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    [–] The best looking/appealing Stadium in College Football is...? MartyVanB 1 points ago in CFB

    Tiger Stadium is the one SEC stadium I have visited the most outside of BDS. I always have fun when I go there aside from some occasional assholes. Just not a pretty stadium

    [–] Notre Dame and Alabama have scheduled a home and home MartyVanB 1 points ago in CFB

    No answer for why Saban didnt cancel the PSU or Duke series?

    [–] The best looking/appealing Stadium in College Football is...? MartyVanB 4 points ago in CFB

    Too easy to say Bryant Denny so I will go with Kyle Field (TAMU) and Doak Campbell (FSU).

    [–] The best looking/appealing Stadium in College Football is...? MartyVanB -8 points ago in CFB

    choose any other stadium, I would go with LSU’s Tiger Stadium.

    GTFO. Its maybe the ugliest stadium in the SEC

    [–] The best looking/appealing Stadium in College Football is...? MartyVanB 7 points ago in CFB

    I saw Doak for the first time this year. It is a gorgeous stadium

    [–] Well I finished Mad Men... MartyVanB 2 points ago in madmen

    My Dad's national guard unit was put on alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They were told to report to the armory and to be ready to head to Florida if need be.

    [–] Notre Dame and Alabama have scheduled a home and home MartyVanB 1 points ago in CFB

    Again, that was 2010 and started in 2006, so it was scheduled before he got there.

    So why didnt Saban cancel the series with Penn State and Duke?

    Dude, I specifically made a point in my earlier post to say that I wasn't throwing shade. I don't think Saban is "scared" of playing a home-and-home with anyone. I said that I think he knows that there isn't much of a benefit of doing a home-and-home for Bama, and therefore, he doesn't do them.

    I will give you that it's totally plausible that Saban will be coaching in 2028 and really wanted to have a home-and-home against a team like Notre Dame. But can you not also concede that based on Bama's scheduling history during Saban's tenure and the fact that he will be 76 when this series begins, that it is also entirely plausible that he OK'd this series due to the fact that he could be retired before this series begins?

    But if there is a chance that he is still there then why the fuck would he schedule it. Bama does neutral site games because they are a steady, constant source of revenue and it is a LOT of revenue. Also, you do realize that in a home and home series you get a home game? That negates any disadvantage you lose by playing an away game one year. This argument is just such horseshit and its from jealous other fanbases who have to find something to complain about. Home and home vs neutral site is not much of a difference

    [–] Net neutrality is officially dead. Now what? - The FCC has taken the final step in erasing the 2015 rules protecting the internet. MartyVanB 1 points ago in technology

    "that'll be blocked soon" -> "wanna bet on that?"

    Comcast for one has said absolutely no throttling, no blocking. Better? You cant predict that ISPs will start blocking content when there is absolutely no evidence they are planning on doing that.

    "Discriminating data caps are. 10GB for video streaming, 5gb normal internet browsing, 10mb torrents, etc." -> "What ISP does that?" "More will, now that they can." - > "and if your ISP does that, what are you going to do?" "Well, where I am, if Time Warner gets frisky with data caps, I'd probably to go AT&T... oh wait they already have caps." -> "I have Uverse from AT&T. No data cap." people answer your challenge and you just pretend it didn't. you're not here to present a different opinion, you're here to stir trouble. aka, 'troll'

    Its called the Socratic method. I walk people through my point. If your ISP is going to tier content you are going to leave for another ISP. If you own an ISP you want the most customers to get the most revenue and you are going to get the most revenue but not blocking content.

    [–] Box Office Poison: 6 Reasons Amy Schumer's 'I Feel Pretty' Flopped MartyVanB 4 points ago in howardstern

    It actually didnt do bad. $16 million when it was predicted to make around $11 mil. Budget of $32 million which it will make back easy

    [–] Jeremy Pruitt: 'We've got great fans,' but goal is 'to be the best' MartyVanB 4 points ago in CFB

    Big six SEC schools are pretty good at supporting the program no matter what. It just ebbs and flows.