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    [–] Sandwiches that You Will Like (2002) PBS travels across the US and teaches us about the most popular sandwich offering in each city. Probably my favorite Doc. Mekkalekkahineyho 7 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in Documentaries

    I haven’t but I’ll check it out, Thanks.

    Yes, a few years ago I found them on Amazon. I’m pretty sure they were able to be purchased through the PBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, too, but this goes back awhile.

    I always hoped he’d tackle a soup show, hamburgers or chili...stick to regional comfort foods. He has a great way of finding real people to explain the allure of little known places.

    Thanks again for the link. I’ll be bookmarking this one for sure. I love these docs.

    Edit: The music in “Yum...” is great! Real Buckwheat Zydeco kind of sound. This is great! Thanks!

    [–] Six Flags in september, friday or weekend? Mekkalekkahineyho 1 points ago in sixflags

    I can say Friday is def the better day for crowds as most kids will be back in school.

    As for the dark does get darker, earlier, but you should be fine if you go during the day. Darkness arrives after 6PM, or so, in September.

    I’m still learning the pass system may want to purchase the “Flash Pass” to get by any lines but, again, I’m not sure how bad they’ll be on a Friday in September.

    Hope this partially helps.

    [–] The Howard Stern Show Gender Swap Mekkalekkahineyho 6 points ago in howardstern

    I square-danced in middle school with a girl who looks like Richard/Ri-Gina.

    [–] Yowzers! Mekkalekkahineyho 1 points ago in SweatyPalms

    They really dodged a bullet there. ATC has some explaining to do.

    [–] Yowzers! Mekkalekkahineyho 2 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Was that some kind of optical illusion or a major SNAFU?

    How did the plane that did the touch and go not get caught up in the other jet’s wake turbulence?

    That was insanely close if not some kind of illusion. It could have been worse than Tenerife.

    [–] What are some of y’alls pet peeves when visiting the parks? Mekkalekkahineyho 2 points ago in sixflags

    I’m new to this “unlimited drink” thing.

    I’m guessing this means that whenever I go to the park I have to lug around my cups, right?

    Are you allowed to carry a bag around with the cups in them? I sure hope so but it’s something else that’s not clear.

    Personally, and maybe it’s not cost prohibitive, but having a set number of cups to get for free for the season would be better.

    They could change up the design and make them something sort of special as an incentive. Something collector item-ish.

    I mean, it’s plastic. I doubt it’ll crush corporate.

    Then again, people do take advantage.

    [–] What’s the best deal? Hoping for help. Mekkalekkahineyho 2 points ago in sixflags

    It’s not how it should be. It bothers me for them because I’m sure they hear about it.

    It’s a no win situation. It can’t be worth it.

    [–] What’s the best deal? Hoping for help. Mekkalekkahineyho 2 points ago in sixflags

    Thank you, kindly!

    I don’t blame the CSRs at all. I know they’re prob handling several things at once.

    This may be good for the bottom line but it’s a bad choice for both reps and customers but it seems we’ve accepted it, sadly.

    [–] Safety first, right? Mekkalekkahineyho 1040 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Those pipes or whatever they are...the one the guy laid out and then stood on...don’t they look like they’d roll? If one rolls they’d all start rolling? 😓

    [–] What‘s the best movie performance by a black actor/actress? Mekkalekkahineyho 1 points ago in movies

    I think it also helps if you’re into historical films. It’s not for everyone. I can’t say it compares to his character in “Training Day” but that particular scene from “Glory” really showed the intensity of a younger Denzel. I think it made him a superstar.

    As for the smartass comment...

    I meant by me choosing the sort-of obvious scene to show his acting chops. He doesn’t say a word. It’s all in the face and that one tear. That’s what I meant. 😉

    I think most fans of “Glory” would go to that moment and then soon after when he’s being cared for by the camp physicians...and then MB’s character kicking-ass and getting his company the proper equipment.

    I like DW in everything he does. I like that he has he a career without tabloid headlines. He does his job and does it well. I have a lot of admiration for him.

    [–] What‘s the best movie performance by a black actor/actress? Mekkalekkahineyho 4 points ago in movies

    Not trying to be a smartass but THIS scene. Also, every scene between him and Morgan F. and the ending.

    He was brilliant.

    You can’t really compare any of his roles. He was incredible in “Training Day.” Flawless in “Flight.”

    But in “Glory...” no one could have played that role. No one today could ever match any of his roles but with “Glory” it wasn’t like watching an actor. It was like watching a legend in the making.

    Denzel in Glory: Punishment Scene

    [–] Would my wife like “The Godfather”? Mekkalekkahineyho 1 points ago in movies

    “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.”

    Friend, if she didn’t like Goodfellas there’s no way on Earth she like The Godfather.

    Watch it on your own and appreciate it for the story it is.

    It’s hopeless. You’ll never enjoy ANYTHING if you keep wondering if your wife is enjoying it as much or not at all.

    Source: Married with children