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    [–] Recommendations for exotic SS wire types and vendors that carry them Mach10X 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Any particular recommendations for SS wire that you like? Specialized tools or techniques you recommend for wrapping coils with thicker wire so they wont unwind?

    [–] $400 2.1 Home Theater setup, how did I do? Mach10X 4 points ago in BudgetAudiophile

    God I hope that's it, if that's the case it's a $22 fix, if not I'm still doing pretty well only having to buy a new cone on a $500 sub.

    [–] $400 2.1 Home Theater setup, how did I do? Mach10X 3 points ago in BudgetAudiophile

    I'm no idiot, I had to make compromises as a responsible adult and yes I made a mistake with the Sub, but the vast majority of folks out there just use the tinny built-in speakers on their TV or spend $800 on a POS soundbar. Thankfully I have something already to correct the subwoofer issue, a blown Paradigm PDR-12 v3 sub I picked up at goodwill which can hopefully be revived with a patch kit.

    [–] $400 2.1 Home Theater setup, how did I do? Mach10X 6 points ago in BudgetAudiophile

    Sad to hear about the sub. I picked up a nice blown subwoofer from Goodwill liquidation for $5, I haven't gotten around to repairing it. It's a 12" Paradigm, hopefully a patch kit will fix it up, amp seems fine in it, worse case I'll spend a little more and replace the cone.

    [–] $400 2.1 Home Theater setup, how did I do? Mach10X 1 points ago in BudgetAudiophile

    Considering the way the Samsung KS8500 is setup with a weird OneConnect box it's super easy to connect and disconnect things if necessary. And being the technology geek that I am, I don't really have much need for a bunch of devices, even the AppleTV is mainly just used for mirroring my phone or tablet to the screen and the Crunchy Roll app, I can access my media server via Plex app directly on the TV and I prefer to use Youtube/Hulu/Netflix/Amazon video directly on the TV since it natively supports HDR and 4k. Aside from that I have a PS4Pro and Steam Link. Since moving away from my parents in 2009 I've never occupied more than 3 HDMI ports on a TV and really don't see myself ever doing so in the future.

    [–] $400 2.1 Home Theater setup, how did I do? Mach10X 0 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in BudgetAudiophile

    At $75 each they sound like they should have cost $200+ each. I was really afraid that my powered sub was going to vastly out power the T50's but damn if they don't put out some serious power. The SMSL I got is rated at 80W per channel at 4 ohms, the T50's are 6ohm speakers and pull about 53W maximum each. It seems that I chose well because it's able to fill the whole area with amazing sound at about 27/100 and at 44/100 it's enough to probably cause permanent hearing damage. Even when cranked up in the 40's the sound is very well balanced though I do have an equalizer set on the SMSL. Dialogue is prominent even when there's a lot of background audio going on such as music or even explosions. I had a cheap $100 Sony Stereo hooked up before and it was muddier than noodling for catfish in a Louisiana bayou, this is crystal clear like a Caribbean lagoon.

    EDIT: For anyone wondering, the deleted post was talking about having 2 of the subwoofers I have in my setup and how much he loved them. In his defense even a poor quality SUB is better than no sub. Looks like I'll have to up my game and repair the old Paradigm PDR-12 v3 I picked up at goodwill finally, fingers crossed.

    [–] $400 2.1 Home Theater setup, how did I do? Mach10X 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in BudgetAudiophile

    The bass is superb, the kind you can feel deep in your gut but clean and well defined tones (when properly adjusted of course). Dialogue is clear and crisp, and honestly a joy to use. I have the towers sitting up on my console table with the TV mounted above. I was honestly a little worried about how clear dialogue would be without going with a center channel and I'm happy to report that it's not muddy at all like I had worried. Considering that everything is digital from the sources (PS4, Steam Link, AppleTV), to the TV, to the SMSL it's no surprise that everything is re-created correctly. The SMSL also has a 3.5mm output specifically for the subwoofer and I just run a heavy gauge specialty subwoofer cable that's 3.5mm male on one end and L/R RCA on the other end. The SMSL takes care of all the balancing and I don't have to worry about the low pass. There's a lot of overlap in the range with the tower speakers so getting the phase correct is essential otherwise there is a lot of audio cancelling if it's out of phase. For me it was really obvious which phase was correct, one way it sounded muffled and horrible, the other was crisp and clean.

    EDIT: Everyone is saying the sub I got is garbage, and that may be the case, I have a Paradigm 12" sub that I can swap out, it just needs the cone repaired. I'm still getting a good bass experience even on this setup and that's likely mostly due to the amazing range the T50's can put out, it'd be a fine setup even without the subwoofer.

    [–] [USA] [$60-100] Looking for in-ear headphones with relatively short cord. Mach10X 1 points ago in BudgetAudiophile

    Check out my stand alone reply, the ones I linked are angled and do not loop over the ear (I can't stand that either as it gets very painful after a couple of hours), have a fairly short cord, just long enough to reach my pocket, and have a great in-line microphone. The buttons on them work to activate Siri or Google voice controls, play/pause, skip, and volume.

    If you want okay in-ear headphones (single driver) I was fairly happy with the wood grain Symphonized eadbuds, I did have to glue them back together once, so keep that in mind:

    [–] [USA] [$60-100] Looking for in-ear headphones with relatively short cord. Mach10X 1 points ago in BudgetAudiophile

    I'm pretty discerning when it comes to audio, I'm by no means a true audiophile but as a lifetime musician I'm pretty sensitive to distorted audio. I can't say enough good things about the 1more in-ear headphones, I was like you buying cheap headphones (usually in the $25 range). These in-ear monitors are a giant leap above and on-par with a pair of $400 Shure headphones I tested but cost a little under $100.

    It looks like they now also make quad driver version as well for about $150...perhaps I'll gift my triple drivers to a friend one day and order myself a pair of those someday.

    Regarding cord length, I'm 6'0 and these are just long enough to reach my phone in my pocket with about 3" slack.

    [–] $400 2.1 Home Theater setup, how did I do? Mach10X 14 points ago in BudgetAudiophile

    Before anyone comments about using a receiver, I have no need for one, all of my devices send digital audio over HDMI to my television which sends digital audio over optical to my SMSL amp (which has an equalizer, and all plenty of bells and whistles for me). I also greatly value the small footprint of the SMSL amp, it's also far more powerful that I imagined and putting it at around 45/100 is bordering on ear damaging though it still sounds crisp and clean.

    [–] Vandy vape pulse 80 question Mach10X 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    As others have kind of said already it runs at a higher wattage for a short time (I have mine set to 0.3s). So if I have it set to 40W in H mode and set it to 150% 0.3s it will run at 60W for 0.3 seconds to preheat the coil then 40W as long as I continue to hold the fire button. Makes up for the shitty TC in my opinion since the whole point of TC is being able to blast the coil to full heat at a high wattage then let the TC sensor back off on the wattage. This is kind of a manual version of that that you must tweak yourself.

    [–] How do people on this board feel about gun control Mach10X 5 points ago in communism

    Yes during the early days of machine guns this was kind of true, but the face of war has changed drastically. While war is still hell, it's a different kind of hell than during the trench warfare of WW1 or the massive death tolls of WW2. In fact if we're talking about the USA then the civil war was by far the bloodiest and guns then topped out at around 3 rounds per minute if you were highly trained.

    Like everyone else here I do not trust the US government to decide who we go to war with and for what reasons, but I will say that they have gotten much better about minimizing casualties to achieve their goals. Improvements in technology, recon, and the public eye have all let to that. Now if only people could wake up and see that the only thing really worth fighting for is the happiness and well-being of humanity...

    [–] Haven't played much in years, looking for reed and ligature suggestions. Mach10X 3 points ago in Clarinet

    I think I'm going to eventually order myself a Silverstein Cryo 4 ligature and go with the BG Super Revelation for now. I've personally never had much luck with Vandoren anything.

    [–] Haven't played much in years, looking for reed and ligature suggestions. Mach10X 2 points ago in Clarinet

    Wow that's awesome, glad to meet a fellow MAP alum. I've been playing a lot of solo's (with accompanying piano track) or duets (usually by recording myself and playing it back on my nice speaker system). I've also been downloading a lot of video game music arrangements for single note instruments as long as they have the same similar range as Clarinet they play pretty well.

    I got interested again because I've recently married and two of my step children are very interested in learning Clarinet.

    [–] I want this game so badly Mach10X 1 points ago in Astroneer

    Nothing wrong with pirating a game to see if it'll run on your system then buying it, I know the lead developer at Chucklefish (Starbound) essentially told people to do this. Kinda wish I had done this with No Man's Sky.

    [–] For those of you in a relationship, is she a size queen from the jump or did she get used to your size? Mach10X 0 points ago in bigdickproblems

    I still refuse to believe that I have a big dick, none of my partners have really had any trouble at all. I’m 5.8x6.3 and apparently 6.3” girth is quite big. I’ve only ever seen my own dick in person and porn is difficult to really compare.

    [–] Aspire Breeze 2 Fluid Mach10X 1 points ago in electronic_cigarette

    Yeah I did, what bullshit ugh

    [–] Nic Salt juice Mach10X 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in electronic_cigarette

    Wait what? Do you have a link to this change? EDIT: okay I see this listed in the side bar, but where does it come from?

    EDIT 2: Found it: