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    [–] It's Monday in Australia but... happy Visibility Day! Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in bisexual

    Pft, I guess only the cool kids will survive then. C'est la vie!

    [–] Coming out to family Medusa_Lives 3 points ago in bisexual

    I'm still not fully out so I am absolutely of no help, but happy bi day! I hope things get easier and better for you. I wish you all of the best! huuugs

    [–] It's Monday in Australia but... happy Visibility Day! Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in bisexual

    :O you have a beard! You can borrow my aqua lip line if I can borrow your beard!

    [–] I’d really like to come out today but my evil aunt stalks my Twitter on her many burner accounts Medusa_Lives 2 points ago in bisexual

    I am sorry your aunt is a cunt and that you don't feel it is safe to come out to your mother. I also know exactly how you feel about your grandmother... I can't even tell mine I'm atheist, let alone bi. I wish you all of the best. Stay safe and come out to whom you feel comfortable, when you feel comfortable AND SAFE doing it. huuugs

    [–] I did it bois Medusa_Lives 5 points ago in bisexual

    Congratulations!!! :D

    [–] I'm bisexual Medusa_Lives 3 points ago in bisexual

    Congrats on the outing! Happy bi-visibility day!! :D

    [–] What is your perception of Connecticut residents. Do you think of them as rich, or something else? Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I grew up in CT. There are areas for millionaires and such. There's also areas where affluent preppy type people are the norm. Lawyers and doctors and such. They're not "rude assholes" kind of people. I went to school with a few of them. You always get one or two, as with any walk of life, but most just... go on about their life and are polite but quiet.
    You also get areas where the people are kind of average middle america type people. They tend to be a bit less... refined, but they're also pretty quiet and keep to their families and friends. Where I lived there were poorer folks, more minorities, and the people were a bit warmer and community based.
    I think the prevailing CT traits are: reserved and quiet, but polite.

    [–] My attempt at a natural full face look for the summer - CCW (please be gentle!) Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in MakeupAddiction

    Hello, 1) The foundation matches you well when compared to your neck and shoulder, the only thing that I would nit pick about the colour is that the face looks a bit too pale... all one tone. I have a slight feeling this may be due to lighting and camera, but I think warming up the skin a tiny bit would help. I'm not a huge fan of contour but because you are so light skinned, I'd say try to contour a teeny bit... go for something rose toned, not orange or brown. Basically, use your blush more as a contour, not so much on the apples of your cheeks. Like this: The skin also looks a little bit dry. This could be one of two things: either your skin IS a bit dry, or you've put a bit too much foundation on. Either way, it is a super easy fix.

    2) You have hooded eyes (like I do) which means that we have to be more careful about both our brows and eyeliner. I think the darkness itself of the brows is fine, but cleaning up the brows would help open your eyes up... just don't go too crazy, thin brows age the face quite a lot. Thicker, kind of bushy brows make you look younger. My rule of thumb is: clean up the bottom, leave the top alone. This may help: Notice that their brows are not super arched or dramatic. A bit of a swoop is good as a straight brow will bring everything down, but too arched will make your "hood" too big. The shape of your brows is good, truly, all you need is to clean up the bottom of your brow a little bit.

    3) The eyeshadow... the technique is right. I can see you tried to go with your orbital bone, which is a bit above your actual crease. I would say keep working on it and I'd advise looking up "Hooded Eyes Wayne Goss" he has great tutorials and he explains things calmly and slowly which I really like. As far as color... I would, again, choose something more towards a burgundy type of colour and would advise using not one but two colours to make it more natural but give it more depth. 4) I think the blush colour is good, soft and natural, only thing I would do is push it back a little bit so it is not on the inner part of your cheek. 5) If you were sweaty I could not tell, but it may explain the "looks dry, might be caky", if you were sweaty your foundation may have been "de-stabilizing" as I call it. I have super oily skin and live in a a hot and humid climate so I've learned to use a bit less foundation and to really work in well. 6) I think you did a decent job. I keep feeling like the lighting in the pictures is a bit off, like... too harsh? So I can't say for certain, but you do not look bad. 7) I would advise as I said before: clean up the brows, choose more flattering colours, Move the blush so it becomes both blush and sculpt. I'd advise curling the lashes, mascara, feather/separate the hairs, and then gently revive the curl. Curly lifted lashes will help your eye pop. Consider investing in an eye liner that dark brown but not black. When applied very thinly, it can help define and enhance the eye shape without it looking harsh as black eyeliner or liquid liner looks, and it gives you more control than a shadow.

    btw, you have a very pleasant face to look at :]

    [–] Replying to text out of politeness? Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in intj

    As an INTJ myself I would prefer the other person to tell me that they feel something is off rather than make assumptions.

    When I'm behaving as he seems to be doing I'm usually trying not to sound overly eager and trying to be mindful of not hijacking the conversation. Or maybe you're right and he's just being polite. If that is the case letting him know that he can voice his desire not to speak anymore would be a relief for him and not waste any more of your time

    [–] How do you 'smile with your eyes'? Medusa_Lives 2 points ago in AskReddit

    ... I don't understand how your question relates to what I said. Would you mind elaborating?

    [–] How do you 'smile with your eyes'? Medusa_Lives 2 points ago in AskReddit

    With a genuine smile your eyes narrow a bit because your cheeks get pushed up and your brows pull back to the sides slightly (not up like in a surprise.) When people smile with just their mouth it looks a bit more like a cringe.