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    [–] 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli Has to Forfeit Secret Wu-Tang Album Medusa_Lives 0 points ago in Music

    I feel like he's the kind of guy that would damage or tarnish both works in a "if I can't have them, no one can!" type of tantrum -_-

    [–] If you could spend your Reddit Karma, ( 1 point being worth $1) , what would you spend it on ? Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Driving lessons, put 200 or 300 in my "escape" savings, use whatever remains to help me pay the bills month to month (I'm always a little short on money because of my living situation so it'd be nice to have it as a safety net.)

    [–] 4 years ago today I started on a crazy and wonderful journey. 32y/o MTF Medusa_Lives 3 points ago in lgbt

    What a difference it makes when someone is finally able to be themselves. I wish I could hug you or something, I am so happy for you. Your eyes look so much more... at peace... softer and warmer... you look stunning. Absolutely stunning.

    [–] 24 [M4F] Why Is Everybody So Cynical All The Time? Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in r4r

    Totally unrelated; your username reminds me of the song "Black Hole Sun", which was released in 1994.

    Totally related: I think that in many of those cases the joking and distancing is more of a fitting-in reflex than how the person actually feels about it. Kind of like how my best friend in HS was super into Twilight until everyone started making fun of it.

    I'm excited to see The Shape of Water. Del Toro is such an artist. Not just in visuals but also in...invoking physical senses... and its almost like he's sitting there, molding your emotions as you watch... at least, that's how it's been for me with the few movies of his that I've watched.

    [–] My story: I am 26, I need to get away from my mother, and I need advice. Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in AdultChildren

    My mother is extremely avoidant of any form of introspection, and since her issues are not as severe as say... dementia, I doubt I'd be able to get any mental health related help for her.
    However, I didn't know Planned Parenthood was an option in things such as this. I'm gonna check it out. Thank you!

    [–] My story: I am 26, I need to get away from my mother, and I need advice. Medusa_Lives 2 points ago in AdultChildren

    Thank you. I'll Check the links out at work during my break since her pc died and she is now on my laptop all the time... playing Farmville and reading yahoo! news -____-

    [–] My story: I am 26, I need to get away from my mother, and I need advice. Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in AdultChildren

    Thank you so much. She will be 55 this year so I'm hoping that elderly housing or housing assistance can help. As for me, I'll be okay, I just need to get her away from me. What you've said about deciding... I believe that is where I am right now... at that turning point. It hurts like hell but, as you said, it's me or her. I need to save myself now because things will only get worse and harder.
    Thanks again for your words.

    [–] Love when wash days land on days off ft.(o.g. bunny filter) Medusa_Lives 4 points ago in curlyhair

    Those are some faaaancy looking curls... they are so well defined!!!

    [–] 2 years and ~4.5 months. Last trim was back in May 2017. I’m headed to 3 years at least. Medusa_Lives 2 points ago in curlyhair

    Can't tell what's better: the beautiful curls or the genuine, happy smile.
    Love seeing dudes in curly hair. Thanks for sharing! :D

    [–] 30F seeking new friends! Medusa_Lives 1 points ago in HoustonSocials

    You sound AWESOME but I'm in the SW and don't drive. I hope you find some friends!!!! :D

    [–] Doing it All in a Bank Call Centre Medusa_Lives 2 points ago in callcentres

    Same here. We're supposed to know online banking, accounting shit, loans, accounts, teller, collections, etc etc