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    [–] Ari's Special is Cancelled MarkEffed 3 points ago in TheoVon

    What Ari said was super shitty and consequences for his actions are expected. But for his family to get threatened and doxed is really fucking low of these people who want "justice". Mark Normand revealed on This Past Weekend that it was a fellow comedian who released his and his family's address to the public. Whoever did that is a real piece of shit.

    [–] My new baby axie Toothless!! We are happy to be a part of this world πŸ’• MarkEffed 3 points ago in axolotls

    Just something I noticed through observation. Your maybe son maybe daughter is very cute and looks very healthy!

    [–] When you find yourself admiring plants in video games... MarkEffed 2 points ago in houseplants

    PS+ got me revisiting this series and was thinking the exact same thing as you when Drake is walking around the jungle.

    [–] Every character played by the same actor is now a part of one continuous story. Which actor has the best story arc? MarkEffed 13 points ago in AskReddit

    Then his story ends when he works as a mole for the Boston Police. He gets killed by war veteran Private Ryan who happens to also be a janitor at MIT.

    [–] Saddest John Mayer songs MarkEffed 26 points ago in JohnMayer

    Don't for a minute change the place you're in

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 2 points ago in starterpacks

    Must've been some crazy time travellers during Halloween 2007 when everyone dressed up as Dick in a Box.

    You didn't do your research properly or wasn't paying attention/weren't alive in 2006. It originally aired on Saturday Night Live in December of 2006. Lonely Island released Incredibad in 2009 and Dick in a Box was on that album.

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 6 points ago in starterpacks

    It originally aired on SNL in December 2006. Then the track was re-released by the Lonely Island on their record Incredibad in 2009, you sheep.

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 7 points ago in starterpacks

    This has been my favourite comment thread in this post.

    [–] The Year 2006 Starter Pack MarkEffed 8 points ago in starterpacks

    John Mayer is one of my favourite artists of all time. Continuum was the album which solidified that notion for me. It's where I noticed his biggest leap in music between albums. Continuum seems to be most of his fans' favourite. It's the record I listened to the most in 2006 which is why I wanted to include it in this starter pack. Born & Raised (ranked #2 for me) is what reassured me that he is my favourite artist. The Search for Everything is #3... maybe tied with Room For Squares. It varies on my mood.

    [–] Started one year ago with four tiny strands of Senecio rowleyanus aka String of Pearls MarkEffed 5 points ago in houseplants

    This gives me so much hope. I bought a really tiny string of pearls in a 2.5" pot a couple of months ago. It's now starting to overflow and crawling outwards on the surface. I hope to get mine as nice as yours.

    [–] New pot who dis MarkEffed 3 points ago in houseplants

    Give'r medium indirect light and keep her moist down there. She loves humidity/getting misted regularly. But don't give her tap water!!! She hates that. Distilled or rainwater preferred. That's how I've been treating mine and she's been very happy with a lot of new growth.