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    [–] Elzbieta Bosak MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    This looks like the best anime ever

    [–] The ballad of a gay chameleon [Dashingicecream] MeiNeedsMoreBuffs -2 points ago in RWBY

    But for real though, this is so much better than Sun. He really just annoys me, and I really don't see why she'd go for him (as is the implication of what will happen in the series)

    [–] Merry Christmas, and in case you forgot about this beauty... MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 12 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    But if Momo starts doing that, then eventually she'll destablise the entire economy and all currency would be worthless.

    Maybe I'm thinking about this too much.

    [–] “You are unwanted” MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 3 points ago in BokuNoHeroAcademia

    I read that left to right, and it sounded like he was doing a yoda impression.

    [–] Mhmm... MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    Why would a random support guy at Ubi know anything about this? This is something only the Devs and Upper Level Management would know about.

    [–] What conspiracies do you believe in but hesitate to talk about? MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in AskWomen

    I know it sounds scary, but DNA testing right now is a total crapshoot. There's a huge margin of error in our current testing methods, about 10%. For comparison, a 10% difference in DNA is all that separates a human from a mouse.

    So even if they try to use it against you, they won't have much luck. The current DNA testing methods are simply too primitive to do any real damage if the data gets into the wrong hands.

    [–] Handle MOUNTED and LOADED MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    I cannot wait until this is done, excellent work on it so far!

    [–] The real Dokkaebi isn't very good at Hostage. MeiNeedsMoreBuffs -2 points ago in Rainbow6

    I don't know why the hostage taker never hides his head behind the hostage. It would make so much more sense.

    [–] Mute as Dokkaebi counter MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    Didn't work, Mom still called me to ask me why I wasn't at thanksgiving.

    [–] Stunning Dokkaebi Cosplay! MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 519 points ago in Rainbow6

    The cosplayer on the right looks nothing like the actual picture on the left.

    [–] IQ's eyes are STILL HAZEL and NOT BLUE! MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 2 points ago in Rainbow6

    Because it's L I T E R A L L Y U N P L A Y A B L E?

    [–] Everyone's playing Operation White Noise. While I'm trying to play the first Rainbow 6 (1998) MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    Basically it's the number you have up next to your Messages indicator at the top of the site. It's a kinda pointless number, really.

    [–] Blitz's new shield #BuffBlitzAgain MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 94 points ago in Rainbow6

    I can see why the defenders are running then, that picture is just so... wrong

    [–] The thickest of them all MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 3 points ago in Rainbow6

    Lord Chank, obviously. {-}7

    [–] White Noise: The operation that killed Rainbow Six MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 3 points ago in Rainbow6

    Conclusion: Ubisoft used White Noise to kill the game because they get money and now for non season pass players it all comes down to luck. I hope something will be done about this.

    I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to say by this. Are you implying that Ubisoft is trying to intentionally kill their game because they already have enough money? That just makes no sense from a business perspective.

    [–] Anyone else really not liking the direction Siege is going in operator-wise? MeiNeedsMoreBuffs 18 points ago in Rainbow6

    But... the Predator from the 1987 film was in the original game. And honestly, most of these I have no problem with. The gameplay is the same, we're just having some more character added to them.

    And yes, I agree that Zofia needs a bit of rebalancing, but she's new, so it's forgivable.