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    [–] 35mm / Kodak Ektar / Portland, ME MNindietrash 2 points ago in filmphotography

    badass pic and badass dog! love it

    [–] 35mm Kodak Tri-X 400 (Nikon F4) MNindietrash 2 points ago in 35mm

    handsome skater and lovely tone turnout. awesome pic ~

    [–] [F/27] Any help for an autistic woman in a professional workplace? MNindietrash 2 points ago in lookbetter

    I think you are absolutely gorgeous and look kind of like Michelle Williams. I love your lipstick shades! Secondly, your nose is beautiful. I think it is very unique and really accentuates your face well.

    As for clothing, you seem to dress well! If you are looking for new work clothes, I always have good luck with Asos, Macy’s, or even a thrift store! You are so beautiful and I hope you do not let anxiety or the opinion of others change your mind.

    [–] What’s the best compliment you received that wasn’t about physical attractiveness? MNindietrash 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I am not a physically attractive person, so compliments about ME always make me feel warm. I often get that I have a “soothing” or “relaxing” voice.

    [–] What's a weird childhood ritual you still do today? MNindietrash 2 points ago in AskReddit

    i eat everything in layers. example - sandwhich. eat tomatoes first. then lettuce. then cheese. then ham. then both pieces of bread. you know zebra cakes? eat all of the waxy chocolate from the sides off first. then eat the waxy chocolate off from the top. then peel off the top dry cake layer. then lick off all of the frosting. then eat the bottom cake.

    [–] I [26F] moved in with my friend [29M] two weeks ago under the pretense of renting until I found an apartment. Now, he doesn't want me to leave. MNindietrash 1 points ago in relationships

    you do not owe this guy a thing! please do not feel bad for up and leaving. he sounds manipulative AF with crocodile tears, talk of taking his own life if you leave, etc. he sounds horrible. i hope you are able to get out, remove him from your life entirely, and enjoy your new living space.

    [–] BF (34M) doesn’t want to do the trip he promised me as a birthday gift, I (F26) understand but am sick of the way he again handled a problem MNindietrash 8 points ago in relationships

    I have a feeling he never actually planned a gift for you and came up with a last minute idea to make you happy. If he had actually gotten you a gift, he would have purchased tickets, made plans for the hotels, etc. He sounds very selfish. You should get out of this relationship and find happiness without him - it sounds like he isn’t bringing you any!

    [–] Husband (31M) just basically told me (30F) he can get away with things because he’s “bigger than me” MNindietrash 9 points ago in relationships

    Your husband sounds like an abusive dirtbag. Please consider leaving him. I can hypothesize that the behaviors he exhibited will only get worse and lead to more extreme physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Please leave before it gets worse. Please DM me if I can help at all/try to find some resources.

    [–] What movie did you see when you were "too young" that scarred you for life? MNindietrash 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m late to this, but Chucky. I accidentally sat on the Tv remote, couldn’t find it around me, and sat frozen in horror while Chucky was wielding a knife. Seeing a children’s doll commit murder F*CKED 6 year old me UP!

    [–] What sucks at first, but gets better with age? MNindietrash 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Listening to your parents tell stories. Now I feel like I always want to learn about both of their lives/their past.

    [–] hmmm MNindietrash 2 points ago in hmmm

    These boots were made for.....hunting?

    [–] Feel like ending it MNindietrash 4 points ago in leaves

    hey, you can do this. i know every single fiber of your being right now is telling you that you can’t - but you truly can. you are so capable, talented, and able to do this.

    do some stretches on the carpet, put on your favorite music, watch a youtube video, drink some water and have a snack, take a warm shower, or wash your face and lay down. everything will be okay. you are so important.

    [–] Amazing...incredible exchange with u/kimplovely MNindietrash 4 points ago in snackexchange

    oh boy - those toffee and almond chocolate bars are the absolute best!!! do enjoy! :-)

    [–] I crocheted this little Otter for Valentine's day :) MNindietrash 4 points ago in aww

    Am I able to get the pattern on this? It is absolutely precious and yours turned out so perfectly.

    [–] My (24f) boyfriend (26 m) of two years wants me to quit playing guitar MNindietrash 1 points ago in relationships

    He sounds horrid. Find someone who isn’t sexist and supports your hobbies with love and excitement. Good luck ~~

    [–] Myself (in the dress) and friend, Sara in 1998 MNindietrash 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    omg - i would have had a total crush on you both! i love it!