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    [–] I crocheted this little Otter for Valentine's day :) MNindietrash 4 points ago in aww

    Am I able to get the pattern on this? It is absolutely precious and yours turned out so perfectly.

    [–] My (24f) boyfriend (26 m) of two years wants me to quit playing guitar MNindietrash 1 points ago in relationships

    He sounds horrid. Find someone who isn’t sexist and supports your hobbies with love and excitement. Good luck ~~

    [–] Myself (in the dress) and friend, Sara in 1998 MNindietrash 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    omg - i would have had a total crush on you both! i love it!

    [–] My Grandpa and his old friend Wynton (Marsalis) braving the cold MNindietrash 1 points ago in aww

    I recognize that lovely Pendleton pattern! They are both so handsome! 💓

    [–] boyfriend is upset I suggested going to Aruba for vacation and I should have known better because he’s treating us MNindietrash 7 points ago in relationships

    My theory is that your boyfriend didn’t get you a Christmas gift or forgot, so he thought up the idea of taking you on a trip. He’s shitty for now being angry at you and putting you in this position. How were you supposed to know? He sounds totally gross.

    [–] I was going for something simple and subtle. MNindietrash 16 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    your eyeliner is so sharp - love it!!! and the earrings!

    [–] Hi, 33, How Are Ya? (A look for my birthday) MNindietrash 2 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    love the lip color and the eyes!!!! beauty - happy 33rd!

    [–] The mythical perfect hair day coinciding with a co-worker's baby shower, so happy! MNindietrash 1 points ago in curlyhair

    your hair looks so healthy and your makeup is so flawless. i’m crying 😭 your beauty is unreal!

    [–] Redditors whose father, grandfather or great grandfather fought in WWII, what is their most interesting war story they’ve told you? MNindietrash 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m totally late to this, but my grandfather was a fighter pilot. He was flying over the south pacific with a bomb a bomb to drop, but it didn’t release from his plane. This was back before the maps were even paper for the pilots, they were on cloth so if they were to get wet they weren’t ruined. So anyway, his bomb doesn’t release and he’s certain it’s going to detonate soon. He had to land his plane in the south pacific near some shore, and was actually rescued by some Japanese fishermen.

    [–] What small thing makes you automatically distrust someone? MNindietrash 4 points ago in AskReddit

    I recently met a girl the other day and our mutual friend left us together for a few minutes to throw a load of laundry in. This girl immediately goes, “I know you really like (our mutual friend) but honestly I don’t think you should trust her. She’s done a lot of bad things to me in the past and is kind of a bitch.”

    Mutual friend is my cousin, and she had known this other girl for a month or so. Anyone who starts to talk smack when the other person leaves the room just gives me a gross feeling.

    [–] Husband and I are having our longest fight ever and I don't know what to do MNindietrash 2 points ago in relationships

    I’m sorry you’re going through this. You should NEVER have to worry about your husband (or wife) saying they won’t see you so that they won’t do something they’ll regret, or that they will leave you alone with your baby for two days. That’s just plain weird and creepy. I don’t have any advice to offer, but I hope you and your daughter enjoy your New Year’s eve.

    [–] Love finding Pendleton! MNindietrash 5 points ago in ThriftStoreHauls

    This is actually a retired Pendleton design I believe. You can find a lot of this style on Etsy if you look up, “vintage Pendleton coat” or something like that.

    [–] Reddittors of Poland, first attempt at Pierogi, Be Amazed! MNindietrash 2 points ago in FoodPorn

    when i try to stay away from dairy, i take the kite hill chive cream cheese (made from almonds) and thin it out with some almond milk. makes for a handy substitute if you have the time/resources.

    [–] (NSFW) Redditors who lived in secluded towns, what's the darkest thing that has ever happened in your town that everyone knew about but never talked about? MNindietrash 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Back in the mid nineties, my little S-Town had a suspected murder of a high school student. A boy named Greg had become friends with an older (21ish) dude rolling through town, and they bonded over pot and drinking and just doing dumb things around my town. This dude (not greg) was known for being bad news, and had served prior jail time for small charges like theft or pot distribution.

    One day, Greg’s mom finds that Greg had hung himself in his bedroom closet. She also found vomit in the bathroom connected to his bedroom.

    It is ruled a suicide, but Greg’s creepy friend has been going around town at parties telling people that he murdered Greg himself. The police are alerted of this.

    They do another autopsy some time later to explore the possibility of a murder, and see that Greg’s throat has been filled with paper towels and kitty litter, along with his stomach being filled with kitty litter as well.

    Nobody knows what’s happened there, but Greg’s mom is completely distraught and convinced that her son was murdered by the friend. She gets a huge blown up sticker of Greg and slaps it on the side of her house as a memorial.

    There was not enough evidence to say that Greg’s friend had killed him, so the police move on. Creepy friend skips town, ending up somewhere in WI. He is now in prison for killing a HS student, framing a suicide for another boy.

    While nobody knows for sure if this dude killed Greg, it is very likely. Also, i’m going to try and find some links that I can reply to this story with. My writing is not very strong, so hopefully someone else can fill in the holes.

    [–] What "you know what, just to be safe..." thing you did ended up saving your ass later? MNindietrash 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I read, “flashlight” and wondered until the end of the story about how in the world those would have saved you. i’m glad it was actually flashlight, and i’m glad you all made it out safe!

    [–] What screams out "fuckboy"? MNindietrash 124 points ago in AskWomen

    any apparel from The Buckle

    [–] I'm Jonna Mendez, the former Chief of Disguise for the CIA. Ask Me Anything. MNindietrash 1 points ago in IAmA

    Does the CIA have a current Chief of Disguise? I wonder how common disguises are in current day. Along with that, are spies still a thing?! Neat stuff.