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    [–] DFW Cambodian breastmilk MLaw2008 2 points ago in FortWorth

    Boy, we ain't had a good Cambodian milking since the 1987 boom.

    [–] What “old person” things do you do? MLaw2008 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I get angry as all hell when my fiance falls asleep during a show... The worst is when we are mid conversation and she just goes nose-up into a snore.

    [–] I can only S rank more difficult songs while busting for a piss. MLaw2008 2 points ago in beatsaber

    I have had this exact same experience with a lot of rhythm games. You start to pay complete attention to what is in front of you so you can run to the bathroom the moment you beat it.

    [–] I done it !!! Man took me many month to farm those crown MLaw2008 1 points ago in MonsterHunter

    I gave up on the crown farm and the arena challenges... The arena challenges are at least fun, but I should have done them BEFORE I got super OP with the armor sets. I want to feel like a meteor crashing into the enemy with my Insect Glaive, not a pebble plopping off the behemoth with a chopstick.

    [–] Neighbors MLaw2008 1 points ago in WTF

    Maybe it's Maybelline

    [–] A 14-year-old Fort Worth girl was sentenced to 25 years for killing her best friend MLaw2008 1 points ago in FortWorth

    She may be found eligible for parole in 3 years if the warden deems her rehabilitated enough to not be a threat to society too... It's crazy.

    The mom didn't even think she was going to do time. She was heard joking around in the courtroom saying they were going to throw her a big party when she got out of the hearings.

    [–] What video game had a major impact on your childhood? MLaw2008 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Diablo II is what got me obsessed with summoner classes as well. I have always tried to main a pet class ever since, but they've been so underpowered in recent MMO's and games in general...

    [–] What is something your partner has done during sex that completely ruined it for you? MLaw2008 21 points ago in AskReddit

    Oh, I definitely burst out laughing!! I just had to roll over and laugh it out after that instead of proceeding at the time lol

    [–] What is something your partner has done during sex that completely ruined it for you? MLaw2008 211 points ago in AskReddit

    Yup... Ex did this to me. I had just finished going down on her, and as I'm coming up she says "Come to my bosom, child."

    That didn't end the relationship, but it certainly ended the sex drive

    [–] Big Mac [Homemade] MLaw2008 1 points ago in food

    We were almost there!

    [–] 3D Without The Glasses MLaw2008 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I can admit I was a culprit of this when I first joined Reddit... I thought my picture was funny enough, it made it to the front page, and then saw a lot of comments asking "Why the fuck is this on funny. Just a dude with a sword and a cat."

    I learned that day that my humor was stupid.

    [–] Ever take your VR helmet off and realize you’re on the other side of the room? MLaw2008 1 points ago in PSVR

    No, only because I am too paranoid that I will run into something and break it. I've seen the horror photos haha

    [–] Before I left the room I gave my friends one simple task of not breaking anything while I got food. MLaw2008 24 points ago in beatsaber

    This is why I force every person who plays the VR to put their straps on NO MATTER what. My fiance and I got into a full on rage war over it at one point, then I watched the controller slip out of her hand. The strap caught it, she stopped playing and said "Okay. I can feel the shit eating grin on your face. You were right."

    [–] Drunk baking..... MLaw2008 13 points ago in Cooking

    So regular banking.

    [–] Get with the program Claire, it’s a zombie MLaw2008 9 points ago in gaming

    Oh man... Yes. Rex says it once every 3 battles. It's painful.