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    [–] #9 Headerbar Cleanup · This Week in GNOME Melix19 4 points ago in linux

    The main strength about Telegrand is that it uses a custom made Rust wrapper around the TDLib library that allows to create a really complete client. This means that supporting new features is a lot less painful than normal, so this is why Telegrand already has features like secret chats and offline mode. The plans in the more short run is to just make a complete client for the messaging side (so media/gif/files support), then for the long run I also intend to support things like calls, video calls and such.

    [–] #9 Headerbar Cleanup · This Week in GNOME Melix19 17 points ago in linux

    Telegrand developer here. My reasonings for creating a custom Telegram client are: first class linux mobile support (adaptive app), better Wayland support, better integration with the GNOME DE, secret chats support, offline usage. These are the features that Telegrand already provides over tdesktop despite it's still in early development. I plan on improving it more and more to make it a really complete client :)

    [–] Italiani informatici che usano GNOME, quali sono le vostre motivazioni? Melix19 1 points ago in ItalyInformatica

    Ho provato anche io i principali DE (deepin, kde, xfce, budgie, lxqt...) ma ogni volta torno sempre su gnome per la sua cura e semplicità. Con la versione 40 poi hanno fatto davvero un bel passo in avanti, adoro il cambiamento della dash in basso e i workspace orizzontali che sembra spinga ancora più di prima ad usarli.

    Non nego, però, che ci sono delle cose che cambierei a livello di shell, come ad esempio rendere più utile la barra in alto, magari combinandola con la dash (quindi essenzialmente renderla una taskbar) ma vabbé, esiste dash to panel per questo (e anche Cosmic di System76 prossimamente che proverò sicuramente).

    [–] Learn to make a modern GNOME app by example Melix19 4 points ago in gnome

    The first thing that I would suggest for a Rust Gnome app is this template which was really helpful at least for me to get started with a basic app infrastructure.

    Then for the most popular Rust Gnome apps, these are some that I know of: Fractal, Pika Backup, GNOME Tour, Solanum (gtk4).

    Then there is my wip gtk4 telegram client if you need more :P

    [–] get started with Gnome Builder and C++ Melix19 2 points ago in gnome

    Well, if you don't like Gnome Builder just use something else (like vscode for example). Gtkmm is a c++ library, so you just need a simple text editor and a compiler (hopefully with some sort of building system like cmake).

    As for the example, the link that I suggested above contains a lot of examples, including a really basic one with just a GtkWindow, I suggest using that instead of the default template of Builder.

    [–] get started with Gnome Builder and C++ Melix19 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago) in gnome

    For gtkmm projects I hightly suggest this page that contains a lot of useful implementations. Note that this is gtkmm 4 which has been recently released, I really recommend using this version as there have been a lot of changes from gtkmm 3.

    [–] Decrease the size of the calendar/notification panel Melix19 8 points ago in gnome

    There is already a mockup with a more compact and customizable notification panel which needs to be implemented in shell. I already have a partial implementation of it locally, when it'll be done I'll make a MR in shell.

    [–] Amazon Prime Video in Italia NON ha il 4K (!?) Melix19 5 points ago in ItalyInformatica

    Credo sia ancora limitata la qualità a causa Covid, ricordo benissimo di aver visto l'episodio della stagione 4 di Grand Tour su una TV 4K samsung a Dicembre, e la qualità era decisamente quella del 4K. Riprovando adesso invece si nota palesemente che va massimo in FHD o qualcosa del genere.

    [–] I am not able to login to Apple Music. Melix19 2 points ago in MacOS

    I have the same problem with apple music and also with the podcast app...
    Even tried a clean install (Cmd + Option + R), but the same problem still occurs.