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    [–] Venatores are disqualified from WESG due to Patitek's VAC-ban Maxentium 5 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    VAC is Valve's anti cheat, that only bans you for cheating software on server where it is enabled (read: not ESEA for example).

    you can't say "vac banned for anti cheat" because VAC does not ban for that

    [–] Saw this on DeviantArt; thought it looked like Khadgar having a mid-life crisis Maxentium 12 points ago in wow

    but wow already has 21 tier sets, excluding questing, non-sets, and every other armor in the game

    it's already a struggle to have creative sets for each class (when was the last time cloth looked like cloth?) - at that rate it will be 12 * 4 per raid tier that is somehow not close enough to anything previous to it, that's a really massive ask

    [–] Avoid Trick Debuff for Faster Candy Bucket Farming Maxentium 0 points ago in wow

    is this the trick where you get polymorphed and can't act?

    i just macro'd my mount to /cancelaura on the buffs

    [–] Found these old WoW Mountain Dews when cleaning out my closet Maxentium 410 points ago in wow

    expiration dates are just a suggestion!

    drink it anyway! do it!!

    [–] What's your favourite thing removed from wow? Maxentium 1 points ago in wow

    i destroyed mine before knowing it would be removed in cataclysm

    so frustrating...

    and the toy isn't even remotely close, it's 1 hour cooldown for 3 minute transformation that breaks on damage

    [–] Why don't all players use the "standard of unity" in dungeons? That would be a constant 10% boost right? Maxentium 1 points ago in wow

    odd... even the tooltip says it's just from monsters

    i would have thought WQs would be classified as repeatable quests, which is what i thought the objectives in LFG are classified as

    [–] The new passageway looks kinda passable from the other side. Maxentium 1 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    it's just nodraw to reduce the amount of stuff being rendered and give more FPS

    [–] Death magnet is insane. Unboxing Maxentium 1 points ago in wow

    wrong subreddit

    unless you're on the quest [Magnets, how do they work?]

    [–] CS: GO is The Most Followed eSport In The World According To Nielsen Maxentium 3 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    approximates that 4-8 million still watched The International.

    that's a massive range

    [–] I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you Maxentium 1 points ago in Overwatch

    i do dislike mercy mains but i don't see a reason to dislike the other healer mains, most definitely not ana ones

    i completely agree with you on mercy as a character though

    [–] Can i play with my friend from a different continent? Maxentium 3 points ago in wownoob

    it's pretty much the same still

    accounts are either EU or NA, one of them will have to compromise, then just launch the client to EU region instead of NA and play normally (or vice versa)

    [–] What sounds like a swear-word, but isn't? Maxentium 1 points ago in AskReddit

    niggle - slight but persisting annoyance

    [–] Illidan Stormrage tattoo Maxentium 3 points ago in wow

    both are really cool, very skilled tattoo artist

    [–] Illidan Stormrage tattoo Maxentium 3 points ago in wow

    oooh a tyrael tattoo seems cool!

    is there a picture?

    [–] Illidan Stormrage tattoo Maxentium 8 points ago in wow

    probably best wow tattoo i saw

    [–] D.VA tries to negotiate with a terrorist Maxentium -1 points ago in Overwatch

    the thing is i don't think "taking the game seriously" and yelling at your teammates go hand in hand. i actually think they don't. demoralizing your team is the #1 thing you don't want to do when you want to win, therefore anyone serious about the game won't do it.

    i see your point with how sometimes there are funny/fun situations or interactions for both teams to enjoy, but i really dislike seeing it in ranked where winning is the prime objective. at least in quick play it's excusable (barely, you're still not helping there but the consequence for losing is less)

    but seeing the clip as a person who truly enjoys winning (or did, haven't played competitive in a long time), all i see is two players not giving a shit about their 5 other teammates. dva could've been all up in your ass chasing a widow to help her team win, and you could've headshotted a and helped your team demech her and hopefully win after, but both of you didn't

    it's infuriating and demoralizing to anyone who was spectating you back then

    nonetheless, this got slightly out of hand and really rant-y by me, so i apologize. you enjoy your game the way you want, just recognize that it's disrespectful and annoying when you aren't truly putting in your best in a mode specifically designed to be competitive.

    [–] D.VA tries to negotiate with a terrorist Maxentium -6 points ago in Overwatch

    yelling doesn't imply people are putting in 100%, in fact, it means they aren't.

    [–] D.VA tries to negotiate with a terrorist Maxentium -1 points ago in Overwatch

    okay mom didn't know you knew me that well

    i guess?