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    [–] Dear everyone at Treyarch: thanks for all the hard work. I appreciate it. MarsNeedsFreedomToo 4 points ago in Blackops4

    Lmfao wtf you act as if Treyarch is an indie dev that's struggling to survive. Please stop being so naive. They've released an unfinished product, neglected their community and its criticisms, took their sweet time to release new content and when they finally got a new and fierce competition that wiped out their playerbase, they started to panic and pump out content. This is after most of their playerbase gave up and move onto Apex Legends.

    [–] What if we didn’t unlock the weapons? MarsNeedsFreedomToo 0 points ago in Blackops4

    Treyarch and Activison are businesses, you can’t expect them to make it easy for you.

    Just because they're a business doesnt excuse them for using anti-consumer tactics to unlock new content. If was cosmetics only, you could make that argument but locking new weapons behind a very slow and timed tier progression system is an obvious tactic to pressure those who dont have the time to play for long hours per day or at least every day to purchase those tiers and unlock those weapons before they're gone.

    [–] What if we didn’t unlock the weapons? MarsNeedsFreedomToo 3 points ago in Blackops4

    Unless you're one of the many people who dont have the time to play every day because you're busy with work and family matters.

    [–] What if we didn’t unlock the weapons? MarsNeedsFreedomToo 3 points ago in Blackops4

    And this was their intention when they designed the progression system this way. Scumbags.

    [–] Stop Nerfing and start Buffing MarsNeedsFreedomToo 8 points ago in Blackops4

    This is what I've been saying since the first weapon tuning update. Why tf would they nerf the good guns and make them shit too. It makes zero fucking sense. And then they wonder why we get frustrated when our new favorite guns get trashed. How about improving the ones no one uses? Treyarch's balancing decisions is so stupid and I dont care if the Treyarch bootlickers get offended by this. Now that they've improved the Rampart a little more, watch them trash it too in the next weapon tuning update after players start to use it more.


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    [–] Major QoL Suggestion: Last searched string should also be remembered in the trading screen MarsNeedsFreedomToo 17 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Its not that its hard, its the fact that you'd have to enter the same string, whether its the name of the Pokemon or a different name, over and over. For example, I've had to enter "swinub" or "swi" almost 100 times today while trading swinubs with a friend. Its just tedious and could be eliminated for time efficiency.

    [–] Feb. 15 Update: Multiplayer Gameplay Tuning Preview / Close Quarters Frenzy Solos on PS4 + Ambush Solos on Xbox One and PC / League Play Arrives Feb. 21 on PS4 MarsNeedsFreedomToo 0 points ago in Blackops4

    Yup, the last good AR with good movement speed (Maddox) was nerfed to hell and that's the final naiil in the coffin for me. Treyarch is balancing this game on PC like PC and console have the same metas and aim speeds/accuracy. Going back to Apex Legend too like nothing happened. RIP.

    [–] Final build specs. Please review; input and commentary is requested and appreciated. MarsNeedsFreedomToo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in pcmasterrace

    Oh you're totally right and I'll admit, even though it's obvious, I haven't read the last part of the post where OP explains the main use for this PC. In that case AMD's R7 is the best choice for number crunching at that price point due to its 16GB of very high speed memory (1TB/s). And it will also do well for gaming so it's the best bag for your buck all around card for memory and GPU intensive tasks.

    [–] Feb. 14 PC Update: New Curated PC Playlists MarsNeedsFreedomToo 10 points ago in Blackops4

    I mean dude we're 5 months in and they still havent properly optimized some of the maps on PC like Gridlock. Sure the game is fun but I've grown tired of waiting for decent support like they promised at launch and at the least keep the game running smooth at all times. Its too bad because I've sunken a lot of time into this game the first 3 months but I've finally gave up and lost hope on the support side of the game and moved onto better PC games with much better support. There is a good chance that I wont purchase another COD game on PC either after how hard they failed at keeping their promise to give us proper support this year. It was fun while it lasted I guess.

    [–] Final build specs. Please review; input and commentary is requested and appreciated. MarsNeedsFreedomToo 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Drop the AMD radeon 7 and go with a 2070 or 2080 is what i'd say. Price is around the same but the Nvidia cards have extra features like RTX to make the price point more worth it over the R7 card.

    [–] Stat boost moves! MarsNeedsFreedomToo -1 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    So this is pretty much like Weatherboost damage bonus for PvP.

    [–] Stat boost moves! MarsNeedsFreedomToo 14 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Unless you find PvP boring and do your daily battles to get Sinnoh Stones

    [–] Pokemon type symbols as a font MarsNeedsFreedomToo 3 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    If only we could get the long overdue emoji support

    [–] Shiny sprites for Smoochum and Cleffa families MarsNeedsFreedomToo 13 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    They normally have very high hatch rates so I dont think their shinies will be too hard to hatch.

    [–] Meltan box reset? MarsNeedsFreedomToo 2 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    I did, still at 2 days :(

    [–] Meltan box reset? MarsNeedsFreedomToo 3 points ago in TheSilphRoad

    Darn that's a bummer, especially after I've had to wait 6 days to open my first one since the start of the Meltan event.