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    [–] SMITE AMA + Giveaway! We just launched free-to-play on Switch. You can download today on the Nintendo eShop. MaetzleAT 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I played Smite for a bit before, but my computer can barely run it. Finally I get to play it on Switch and it looks so good - great job on the port.

    And glad to read that you are planning on adding gyro aiming, hopefully I get a bit better with landing skill shots with the analog stick until then though.

    [–] i CaN'T EvEn MaetzleAT 7 points ago in Nicegirls

    You can go to r/niceguys and find almost the same conversations with genders reveresed. people don‘t like rejections im general. And there are people of either sex that can‘t deal with it at all.

    If anything you‘ll find more of them over there as it‘s still way more common for a man to ask a woman out than the other way around.

    [–] Online game with active player base MaetzleAT 2 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Pardon. Had the game for so long I forgot I paid for it. Either way - worth a buy!

    [–] Does anyone know what time smite goes free to play on the switch? MaetzleAT 5 points ago in Smite

    Hi-Rez probably knows, but they didn't tell us.

    Paladins launched late afternoon/early evening in Europe back when it went F2P (hours after the eShop is typically updates).

    [–] When your anti-vaxx and want to offend as many people as you can MaetzleAT 2 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Well had you not been vaccinated you would've probably caught that spelling error. Checkmate, pro vaxers!

    [–] Online game with active player base MaetzleAT 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in NintendoSwitch

    Personally I'm mostly playing Paladins recently - it runs well at 60FPS (but is quite the bugfest on any platform) and you find matches quickly thanks to cross-play with Xbox (and PC if you so choose). Also allows for cross-progression if you decide you wanna play on PC without having to start from square one.

    Same goes for Smite which releases today.

    But there are several Free2Play games with active communities - Fornite, Rocket Leauge... really depends on what kind of games you are after.

    Edit: Rocket League is not F2P, sorry.

    [–] So why do i get a deserter penalty because my game crashed? (XBOX) MaetzleAT 1 points ago in Smite

    Guess it's hard for them to differentiate between a crash and someone actively trying to get out of the queue, because they last-minute decide they don't want to play. The real problem are the crashes. Happens to me on Paladins on my Switch pretty frequently and yes, it's very annoying.

    [–] Smite on switch release time? MaetzleAT 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Smite

    We don't know. Paladins released later than the eShop typically is updated (I think it released late afternoon/early evening in Europe), whilst the eShop is usually updates at 14:00 (2pm) CET.

    [–] Wir haben halt größere Sachen im Land ;) MaetzleAT 15 points ago in Austria

    Sieht eher aus wie ne 0,5 Liter Dose. Eine Bierdose sieht doch auch nicht kleiner aus in der Hand.

    Außer es ist ne sehr große Hand.

    [–] Literally always MaetzleAT 5 points ago in gaming


    [–] Did EvilMojo ditch mac users? MaetzleAT 3 points ago in Paladins

    Smite also crashed for me on Mac after the patch on Monday. On Wednesday they finally delivered a patch, hope this problem doesn't take that long.

    As for "abandoning Mac" - I highly doubt they would just nilly-willy abandon a platform without communicating it months advance and explaining themself.

    [–] Patch Day Discussion/Bug Report Megathread - 6.1 "Season 6" MaetzleAT 1 points ago in Smite

    If Sony decides to allow cross-play later on, will I be able to get my skins and God Pack?


    We are technically ready to support cross-play on other platforms as the opportunity arises.

    [–] Paladins - Implementing Cross-Play tomorrow! MaetzleAT 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Ranked is always input-specific (so Xbox with Mouse+Keyboard will be paired with PC with Mouse and Keyboard, PC with controller will be matched with Switch/Xbox players using a controller), casual matches are for all input modes, but that can be turned to input specific as well in the options.

    After a while the ELO of players should adjust accordingly, so even if PC players are faster on average the people who aren't super good with mouse+keyboard will be on a similar skill level als players who are good with controllers.

    [–] 2.02 Patch Day Megathread MaetzleAT 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in Paladins

    Hope this patch doesn't brick the Mac version like the Smite patch on Monday did (and still hasn't been fixed sadly).

    [–] About Crossplay MaetzleAT 2 points ago in Paladins

    Link your Xbox account to your Hi-rez account and you're good to go. Champion pack, skins etc. will be available on both platforms, apart from some special platform-locked ones (from what I've read on the Smite Reddit, e.g. the Scylla skin that was available through the Smite Founder's Pack for Switch doesn't show up on PC for one user).

    [–] What is this ? It doesn’t let me play it haha ( I’m on the switch ) MaetzleAT 12 points ago in Paladins

    That's what it looks like when limited logins begin, when they are doing maintenance. New patch coming up.

    [–] Guuuuuys this is getting so exciting! MaetzleAT 5 points ago in Paladins

    New map, new skins, new event, bug fixes, cross-play and -progression. Not that bad for a patch.

    [–] According to the quiz, Im gay for koga apparently MaetzleAT 6 points ago in Paladins

    Everyone was is gay for Koga until he takes his mask off.

    [–] Umbrellas are only for liquid precipitation. MaetzleAT 7 points ago in gatekeeping

    Umbrellas for rain are called Regenschirm (rain umbrella) and against sun it's a Sonnenschirm (sun umbrella). Sadly, but sadly we don't call one against snow Schneeschirm (snow umbrella).

    [–] Switch weapon skin on PC MaetzleAT 1 points ago in Paladins

    Odd, I linked my account on Monday when Smite was patched and Paladins said I unlocked the weapon, but it doesn't show up for me in customization.

    [–] Umbrellas are only for liquid precipitation. MaetzleAT 2 points ago in gatekeeping

    Duh, it‘s called Regenschirm, not Schneeschirm!