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    [–] I'm a graphic designer now MGLLN 5 points ago in macdemarco

    Lmfao that crybaby removes every YouTube comment that compares him to Mac

    [–] [FRESH] Tay-K & Blocboi JB - Hard MGLLN 3 points ago in hiphopheads

    tay k's flow reminds me of his megaman song

    [–] Another victim of an IG thotshop 😭 MGLLN 163 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    op is African, so she's probably talking about her country's currency

    [–] Juicy MGLLN 2 points ago in battlefield_one

    Oops. Yeah, I meant fighter planes are up my ass all the time. Idk why I call them all attack planes

    [–] It’s time to stop MGLLN 103 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in BlackPeopleTwitter

    she a turtle then

    [–] Juicy MGLLN 28 points ago in battlefield_one

    I feel like people are becoming more aware of pilots. Before I use to hunt down the entire opposing team. Now... I'm barely in the air for 2 minutes and I already have an enemy attack plane up my ass.

    [–] It’s time to stop MGLLN 79 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    ESpecially laughable since black girls can be Latina also

    [–] /r/BlackPeopleTwitter Weekly Discussion Thread - March 17, 2018 MGLLN 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Don’t listen to that other mod. I just use the Giphy Capture app on my Mac. Viola. Simple

    [–] Naruto vs Sasuke (In the hood) MGLLN 3 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    Not yet. I think the dub is almost caught up. I prefer subs. I watched it on Hulu, i noticed the option for the dub dissapeared as I got towards the middle of shippuden (Naruto part 2).

    But then again there is very little dialogue in the fight. So it shouldn’t really make a difference.

    [–] Naruto vs Sasuke (In the hood) MGLLN 15 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    The very end of the series is naruto vs sasuke. It's beautifully animated and well done. I recommend it 100%. I believe it's two or three episodes

    [–] It is truly a life-changing experience for them MGLLN 44 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    give him a bonnet. the kind that black women wear to sleep

    [–] Naruto vs Sasuke (In the hood) MGLLN 5 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    Naruto part 1: 2002-2007

    Naruto part 2: 2007-2017