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    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 2 points ago in starterpacks

    Must've been some crazy time travellers during Halloween 2007 when everyone dressed up as Dick in a Box.

    You didn't do your research properly or wasn't paying attention/weren't alive in 2006. It originally aired on Saturday Night Live in December of 2006. Lonely Island released Incredibad in 2009 and Dick in a Box was on that album.

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 6 points ago in starterpacks

    It originally aired on SNL in December 2006. Then the track was re-released by the Lonely Island on their record Incredibad in 2009, you sheep.

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 7 points ago in starterpacks

    This has been my favourite comment thread in this post.

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 7 points ago in starterpacks

    John Mayer is one of my favourite artists of all time. Continuum was the album which solidified that notion for me. It's where I noticed his biggest leap in music between albums. Continuum seems to be most of his fans' favourite. It's the record I listened to the most in 2006 which is why I wanted to include it in this starter pack. Born & Raised (ranked #2 for me) is what reassured me that he is my favourite artist. The Search for Everything is #3... maybe tied with Room For Squares. It varies on my mood.

    [–] Started one year ago with four tiny strands of Senecio rowleyanus aka String of Pearls MarkEffed 4 points ago in houseplants

    This gives me so much hope. I bought a really tiny string of pearls in a 2.5" pot a couple of months ago. It's now starting to overflow and crawling outwards on the surface. I hope to get mine as nice as yours.

    [–] New pot who dis MarkEffed 3 points ago in houseplants

    Give'r medium indirect light and keep her moist down there. She loves humidity/getting misted regularly. But don't give her tap water!!! She hates that. Distilled or rainwater preferred. That's how I've been treating mine and she's been very happy with a lot of new growth.

    [–] My Fittonia is so bushy and loving life. MarkEffed 3 points ago in houseplants

    She was already bushy when I got her. But since putting her in a bigger pot, she kept growing bushier horizontally. I give her a lot of bright light. Sits at a southwest facing window. And I mist her every other day or so.

    [–] Roger Gracie says submissions from the bottom can't be the goal, Wth MarkEffed 1 points ago in bjj

    Aww man, but I've really gotten comfortable with my sneaky baseball choke from half guard bottom.

    [–] My axolotl is injured what should I do MarkEffed 1 points ago in axolotl

    Thanks for the response. How long did you keep the injured one isolated? did you feed it during isolation? Did you use the fridge method? I've had mine for about 4 years and every now and then they'd nip at each other's tails and a small chunk would go missing but grow back quickly. I've never had them get this bad before. I just feel bad for the poor girl with her arm all injured.

    [–] My axolotl is injured what should I do MarkEffed 1 points ago in axolotl

    Dealing with an axolotl with a chunk of her arm missing when I got home today. Her tank mate got aggressive. Did you end up separating yours? Did it have any infection during the healing process?

    [–] Annoying Guy that Works in UI/UX Starter Pack MarkEffed 2 points ago in starterpacks

    "Can you send it to me as a PDF?"
    "How about I give you a TIFF file instead but compressed as a RAR, cool?"

    [–] Raptors fans in Jurassic Park start a “Fuck KD” chant after KD injury during game 5 MarkEffed 2 points ago in nba

    Since last night? it's been cringe for a long time. There are a lot of losers that live in this city and the greater area. The Raptors going so far in the playoffs gives these losers some sort of false sense of immunity like they do when they talk mad shit online. Sucks for the rest of the fans.

    [–] Prays up for KD MarkEffed 6 points ago in torontoraptors

    Neither was the local sports bar where I watched the game... so gross.

    [–] [Slater] Kevin Durant will not play in Game 4. MarkEffed 1 points ago in nba

    What happened to "Warriors are a better team without KD. Look at how they swept the Blazers!"?

    [–] Kyle on DeMar: MarkEffed 145 points ago in torontoraptors

    I can't stand all the toxic people posting on Demar's instagram after he posted the pic with the caption about being alone. And all the fake news that 6ixBuzz creates among their followers. It's disgusting that these people exist and are from Toronto. The Kyle/Demar bromance is forever.