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    [–] Can’t help but notice that my 4-year-old self held the same energy as Toby MajorGamer14 5 points ago in DunderMifflin

    It’s actually the scene where Toby tells Dwight to take the dead Christmas goose out of the office, but that’s a good scene too!

    [–] Chris Pratt, working as a waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in the year 2000, shortly before moving to LA to debut in his first film as an actor. MajorGamer14 6 points ago in pics

    Taken from Chris Pratt’s Facebook post:

    “Twenty years ago I was a waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. Every time I go back I’m reminded of the thousands of shrimp I ate off of people’s plates on the way back to the kitchen. Please tip your server. Leave at least 20%. Also leave some shrimp.”

    [–] KH community atm [Media] MajorGamer14 3 points ago in KingdomHearts

    What’s a curlynap?

    [–] Proud moment for me: My movie comes out in theaters today. I spent every day since I was 12 waiting for today. Thank you Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas for taking a chance on me. MajorGamer14 1 points ago in pics

    Oh bother, how has no one in this thread commented that you share the same name as legendary voice actor Jim Cummings! It must be tough getting mixed up with him and his talent at being the voice of many characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger!

    [–] [US-CA] [H] new Spider-man PS4 Console [W] $500 Paypal shipped MajorGamer14 -4 points ago in GameSale

    it's packaged in a box and ready for shipping so but believe me it's a brand new console

    [–] [US-CA] [H] new Spider-man PS4 Console [W] $500 Paypal shipped MajorGamer14 -2 points ago in GameSale

    I done some trades before as you can see in my profile, and it's a sealed box so if you want another pic for the box I can do it, also about the "big purchase" you're using PayPal G&S so you'll have the Buyer Protection

    [–] I Colored all of the Beta Sprites MajorGamer14 4 points ago in pokemon

    If you think about it, Curse might have just been their signature move!