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    [–] Civilization B: Here's another story about a potential SotE society in advance of our ecology development diary. Keep in mind, these stories are meant to emphasize an SotE society's relationship with their land and ecology, and doesn't capture the full range of events that occur in their history Mayan_Fist 8 points ago in SongsOfTheEons

    I completely agree with this design approach; the decline of empires in strategy games is something that is not modeled at all, let alone in such an accurate and in-depth manner.

    A quick question: would these desperate migrations and movements due to decline have other cultural impacts, like the spread of linguistic groups, a merger between two or more cultural groups (perhaps related to each other), and new technologies? I'm looking at something similar to what the Liangzhu culture underwent, which I think would be completely fascinating to see modeled in a video game.

    [–] Best thing I found at the mall Mayan_Fist 1 points ago in bladerunner

    He looks a lot like Gaff.

    [–] [Avengers] “Thanos has destroyed half of all living creatures.” Mayan_Fist 20 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    What do you mean? We see the jungle around Wakanda, and it's completely fine after the snap.

    [–] In a couple of weeks we will have arrived at 2019 Mayan_Fist 18 points ago in bladerunner

    Can't wait to go out at night and eat noodles from a stand in South Broadway.

    [–] Questions about Races Mayan_Fist 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in SongsOfTheEons

    That’s awesome! I’m hyped that something similar to the colonization of the New World can happen(kind of like Warhammer Fantasy), though I was thinking something more like the colonization of the New World and Oceania by prehistoric human settlers, where the first settlers had to deal with wildlife like megafauna (such as mammoths, giant sloths, moas, and giant wombats) and new predators (such as short-faced bears, jaguars, marsupial lions, and the Haast’s Eagle). In a case such as this, could you instead have exotic wildlife and hostile predators that new settlers will have to face?

    [–] Stellaris Dev Diary #131 - MegaCorporations Mayan_Fist 15 points ago in paradoxplaza

    One of the new Megacorp civics is called “Indentured Assets,” and the devs hinted that it would be possible to build non-robot pops. So I definitely see someone making Tyrell Corp. once the expansion and the update comes out.

    [–] [Death Note] Could I kill Wilson from Home Improvement with the Death Note? Mayan_Fist 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    Wilson (full name Wilson Wilson Jr.) only shows half of his face at a time. Would picturing the top half of his face be enough to use the death note? Several times on Home Improvement, they showed the bottom half of his face, obscuring the top. Would stitching them together in my mind work?

    No, that won’t work at all. In order for the Death Note to function, you must have seen more than half of that person’s face. If all you’ve seen of this guy is the top of his face, that means that you need to see the other half as well.

    [–] World Customization Screen, with numerous pages of tuneable variables Mayan_Fist 3 points ago in SongsOfTheEons

    Will worlds also be able to have geological features like atolls and coral reefs?

    [–] Respect Colonel H. Stinkmeaner (The Boondocks) Mayan_Fist 2 points ago in respectthreads

    I think Base Stinkmeaner got retconned into having the skills of Ghost Stinkmeaner, since all members of the Hateocracy were as skilled and badass in combat as he was.

    [–] Watch the US stall on climate change for 12 years - Vox Mayan_Fist 1 points ago in Futurology

    You’re, uh, conflating the rest of humanity with a specific subset of people living in the United States. The existence of climate change is largely accepted by other countries; it’s only in the United States that it has become politicized and turned into a bi-partisan issue.

    [–] So uh synthetic dawn can fire in game Mayan_Fist 10 points ago in eu4

    Man, it would be cool if they got a huge bonus to cultural assimilation, in order to simulate the attitudes of the Determined Exterminators in Stellaris.

    [–] Cryptic hint on Stellaris Twitter. Mayan_Fist 22 points ago in Stellaris

    polar bears in LeGuin

    Yes please.

    [–] What 38th Parallel? Mayan_Fist 8 points ago in victoria2

    cursed image

    [–] How To See Past Lives & Why Its Important Mayan_Fist 2 points ago in theravada

    Definitely limit your interactions with more active dharma forums if you can. I tend to find that there’s a lot of actual self-aggrandizing in those places, and it tends to affect one’s view of the practice.