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    [–] Am I ruining my experience killing guardians immediately after getting the paraglider? Mach10X 1 points ago in botw

    Drank a moderate stealth potion, took out one of the lizard lookouts and got his boomerang weapon and nice bow, proceeded to one hit kill about half via melee sneak attacks, quite a few were taken out ranged headshots (this takes a while but they usually wont spot you if you have good cover to duck behind). And about 3 were fought head on (died a lot as they could one hit KO me).

    [–] First post, massive girth okay here? Mach10X 0 points ago in MassiveCock

    I enjoy appreciation from anyone but sorry guys, he's only available to service ladies. ;)

    [–] Pouch reset Mach10X 2 points ago in gastricsleeve

    You'll never be able to truly binge like you could before the surgery, but you can do spaced out binging where you eat a huge amount of food spaced out throughout the day. If you catch yourself doing this, a reset diet can serve both as a reminder not to do that, as well as shrink your liver and undo some of the harm to your pouch/sleeve. Constant pouch stretching causes your brain to ignore the "I'm full!" signal, smaller liver makes it better at processing fats and doesn't press as much on the pouch.

    I also highly recommend you use a picture collage app and do a side by side of yourself before and after the weight loss, look at that when you need to. If you have a lot of loose skin, consider saving up the $8k or so needed for a tummy tuck with muscle repair, seeing that in the mirror might also keep you motivated to keep the weight off forever.

    [–] Can I fuck up a sleeve? Mach10X 1 points ago in gastricsleeve

    I realize this is nearly a month old topic, but wanted to give some advice. CBT counseling can be a key part in overcoming binge eating behavior, I'd strongly recommend checking to see if your insurance covers mental health then find a good CBT psychologist (PhD) or LMHC, look up ratings and reviews and find a good one, specializing in eating disorders can help but CBT is the primary thing to look for with good ratings.

    Most insurances require a 6 month medically assisted weight loss trial. Use this time to test your dedication to lose weight, how badly do you want this? Do you need to lose 200 pounds? Try to lose 50 during the 6 month trial on your own. Let your success, or lack there of, help you determine if you are ready for surgery, if you aren't ready, then continue with counseling and tell the counselor what your goal is: "I want to prepare myself for a lifetime change in my eating habits so I can be successful with weight loss surgery."

    Good luck!

    [–] Pouch reset Mach10X 2 points ago in gastricsleeve

    The pre-op diet you did before surgery is essentially the same as the pouch shrinking diet. 3-5 days of disciplined liquid diet (plus your supplements) can help a lot. Depending on how badly stretched it's gotten and if it's fully healed (new tissue growth) will determine how successful you'll be at this. I'm still pre-op on my surgery, but my wife is 4 years out, if she has a day she binged, she will immediately do all liquid for at least 2 days following and learns her lesson (for a while at least). She's managed to be very successful and has kept off 230lbs for 4 years now.

    [–] Bypass or sleeve? Mach10X 1 points ago in gastricsleeve

    Most people should get RNY (bypass). Men generally have an easier time losing weight due to hormones (is his Total Testosterone in normal range of 300-1200ng/dL?). A psych evaluation should help him determine how likely he is to succeed with a sleeve, if he has worries he should tell the psychologist/psychiatrist what his concerns are and ask for advice from him and his surgeon.

    A really good indicator is how much weight he is able to lose on his own during the weight loss trial. I'm currently down 110lbs from highest of 450 and will be sleeved next month (most of it during the 6 month trial). I'm sure you know that surgery isn't taking the easy way out, it's just a medical tool to help you succeed, the weight loss is 100% your own responsibility.

    Revisions can be needed because of complications, it's worth traveling to go to a top rated surgeon, or because of not following the diet and overeating (stretching your pouch/sleeve). There may be other reasons I'm not familiar with.

    So if your husband is really determined and shows his discipline by consistently losing a good chunk of weight throughout his trial, then a sleeve should be okay. If he consistently loses only a little weight during the trial, then a RNY bypass is more likely to be successful. If he's very inconsistent with weight gain and loss during the trial or doesn't seem 100% determined to be successful, then he should not get the surgery at all since there's a real risk or mortality.

    Source: Personal research for my own upcoming surgery, living with a successful RNY patient for the past 4 years, and a close cousin who was only moderately with a sleeve.

    [–] Recipe guide? Mach10X 2 points ago in botw

    This is true, but it can be useful to have other recipes so you have something to do with rice and mushrooms, etc before you sell them off. It's a little rewarding to be able to cook a dish with a name like curry.

    [–] Is my game messed up? Mach10X 3 points ago in botw

    My technique for perfect parry is to first SAVE, then get really close to the guardian, LZ target, then wait until I see its eye glow blue, them immediately press A. Too soon and you'll get hit, too early and your shield will break. It shouldn't matter if the A button get's "stuck", you can hold down A and still pull off a perfect parry.

    PS: This should use the term shield parry, a traditional parry in sword fighting involves using your weapon to deflect your opponent's weapon.

    [–] Scored a bunch of Reboot figures thrifting! Mach10X 2 points ago in 90scartoons

    Frisket was the dog's name. Oddly out of place as it's an old illustration technique involving masking tape or film.

    [–] Am I ruining my experience killing guardians immediately after getting the paraglider? Mach10X 3 points ago in botw

    Okay, good to know. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to skip an entire section related to gathering ancient parts all at once whenever I find whoever needs those parts. I'm up to 66 screws, 44 springs, 37 gears, 20 shafts, 4 cores, and 2 giant cores. Do these things have any use other than turning them in to someone at the village?

    [–] What is a common internet thing that you hate? Mach10X 2 points ago in AskReddit

    As a former AppleCare employee the official language was tap and hold. I believe the knowledge base used the same language.

    [–] Best way to convert old side-by-side 3D movie with squashed vertical aspect ratio to a VR format for mobile devices? Mach10X 1 points ago in virtualreality

    That's strange, I've not found any iOS VR players that will un-fuck the aspect ratio where it's squeezing two 1080p frames side by side into a single 1080p frame.

    I managed to edit the video how I wanted but I couldn't render it here at work as apparently Davinci Resolve only works well on Windows 10. We'll find tomorrow I guess when I try it there.

    [–] Best way to convert old side-by-side 3D movie with squashed vertical aspect ratio to a VR format for mobile devices? Mach10X 0 points ago in virtualreality

    The problem is that I must adjust the aspect ratio, right now it's squished horizontally 50%. I think i've found a way to do it in davinci resolve but it's slow going on the learning curve for me, haha.

    [–] This sub has really opened my eyes Mach10X 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Parenting

    I have first hand experience with this. During a heated verbal fight in which I had just learned my now-ex-wife was cheating on me, again, I made the mistake of grabbing her hand to help her off the couch, the horror I saw in her eyes was something alien to me. She used to watch her father beat the shit out of her Mother. Her father would fly off the handle yelling and screaming over stupid stuff. He would take out his unrelated frustrations on her. Between me yelling at her for her infidelity and the physical contact I made, she slipped into a PTSD moment and ran across the room and grabbed her gun. I feel deeply for the wounds my ex, you, and everyone has suffered watching their father abuse their mother. I know it leaves something broken inside you and I wish I was able to heal it. I'm not sure if you've seen the eyes of someone in the middle of a PTSD panic, but I knew that had I not made the difficult choice I did in that moment--to perform a takedown and disarm her--that I would have been killed, leaving our daughter with no parents at all; me dead and her mother in jail.

    My heart still goes out to my ex and all of you that have witnessed or suffered abuse like this. I hope that you have someone you can talk to about your past trauma, talking it through and dissecting it can take away the power it has over you. Good luck.

    [–] Trying to buy my first house (FHA), just did a balance transfer to a new Discover card 0% for 14 months, good idea or bad idea? Mach10X -4 points ago in personalfinance

    Considering the situation I'm in, the other options are to move in with my father where I'll become a live-in nurse for my dying aunt and be forced to buy another car and commute 45 minutes to work (as opposed to 8 minutes from the home I'm moving out of or the one I'm planning on buying). Or continue to live with my ex, a horrible situation that will likely result in threats of violence or violence again. I can't be in that situation much longer and renting a place suitable to raise my daughter in part time would cost at least $800/mo in rent and that's money I'm tired of tossing on a fire, I'd rather spend less and build equity even if it means dipping into my retirement.

    Things are civil with my ex for now, but without a light at the end of the tunnel things will go sour again quickly.

    Regarding the $5k loan, I'd be more than willing to liquidate whatever I needed to to settle that loan if I found myself in such a situation. It's also the reason I'd rather liquidate the ~4k needed for closing costs in addition to what I have in savings rather than take out a second retirement loan which would further reduce my paychecks.

    I'm dead set on buying a house, even if it's one of the few I'm not in love with in the $50k-$60k range that need new flooring and interior paint in some rooms.