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    [–] Does anyone here want to have kids someday? Why? Man-in-The-Void 1 points ago in teenagers

    I have absolutely no fucking clue, so I’m not making any decisions until i find out

    [–] Can someone explain? Man-in-The-Void 1 points ago in forhonorknights

    Marcoyolo had a hit video that started it all i think

    [–] dEus BulT Man-in-The-Void 2 points ago in forhonorknights

    As a jew i find this funny, i give you one nazi joke pass

    Edit: wait shit someone made the exact same joke

    [–] High school Man-in-The-Void 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in teenagers

    Fuckin no lol.

    High school is basically middle school except more in depth and 1 year longer. Learn deeper into things, form deeper relationships with people(sometimes literally ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), and stress tf out when college time rolls around for you in like 3-4 years

    Tips that I should’ve followed to not stress tf during college time:

    • get SATs and ACTs out of the way EARLY. Best way to study is to just do practice tests you can find in a book or online or something.
    • side note on SATs: don’t be afraid of bombing it, you can take it as many times as you want(but it’s like ~$100 per test. Around 3 times should be your limit before you’re just burning money
    • some colleges take AP credits. If you think you can take it, take some AP classes and the AP exam at the of the year to get AP credit to possibly skip some classes later in college and save $$(will be important later trust me)
    • get a job
    • do electives(like band)
    • do community service, people like that
    • by god, PLEASE take an online course or two over the summer. It’ll really help you, and a lot of colleges are requiring online courses nowadays
    • Do your research when looking for colleges

    Lmk if i missed anything

    [–] this isn't r/lewronggeneration but why the fuck is our generation so stupid? Man-in-The-Void 1 points ago in teenagers

    But see there’s the thing, there’s no “good” or “bad” when it comes to it, it just “is”. It’s all subjective

    [–] Captain Underpants does not mess around Man-in-The-Void -7 points ago in tumblr

    If anything it’s a cheap shot at trying to be hip and cool with the newer generation , like “See look at me! I’m cool! Gay people are amazing and That’s Totally MeTM”

    To me it makes them look like they’re trying too hard. Just be nice(idk how else to put it)

    [–] this isn't r/lewronggeneration but why the fuck is our generation so stupid? Man-in-The-Void 1 points ago in teenagers

    If anything they’re cleaning out the gene pool lol. And besides, it’s not like people were doing anything different back in ye old days. I heard from older people i know that they used to smoke cigarettes in the bathrooms at school. People in general are gross, selfish assholes, and that might just be the advantage from an evolutionary perspective; you’ll live longer and have more babies(the important part) if you take in as many resources for yourself. And changing a mindset and challenging biological whims is hard and takes effort; people are lazy too.

    [–] You can make a religion out of this Man-in-The-Void 2 points ago in tumblr

    Louis XVI was so last revolutionary France. LOUIS XIV on the other hand, THAT guy had power

    [–] Captain Underpants does not mess around Man-in-The-Void 18 points ago in tumblr

    Exactly. Straight people aren’t politicalized(is that a word?) so why should anyone else? Just treat people like people

    [–] I threw a rat Man-in-The-Void 11 points ago in tumblr

    Not quite my tempo.

    [–] How do you guys deal with the feeling of being scammed? Man-in-The-Void 1 points ago in tf2

    Really? Wow, I didn’t even think you could do that. I mean, right now I’m still kind of moving between jobs while prepping for college, so I don’t exactly have a lot of time to keep playing right now lol. But this is definitely inspirational

    [–] Why are Nuxia’s emotes so cute? Man-in-The-Void 1 points ago in forhonor

    We all know what “dancer” means in those times

    Nuxia was a stripper

    [–] Imagine Man-in-The-Void 3 points ago in memes

    Idk why people get so freaked out about it, it’s just a snack for later. Fried Foreskin, yum!