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    [–] Anyone know what gun this is? It looks like it's out of a Sci-Fi movie (Indian Special Forces holding them btw if anyone was wondering) MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in guns

    As per the rules, here's what's in the image: Indian Special Forces (this branch I believe is known as PARAS) holding some rifles that from what the comments are telling me is the IWI Tavor

    [–] Should I tell my parents I'm ace? MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 6 points ago in asexuality

    An idea might be to find out their view on asexuality without actually revealing you yourself is ace.

    [–] ace characters in pop culture recs? MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 3 points ago in asexuality

    Zombie webcomic where one of the main cast is Ace Homoromantic right here. Jenn (the one in the middle on the front cover) is ace, and Wight (the one next to her in the gas mask) is ace as well as Homoromantic.

    [–] No one is in this helicopter LiTeRaLly UnPlaYaBle MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 23 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in Rainbow6




    [–] Is Doug still making reviews? If not, we'll find out tomorrow at 5pm (CST time). MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 5 points ago in nostalgiacritic

    No, Doug himself isn't directly responsible for any of it, and neither are any of the staff save for a couple of them, which are the ones highlighted in the video I linked (Primarily Mike Machod)

    What Doug is responsible for however is staying silent on the whole matter, although I can see why he never said anything because if he speaks out against Mike (who owns the Nostalgia Critic character) then Doug loses his only source of income.