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    [–] anime_irl MMChemist 1 points ago in anime_irl

    Might have been. I just watched the episode today

    [–] Dakini 🔥, Chimura ⚡, Matak 🍃 playable options? MMChemist 2 points ago in populousthebeginning

    As far as I know, there are no advantages or disadvantages to playing any tribe. They're basically just reskins. I'm also very interested in knowing if there is a mod that lets you switch colors though. I think the matchmaker might have this functionality in online games.

    [–] anime_irl MMChemist 2 points ago in anime_irl

    Thanks m8, I'll check it out

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    What anime is it?

    [–] General Chem 109 experiences MMChemist 2 points ago in UWMadison

    Can confirm, am a chemistry major who got an A in 109.

    [–] A constant truth MMChemist 12 points ago in wholesomeanimemes

    Is it really good?

    [–] Profile Review - Week of July 18, 2017 MMChemist 2 points ago in Tinder


    Getting matches every now and again. I feel like I could be doing better. Any advice?

    [–] Spliced season 5 MMChemist 1 points ago in samuraijack

    Could you upload it to mega or something?

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    [–] Should my girlfriend speak to guys she's slept with in the past? MMChemist -1 points ago in relationship_advice

    It's a matter of respect. She knows you don't like that. If she does it anyway, it means she doesn't respect you. It doesn't even matter that she's had sex with these guys before. She's actively crossing you. I know this would be hard and sounds a bit crazy, but hear me out: if I were you, I would remind her you don't like it, and tell her you want her to stop. Don't ask her. Calmly but firmly tell her you want her to stop. If she respects your wishes and stops, then all is good. If she argues with you, don't argue back. Very calmly, you've got to tell her you're breaking up. It's not an ultimatum. It's not a negotiation. I know you may really not want to do this, but she doesn't respect you, which will cause more heartache later, so you should break up now before it gets there. You don't need this kind of person in your life. And to be clear, you must be completely calm the whole time as you talk to her. Don't argue with her. If she gets angry and yells and stuff, you must maintain your calmness. In Redpill terms, this would be known as "holding frame."

    [–] Attacked From All Sides - I think I might win MMChemist 1 points ago in populousthebeginning

    Yeah, I had the exact same experience when I replayed it recently. I did that on several other levels as well. I've gotta get me some crackers for this cheese.