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    [–] Chlorophyte claymore MLaw2008 3 points ago in Terraria

    Wow. I like this a lot. Good work!

    [–] Clark the bald eagle out of his carrier while going through security. MLaw2008 1 points ago in pics

    And then there's our cat... Who tore my fiancé's arm to shreds after being out of the crate for 30 seconds.

    [–] oh... good luck MLaw2008 3 points ago in FFXV

    Noooooooo :-( oof

    [–] Game removed from Google play? MLaw2008 1 points ago in Alluris

    It was a big fiasco on Google's part, and they've apparently increased the time they take to review games before allowing them on the store. It's still coming though!

    [–] so much "glitter" MLaw2008 8 points ago in WTF

    Bugs Bunny kidnapped them and they had to play basketball with a bunch of aliens.

    [–] What could have been awesome if people hadn’t ruined it? MLaw2008 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Well... WoW Classic could be great if people would stop ruining every single server.

    [–] I will add 1 gjallahorn for every upvotes this gets MLaw2008 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Don't care about Luke Smith. What does Kevin Smith smell like?

    [–] Yucatán shut down for health code violations MLaw2008 3 points ago in FortWorth

    No way!!! This is very surprising. I wonder if they'll be allowed to re-open... I wasn't a huge fan, but they did have some good chimichangas

    [–] Is this supposed to be inside a box of chicken stock?? MLaw2008 -1 points ago in Cooking

    Okay... I'm absolutely horrified by this post... Because last night I opened some beef broth and noticed a small formation floating on top that looked like some fat that had just made its way into the can.

    My fiance and I both feel fine today after having the broccoli beef dinner last night, but wtf. Never trusting broth with residue on top again after this post.

    [–] Taco/Burrito Suggestions? Preferably hole in the wall MLaw2008 2 points ago in FortWorth

    We used to go here for lunch all the time in high school. That place was awesome and was the only place I'd go for tamales. I need to stop by again soon!

    [–] Taco/Burrito Suggestions? Preferably hole in the wall MLaw2008 1 points ago in FortWorth

    Is Juanitos the tiny one on Vickery??

    Edit: Nvm. I'm thinking of Taqueria Melis.

    [–] Jack Black and Jack White finally team up to record a song as Jack Gray MLaw2008 1 points ago in Music

    I can't tell if Jack White is serious or not when he says that Jack Black and Kyle are really mean. I don't think they'd be like that... Maybe just too much lol

    [–] I think this guy hates balloons MLaw2008 1 points ago in WTF

    What the hell is even that?

    [–] “They never came back...” MLaw2008 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Dragging the brass sounds like something you could find on Urban dictionary

    [–] This transparent snail looks like a machine MLaw2008 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    GallowBoob... You've been around long enough to know how much of an over-saturated repost this was.... But you still decided to do it. I'm sad.

    [–] She’s a smart one. MLaw2008 12 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Yup... Biggest case was of Pony the Orangutan. They would shave her to make her more human-like too. Luckily some activists rescued her.