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    [–] [Xbox][2005]Boat combat deathmatch game, with large selection of boats and levels MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 3 points ago in tipofmyjoystick

    Oh my god, are you kidding me, just one letter? Thank you so much for this, looking at screenshots that's exactly it! Thanks!

    [–] Agent 4 and Marie, the ship has set sail! MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 2 points ago in splatoon

    I mean this in addition to "You're my hero, agent 4!", it's not entirely unlikely

    [–] Splatoon reference in the anime "New Game!!" MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 11 points ago in splatoon

    Splatoon 3? Shell yeah, let's hope art imitates life so we can play it!

    [–] familiar? MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 20 points ago in splatoon

    he does it

    [–] Don't we all? MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in splatoon

    But Gods & Kings added Spying to Civ 5! I love that feature!

    [–] Pearl, I really do love the things you say, but uhhhh, pick your words wisely. 😂😂 MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 2 points ago in splatoon

    You know this is so perfect that you should just post this image accompanied by that statement, it would really clear up all the debates over whether they're actually friends or not. Such a simple explanation to something that everyone keeps blowing out of proportion.

    [–] Asking for tips to counter snipers/gatling on high grounds MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 8 points ago in splatoon

    With a Charger you need two people to attack, because due to the low rate of fire he'll only be able to get one shot off before you get there. Sure, he might take out your teammate, but you'll have made it close enough to ink up the wall and point-blank obliterate him.

    Gatlings, on the other hand, require shock tactics. As they need a lot of prep time to charge up before firing, getting close to them and splatting them all in a mad rush will often work and splat him before he is fully charged. For this I would recommend timing an advance by hiding where you can see him, waiting for him to fire and then run out of charge, and then sprint towards him and take him out.

    Hopefully this helps, I know I found them annoying until I worked out these strategies.

    [–] Splatoon 2 Voice Chat Headset leaked features and images MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 2 points ago in splatoon

    I just yell loud enough IRL for my teammates to hear me. It works better than this.

    [–] I've decided from now on im going to make a change for the greater good of my teammates- MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 5 points ago in splatoon

    I salute you, Slayer of Evil! May we be ever safer from the tyranny of the Tri-Slosher thanks to the brave souls defending us from it's wrath.

    [–] Prepare for a ton of salt due to today's Salmon Run weapon rotation! MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 4 points ago in splatoon

    Upon reading my post, I just realised I might have unintentionally given that impression. Funnily enough, I was being entirely serious when I said that, as if I was being sarcastic I'd have left an /s after it.

    [–] Prepare for a ton of salt due to today's Salmon Run weapon rotation! MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 2 points ago in splatoon

    Oh that's absolutely horrible, I can see why everyone would hate this loadout. I mean sheesh, what an awful combination.

    [–] Concern about the splatbrella MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 3 points ago in splatoon

    The thing is, anyone using the Brella offensively will soon find how useless it is for being an offensive weapon when not combined with teammates, so people like this will stop using it pretty soon.

    [–] Nintendo, please don't make my squid kid strip. [weird bug] MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 0 points ago in splatoon

    Yeah, I noticed my female Inkling was suddenly in her underwear after having her armor splatted off. Really weird, but Japanese cultural standards are different I guess.

    [–] Prepare for a ton of salt due to today's Salmon Run weapon rotation! MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in splatoon

    I haven't been able to check the Salmon Run weapons lately, what are the other two this rotation?

    [–] Splatoon Analysis: Octolings and Spawning. [SPOILERS] MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 5 points ago in splatoon

    Well the thing is, we really have no idea what the rest of the world is like. I would assume it is mostly underwater, as forms the basis for the lore and the reason for the Great Turf War (rising sea levels)

    But if not, it would be incredibly interesting to know what's happening elsewhere in the Splatoon world. Maybe a race of sentient bears live somewhere, and that's where Mr Grizz came from? The possibilities are endless.

    [–] rip MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 6 points ago in splatoon

    What the Shell, how can there be so many at once?