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    [–] A Fee to view your W2?! MasDigital 14 points ago in Lowes

    Exactly. This is also not a Lowe's site, this is a 3rd party site. Alternatively, you could access and go through their process of retrieving it for free.

    [–] Order status MasDigital 9 points ago in Lowes

    I don't believe anyone here can give you that information, unfortunately. You could reach out to the Lowe's customer service number and get the order status from them in the interim, as well as report what issue you're having.

    [–] Thanks Lowes... MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    I am locking this post and will be removing any further additional posts. This post will not be deleted, but it will be locked as there is no purpose to be further gained by continuing it. Your point has been made several times and at this point you are only repeating yourself to the same audience. You have been provided other channels to further any other concerns you have regarding your issue. I would appreciate that you discontinue this topic as it has been thoroughly discussed. Any further posting on this topic will be removed.

    [–] Fence Install - Worst Customer Service Experience I’ve ever had. MasDigital 6 points ago in Lowes

    We are not an official support channel for employees or customers. This is stated in Rule 3. If someone here is willing to take their time to help you, that is an action that they are taking on personally, however there should be no expectation of support in any sort from the members of this subreddit.

    Unfortunately, your best option seems to be to go through the Official Support avenues (Your local store management or the channels listed here..

    All of that being said, this is not an "Employee subreddit to blow off steam." That kind of exclusion is not what we're going for here and I ask that everyone have some empathy for the customer as well as the employee.

    [–] Your back patio commercial MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    Please refer to Rule 3 in the sidebar if you'd like to lodge a formal complaint. This is not an official means of communication to or from anyone who would listen to or assist with your concerns. Again, if you legitimately would like to voice your concerns, please refer to the sidebar of the subreddit for official channels to do so.

    [–] Your back patio commercial MasDigital 7 points ago in Lowes

    It isn't my commercial....

    [–] In true Lowe's fashion MasDigital 6 points ago in Lowes

    I put that rule in due to some nudity that had been posted a short time after I re-opened the subreddit. I also just noticed that the Rules don't match up correctly with the sidebar, so I'll work on getting that corrected as well.

    [–] People are being fired massively from CSC-W MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    Until there is proof, or more evidence provided, I have assigned a "Rumor" flair to this post. Please treat this post as so, until further information has been provided.

    [–] Fence Install - Worst Customer Service Experience I’ve ever had. MasDigital 5 points ago in Lowes

    This is not entirely true.

    From the sidebar:

    r/Lowes is a general user subreddit for both the customers and employees of Lowe's Home Improvement to connect.

    [–] Lowe’s HR Manager Commits Suicide in Store MasDigital 3 points ago in Lowes

    I am not going to remove this comment, even though it's been reported a couple of times. I would, however, ask that we keep the comments a little more respectful.

    [–] Your back patio commercial MasDigital 4 points ago in Lowes

    Locking this post. If the OP would like to genuinely reach out through the official channels, they are more than welcome to utilize the links and information in the subreddit sidebar.

    [–] Assistant manager MasDigital 3 points ago in Lowes

    This is the 4th report I've gotten for Excessive Drama for you. Using the sub as your personal complaint department is getting old and I will take action if it continues.

    [–] Thanks Lowes... MasDigital 3 points ago in Lowes

    I can respect what you're trying to do, and raising awareness when you are wronged is a good expression of your rights as a consumer and your freedom of speech. I just wanted to let you know that there are other methods to get this addressed that may prove to be more effective than this medium.

    [–] I have three 10% off coupons if anyone wants them MasDigital 3 points ago in Lowes

    Not everyone in this sub is an employee, so not everyone would find them useless.

    [–] So what’s the news? MasDigital 1 points ago in Lowes

    Refer to the post by /u/SilverShibe .

    Link Here

    [–] Does anyone know what server name to use in the Kronos mobile app? MasDigital 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in Lowes

    Please do not post the link in here. Feel free to ask for it in this post, but if you are going to provide the link, do so in a private message.

    Edit: A good starting spot is reaching out to your HRM. The response will likely be quicker than waiting for internet strangers to send it to you.

    [–] I have somewhat of a issue MasDigital 3 points ago in Lowes

    Comment removed based on Rule 4.

    [–] Lowe's is an environment-friendly company MasDigital 3 points ago in Lowes

    Your comment had been reported more than twice and after I reviewed it, I removed it. There are several posts that aren't "Pro-Lowes". Yours didn't apply to any conversation in the post, wasn't relevant to the topic of the post, and was removed under Rule 6 as it appeared to have the objective solely of causing drama/discourse.