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    [–] Rule 6 MasDigital 2 points ago in Lowes

    I've seen several people in multiple subs reporting that they are having issue seeing some of the sidebar content on mobile. Unsure if it's related to this or not.

    [–] New Link Flair Available MasDigital 2 points ago in Lowes

    Additionally, I'll be working to have a filter on the sidebar so that you can filter by flair.
    Here are the current flairs:

    • Link
    • Complaint
    • Employee Related
    • Customer Question
    • Announcement

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    [–] Flooring is awesome! MasDigital 2 points ago in Lowes

    Well, at least you're seeing the positive side of it.

    [–] Thanks Lowes... MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    I am locking this post and will be removing any further additional posts. This post will not be deleted, but it will be locked as there is no purpose to be further gained by continuing it. Your point has been made several times and at this point you are only repeating yourself to the same audience. You have been provided other channels to further any other concerns you have regarding your issue. I would appreciate that you discontinue this topic as it has been thoroughly discussed. Any further posting on this topic will be removed.

    [–] Thanks Lowes... MasDigital 5 points ago in Lowes

    I can respect what you're trying to do, and raising awareness when you are wronged is a good expression of your rights as a consumer and your freedom of speech. I just wanted to let you know that there are other methods to get this addressed that may prove to be more effective than this medium.

    [–] Thanks Lowes... MasDigital 2 points ago in Lowes

    I am leaving this post open because it does not technically break any of the sub rules in my opinion. My suggestion is that if you want true action to be taken from this, you inform your local store management of your entire situation as well as reaching out to the appropriate corporate phone number or through their monitored social media pages:

    Using these methods will actually drive action against your complaint. If this post continues down the same track that it is currently going, however, I will lock it. It is quickly becoming nothing more than repetition and flaming.

    Edit: Words are hard sometimes.

    [–] Just applied MasDigital 2 points ago in Lowes

    It was basically a safeguard post since I wasn't sure what the legality. After further information searching, I see that in most cases that there's no issue, legally with discussing it. I'll retract the post. Thanks for calling me out on it.

    [–] Just applied MasDigital 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in Lowes

    I'm going to ask that you please reach out to /u/Colbywoods privately if you want to talk specifics and do not post any specific wage information here. I'm going to leave the post up, but will remove any specific information that I see regarding wage information in keeping with Rule #1.

    Under NLRA, wage discussion is not illegal and no recourse can be taken by it's discussion. Please disregard my mistake above. Thank you to the folks who called me out on this in a constructive way both in this post and via private message.


    [–] What’s the highest a csa 2 is making in your stores? MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    Removing this post. Please do not request wage or salary information. Rule #1.

    [–] Inter-store item transfer MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    This isn't a wrong answer, so I'm not sure whey you're getting downvoted. Rule 3 doesn't just apply to customers reaching out for support.

    [–] [Mod Post] - User Flair MasDigital 2 points ago in Lowes

    Another option that I am developing is post flair and filtering. Basically it'll allow quick find for things like:

    • Customer questions and inquiries for help/information.
    • Employee discussions (inside the guidelines of Rule 1)
    • News Posts about Lowe's
    • Mod Posts to the subreddit.

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    [–] Lowes and bad customer service. MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    I am locking this topic. You have been very vocal in your disdain for Lowe's and your point has been driven home numerous times as well as the reasons behind it. You have followed Rule 3 as you described and posting further will be considered spam. Please do yourself a favor and pursue this in the official communication channels that you have already opened up with Lowes. Posting about it on here will not be beneficial at all.

    [–] Bad customer experience. MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    I would advise against providing any further details to /u/LowesCustomerCare .

    [–] Honoring Home Depot Coupons MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    From my experience they don't typically stack discounts like that. However it's usually up to the local management on what they do.

    [–] Bad customer experience. MasDigital 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in Lowes

    This post is approved because you are entitled to have your opinion. However, please read Rule Number 3 on the sidebar. Continually posting on here in hopes to receive any type of escalation or advancement of your complaint is misguided. If you have already opened up official lines of communication, then there is really nothing that we on Reddit can do. We are here to offer guidance from experience and open discussion, but there is nothing that we as a community will be able to do if you have a grievance beyond pointing you to the official links. As stated in the Sidebar, we are not officially sponsored or line of support. We are a community for topic discussion and guidance.

    [–] Forklift rules? MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    Or every other company that likes to keep their money.