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    [–] did i just die and go to heaven? MaxC250 34 points ago in okbuddyretard

    No u dabs firmly but tenderly

    [–] Me irl MaxC250 7 points ago in meirl

    Spoken like somebody not trying desperately to fill the void with alcohol.

    [–] me irl MaxC250 6 points ago in meirl

    Does no-one brush in the shower?

    [–] MRW my two-year-old daughter tries to wake me up at 5am. MaxC250 13 points ago in reactiongifs

    I'm totally not going to try and feed it spaghetti. That would just be weird, right? To imagine it was a real person who has spaghetti sliding down his through and just savoring that thought. Just bizarre. Only a total weirdo would consider fulfilling his odd culinary fantasized. Not me. No way no how.

    [–] You underestimate my imagination MaxC250 12 points ago in funny

    That wordplay was just shit.

    [–] What would you do for a glass of whiskey here? MaxC250 5 points ago in guns

    Left kidney, left testicle, or left eye?

    [–] The real reason anti-Trumpers ignore facts, reason, truth and common sense to keep being anti-Trumpers MaxC250 1 points ago in The_Donald

    Does the sign seem a little shopped to anyone else? Given the context I'm sure she is a moron, but hey if that's not what she's actually saying is hate to misconstrue anyone.

    [–] [NSFW] MaxC250 21 points ago in ledootgeneration

    You have a beautiful smile ;)

    [–] Bug dog??? MaxC250 1 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    They're fun, but this species can get a touch agressive. They just kinda poke at your hand with their horn.

    [–] woof_irl MaxC250 27 points ago in woof_irl


    [–] Guy calling you a cuck MaxC250 6 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    There's just something about authoritarians that is so neckbeardy.

    [–] The Virgin Austism vs The Chad Down Syndrome MaxC250 6 points ago in virginvschad

    Alright, bud. They were clearly making a joke about having autism simply because they are a little antisocial. I harbor no I'll will towards those with autism, nor any particular group of people in a state that they did not choose to put themselves in. The only urge to bully I have is to bully you for not picking up on the joke. Pretend I just gave you a swirly.

    [–] Deepfried long boi MaxC250 1 points ago in ExeggutorMemes

    I though this sub had died long ago..

    [–] meirl MaxC250 3 points ago in meirl

    Stop me from laughing.

    [–] meirl MaxC250 4 points ago in meirl

    Please send help...

    [–] Dunno what to say MaxC250 13 points ago in Anarcho_Capitalism

    Fully-semi automatic woosh

    [–] petert pLEase MaxC250 -45 points ago in okbuddyretard

    Fuck you this isn't furry_irl, and even if it was that shit has it's own containment sub. REE

    [–] Leaked picture of what is coming in the next patch! MaxC250 1 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    The quality is piss poor, but I think I see two bugs in the top right.

    [–] Writers block... More like writers cock. MaxC250 66 points ago in Unexpected

    "Alejandro, get the penis inverter!"