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    [–] Bruges, in Belgium looks like a town out of some sort of a disney story. MaritimeMonkey 3 points ago in europe

    Every single comment section on any post that mentions Bruges is ruined because of that movie. It's always the same shitty lines. Luckily on /r/soccer the football club is usually named the Dutch way, Club Brugge, so people might not be sure that that's Bruges.

    [–] Bruges, in Belgium looks like a town out of some sort of a disney story. MaritimeMonkey 1 points ago in europe

    Brussels is very French dominated and very international so English works itself in as well. There are many Dutch speakers that commute to Brussels, but not many live there.

    In addition, quite a bit of resentment between Flemish and Walloons/Bruxellois, the latter rarely bother to learn Dutch so more and more Flemish are refusing to speak French. As an end result, you've got people living in a country with three official languages that then use a fourth language to speak to each other.

    [–] Black friday chaos in Finland! MaritimeMonkey 28 points ago in europe

    Santa Claus is just a shit Sinterklaas.

    [–] Post-Match Thread: Napoli 3-0 Shakhtar MaritimeMonkey 2 points ago in soccer

    Would be amusing to see you guys end up in Donetsk wondering where the fuck everyone is.

    [–] I drew the banshee queen. Honestly after that cinematic I’m officially defecting to the Horde... MaritimeMonkey 1 points ago in wow

    True, but I rarely see people being hyped about Blood Elves either. Many Horde centric threads on most forums usually focus on the Orcs, Tauren, Trolls or Sylvanas. Yet when looking at metrics, it's the Blood Elves on top every time.

    On the bright side, people playing Blood Elves are probably more likely to be the ones rerolling Nightborne.

    [–] Dutch holliday season has started this saturday MaritimeMonkey -1 points ago in europe

    The Zwarte Pieten aren't Sinterklaas' slaves, they were saved from slavers by Sinterklaas so work together to bring joy. He's the OG Daenarys, breaker of chains.

    [–] Dutch holliday season has started this saturday MaritimeMonkey 1 points ago in europe

    Dude, shut up! You'll get those whiny shits to come down here as well.

    It's one of the best things about being a country nobody cares about, people aren't whining about what you're doing "wrong".

    [–] Horde v Alliance MaritimeMonkey 3 points ago in warcraftlore

    Horde players would just loooove that. Another big Horde character becomes the bad guy, the Horde gets defeated again and we're left with a bunch of fucking nobodies as leadership. Vol'jin is also dead, there might be some spirit thing to keep him somewhat relevant, but he's still a bit too dead to be warchief.

    It would mean every Horde faction lost their important leader since WoW started, except for the Goblins but Gallywix is a fucking asshole and probably the only one that should have died. Counting Kael'thas as Blood Elf leader, because him turning bad and to the Burning Legion was also a complete waste and gave us nothing in return.

    At that point, you might as well just end the Horde entirely and make the game Alliance-only.

    [–] Hitchhiking MaritimeMonkey 2 points ago in WTF

    He was already slowed down, which caused the accident in the first place. He then sped up and away from the accident, which would be more likely to throw the biker off.

    [–] Weekly Newbie Thread- Ask A Lore Expert MaritimeMonkey 1 points ago in warcraftlore

    Bolvar's control doesn't reach as far as Arthas' control. Furthermore, once a connection has been broken, like what happened to the Forsaken, it can't easily be remade. Forsaken soldiers were at the Lich King's doorsteps and the LK couldn't get them under his control.

    The Scourge in EPL and WPL aren't controlled by Bolvar, some groups are mindless, others are controlled by a powerful Scourge member, in WPL's case that was the lich Araj the Summoner.

    [–] Can Rastakhan be the next leader of the troll faction? MaritimeMonkey 3 points ago in warcraftlore

    They have to be full-fledged members of the Horde because we will be able to play as them for the rest of WoW. Our player characters will remain at their side for the rest of the story.

    There's a good chance the Blood Elves and Forsaken wouldn't have remained members of the Horde if game mechanics didn't require them to.

    [–] How are Humans a world power? MaritimeMonkey 6 points ago in warcraftlore

    The humans were just as fractured as the dwarves were. At least Ironforge was always the main Dwarven city and the Bronzebeards were the most numerous. Lordaeron was the main human city, Stormwind only became that when Lordaeron fell to the scourge and it itself was only recently rebuilt. Whether the humans have a higher population is very debatable.

    The main lore reason, in my opinion, why the dwarves aren't leading the Alliance is because they're just not very expansionist. They've got their area of the world and will defend it to the death, but really don't care as much about what goes on beyond their borders. The dwarves can always carve out more underground, while the humans have to expand horizontally.

    [–] All of my friends rerolling to Horde has me like... MaritimeMonkey 7 points ago in wow

    Oh c'mon, Goblins are the least played race already. Why push that even lower by weakening their racial.

    [–] WoW faction pride summed up in one picture MaritimeMonkey 1 points ago in wow

    The Tauren population could actually be booming. Pre-Horde they used to be hunted by centaurs and never really had a home, mostly living a nomadic life. Since this is the first time in generations that they were safe and united, their population could explode.

    I'm also pretty sure Goblins fuck like rabbits, as that would be the only explanation why their incredibly dangerous actions haven't resulted in their extinction yet.

    Blood Elves(like the Night Elves) should probably be dying out, as their incredibly long lives would likely result in not having a lot of children.

    [–] Trebuchets on top of SIEGE TOWERS throwing 90kg boulders, ON FIRE! no wonder the Alliance wins this battle! MaritimeMonkey -5 points ago in wow

    I doubt the capital cities are going to be gone gone, both Teldrassil/Darnassus and Undercity were pretty shitty cities, so it wouldn't surprise me if this was an excuse to rebuild both of them. The Night Elves get a new tree, the Forsaken rebuild the city above ground with their WotLK architecture.

    This could mean Capital City/Undercity remains a battlefield for a while, so it'll be uninhabitable until a later expansion.

    [–] ISIS just lost its last town in Iraq. MaritimeMonkey 1 points ago in worldnews

    So just let them starve in the fucking desert, they don't deserve anything better.

    [–] Sinterklaas op weg naar Dokkum, betogers houden activisten tegen MaritimeMonkey 4 points ago in thenetherlands

    Sinterklaas was/is een Griek. Sinterklaas is evenveel Turk als Trump een indiaan is.

    [–] Sinterklaas op weg naar Dokkum, betogers houden activisten tegen MaritimeMonkey -10 points ago in thenetherlands

    Als je wil bleiten, doe het dan op een of ander tv programma na acht uur. Ze verkloten een kinderfeest met hun belachelijk gedoe en maken van een leuk feest voor heel de familie een ruzie en vechtpartij.

    Je ziet ons toch ook niet tijdens het Suikerfeest protesteren dat islam een religie is die haat aanspoort.

    [–] AS Roma 2-0 Lazio - Nainggolan 53' MaritimeMonkey 5 points ago in soccer

    Was called up but got hurt just before the friendlies.