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    [–] Live WWE Raw Discussion Thread - Feb 17th 2020 MadGirth 1 points ago in SquaredCircle

    He did it a couple times before the rumble when he was a heel

    [–] Live WWE NXT TakeOver: Portland Discussion Thread MadGirth 5 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Johnny just doesn’t sell that leg that’s getting worked over at all

    [–] Rolled into my dads shop today MadGirth 85 points ago in trashy

    Look who posted it there baby

    [–] Pop had this roll into his shop today MadGirth 26 points ago in carbage

    Yeah I asked if he worked on it and he told the person who assigns the job to him (the writer) get someone to clean it out and I’ll look into the issue but not until then.

    [–] Pop is a mechanic and this rolled into his shop MadGirth 1 points ago in NeckbeardNests

    He said me he told the writer to get the car cleaned out and he would take a look but not until then

    [–] FREE Wrestlemania TICKETS (What?!) MadGirth 1 points ago in SquaredCircle

    If we get edge vs randy I would love to be there live, I recently got my roommate into wrestling and being able to take him to an event as big as mania would be phenomenal. Edge and randy were some of the biggest heels of my whole life and seeing them live would blow me away.

    [–] Randy Orton being a sneaky snek like he is MadGirth 7 points ago in SquaredCircle

    First match I ever watched, saw Findlay pull out the apron when Rey went for a baseball slide and immediately hated him.

    [–] Here he talks about being in the Air Force again so who knows? MadGirth 14 points ago in martincabello

    That’s how it sounds to me, I mean if he was AWOL the police would’ve picked him up when they came to his house one of the many times to take him back to his last duty station and the AF would handle it.

    [–] [FREE] 100+ AAA Steam Keys MadGirth 1 points ago in FREE

    Skyrim has been calling my name for years

    [–] [Impact Spoilers] Big spoiler from Mexico tapings tonight MadGirth 9 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Do you have a source on her being racist? I looked into and found nothing.

    [–] [Smackdown Spoilers] Superstar somehow smiles for the camera in mid air MadGirth 4 points ago in SquaredCircle

    The Usos post bright color have been amazing and have earned themselves a spot among the best teams of all time.