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    [–] Trumpig MaxLo85 8 points ago in pics

    To be fair, t_d isn't really representing a side. It's just a garbage sub with all the pedes, pepe, and 4938d chess bullshit. I'd love to see a sub with reasonable insight into the views of people who support trump. I guess askttumpsupporters is a thing.

    [–] People who delete their comments with thousands of upvotes, why? MaxLo85 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I had a post hit over 100k upvotes a couple days ago that was a picture of me.. Thought about deleting it when people on Facebook started telling me they saw it. I have no idea what kind of shit I've posted in my 5.5 year history on reddit and now everyone I know has my main reddit username. TIFU I guess, lol

    [–] I'm deathly afraid of heights... I went to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) and slowly inched my back to the edge, mustered up all composure I could and took a pic. I thought I nailed it until I saw the photo... MaxLo85 18872 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in funny

    I honestly thought I looked composed with a big smile on my face

    Edit: I didn't think this would be motivating for anyone or get so much love! Thanks for all the warm comments.

    To the hate: I guess this could have been posted to /r/pics or /r/GetMotivated but everyone I showed it to in person laughed at the distressed face. Didn't mean to so grievously offend some people by thinking it was funny.

    [–] What's classy or trashy depending on how you're dressed when you do it? MaxLo85 17 points ago in AskReddit

    Apparently my doctor, with his judgey eyes and "you're an alcoholic" face when I have to answer yes to more than 6 drinks a month

    [–] What TV show didn’t get closure in the finale? MaxLo85 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I think it was something about not getting renewed after season 1 and then after fan outcry then made the short season 2 to just force in and ending

    [–] Trump's Personal Driver for 25 Years Sues for Unpaid Overtime MaxLo85 9 points ago in politics

    There is a means test to determine if you're salaried exempt. If you are, then you don't get paid overtime for hours worked in direct relation to your job duties. There are ways to get paid overtime still, but they're limited. I'm not in accounting or payroll, but I can speculate that a driver wouldn't qualify for exempt and is going to be getting a fat check.