treat you like that?

    [–] 22M, Dutch, IT student, 6'4", nerd, mess me up! MBLBOSS 2 points ago in RoastMe

    You know your life is pathetic when you put your height in the title.

    [–] Males who got sexually harassed, what's your story? MBLBOSS -1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm a little gay bitch so bear with me. My anxiety and depression is minor but I use it to manipulate people.

    This girl said hi to me.

    She provoked my anxiety and depression so much that I called the cops. They laughed at me! How dare them! Good thing reddit will support me.

    [–] AITA for owning dogs even though we don't deserve them? MBLBOSS 1 points ago in circlejerk

    YTA. You didn't ask for consent.

    EDIT: Thanks for kind gold stranger!

    [–] Here's a picture of my friend (14F) MBLBOSS 3 points ago in circlejerk

    Awesome! Gold 4 u!

    EDIT: Thanks for the kind gold stranger!

    [–] Very nice MBLBOSS 13 points ago in teenagers


    [–] Madlad kid MBLBOSS 2 points ago in madlads


    [–] YUMMY MEAL 🥘 MBLBOSS 1 points ago in GettingShredded


    [–] Math: It's not difficult... MBLBOSS 1 points ago in Libertarian

    That's why we exist!

    [–] Wow. MBLBOSS 6 points ago in facepalm

    Make me.

    [–] Wow. MBLBOSS 11 points ago in facepalm

    Not the 11 year old. The 9th grader is a fucking dipshit though.

    [–] Wow. MBLBOSS 1 points ago in facepalm

    I don't either. They still stack up no matter how often I clear them.

    [–] Wow. MBLBOSS 2 points ago in facepalm

    You have quite a way to go kid.